The Cambridge Duet

Punch (October 11, 1862)

The Cambridge Duet

As Performed before the British Association.

Professor O.Professor H.
Professor O.     H––y, don't kick up a scrimmage,
      Take these brains, and mark their shape:
Made in Providence's image,
      Man must not be called an Ape.
Professor H. O––n, I am noways funky,
      And maintain that this is true:
Man is really but a Monkey,
      Save in moral points of view.
Professor O.Man's no} Monkey.
Professor H.Man's a
Both.From this fix, there's no escape.
Professor O.He is drunky.
Professor H.He's a flunkey.
Professor O.} Who {asserts} that Man's an Ape.
Professor H.denies


C. Blinderman & D. Joyce
Clark University