Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Thomas Bulkeley (90) & Elizabeth Grosvenor
322. Rowland Bulkeley.

Rowland, of Woore, living in 1596.6
Rowland married Elizabeth Barker (1273) , daughter of George Barker (588) (ca 1544-ca 1599) & Ann Steventon (ca 1547-1588).

Elizabeth, dau. of George Barker by his first wife.
Their children include:
323. Rev. Edward Bulkeley. Born ca 1540 in Woore, Market Drayton, Shropshire. Edward died on 5 Jan 1620 in Odell, Hinwick, Bedfordshire. Education: D.D.
Ca 1566 Edward married Olive Irby (364) , daughter of John Irby (99) (ca 1520-10 Apr 1553) & Rose Overton (ca 1524-17 Jun 1579). Born ca 1547 in Whaplode, Holbeach, Lincolnshire. Olive died on 10 Mar 1614 in Odell, Hinwick, Bedfordshire.
Their children include:
Mary Bulkeley (ca 1567-)
Frances Bulkeley (ca 1568-1610)
Judith Bulkeley (ca 1570-)
Martha Bulkeley (ca 1572-)
Nathaniel Bulkeley (ca 1574-1602)
Deborah Bulkeley (ca 1575-)
Dorcas Bulkeley (ca 1577-)
Elizabeth Bulkeley (ca 1579-14 Oct 1643)
Sarah Bulkeley (ca 1580-bef 1611)
Paul Bulkeley (ca 1581-Oct 1610)
Rev. Peter Bulkeley (31 Jan 1582/3-9 Mar 1658/9)
324. Margaret Bulkeley.
Margaret married Thomas Smith. Thomas died between 24 Jul 1597 and 12 May 1599.

Thomas’s will, made 24 July 1597, proved 12 May 1599, named his wife Margaret, unmarried daughters Elizabeth and Margaret, other daughters Jane Smith, Dorathie, Ann Phillipps, Katherine Heynes, and Alice Dresser; appointed as Executors were daughters Elizabeth and Jane, his wive, his "brethren-in-law" Edward Bulkeley and George Barker, and as Overseers, the right worshipfol Robert Nedham the Elder of Shavington, Esq., and “my cousin” William Bolkeley of Woore, Esq.; witnesses, Roger Daker, John Cartwright, and Jolm Grococke.6
325. Anne Bulkeley.
Anne married William Greene.
326. Catherine Bulkeley.
Catherine married George Barker (588) , son of John Barker (ca 1520-). Born ca 1544 in Colchurst, Shropshire. George died ca 1599 in Colchurst, Shropshire.

George, of Colchurst, married first a Steventon of Rowton, by whom he had four surviving children:
    i. Andrew, m. 1st Constance Smith (dau. of George Smith of Longstowe), m. 2nd Isabel Kinaston (dau. of Francis Kinaston of Oteley);
    ii. Robert, m. Catherine Ackworth (dau. of George Ackworth of Kent);
    iii. Elizabeth, m. Rowland Bulkeley; and
    iv. Margaret, m. William Gruffeth.6
Their children include:
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