Pane-Joyce Genealogy: Contacts

This Pane-Joyce report has been prepared by Dave Pane-Joyce. Bobbi Schirado, his sister, has done the original research on the more recent generations in Michigan, Ohio, and New York; and Dave, her brother, the research on the more remote generations.

Their email addresses are as follows:

Please send your comments to one or both of us as you think appropriate.

Queries. Everything we have is included in this report except information on living individuals. Only the birth years and initials are included for them. We are very interested in our living relatives, and we're happy to share information with them.

If you have questions or more information about someone in the report, please feel free to send a message. Be sure to identify the person by name, dates, and include the parents and/or spouse. Also include whatever information you think is appropriate; more is always better.

Corrections. There are certainly many errors in this report, especially in the early generations. Suggestions for corrections are welcome. When making suggestions, please indicate what the evidence is.

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D. Pane-Joyce
February 2004