Palæontology at the Royal School of Mines

Nature (January 1895)

[223] In reading the excellent review of the biography of Sir R. Owen, which appeared in last week's Nature, I observe an error which, though small, requires correction. It is stated that when Owen surrended his appointments at the College of Surgeons he was "enabled to accept the lectureship on Palæontology at the Royal School of Mines in 1857." The records of that Institution will show that Owen never held a lectureship there, nor was he in any way connected with the School.

The large theatre of the Museum of Practical Geology was frequently employed for other purposes than those of the School, by permission of the Director-General; and it was in virtue of such permission from Sir Roderick Murchison that Prof. Owen used the theatre for the delivery of his lectures on Palæontology to the public, in 1857 and subsequently.


C. Blinderman & D. Joyce
Clark University