Pane-Joyce Genealogy
1226. John Trumble. John died in Jul 1657 in Rowley, MA. Buried on 18 Jul 1657 in Rowley, MA.80 Occupation: Cooper.

J. Henry Lea “Contributions to a Trumbull Genealogy,” New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg. 49 (1895), pages 148–152.
    There is also a book version of the article, Contributions to a Trumbull Genealogy, from Gleanings in Engish Fields, Boston: Clapp & Son, 1895
    J. Henry Lea discusses the origins of two John Trumbles of early Masachusetts, this one, John Trumble, Cooper, of Roxbury in 1639 and Rowley in 1640, and another John Trumble, mariner, of Cambridge in 1636 and Charlestown in 1655.
    Lea writes: “There has always been a family tradition attributing the origin of one or both of them to Newcastle on Tyne in England, and this at length found confirmation in a power of attorney of Susan Blakiston of Newcastle on Tyne, widow, dated 27 August 1653, to Joanna Scill of New England, to recover for her, inter alia, a debt dating from 1637, of John Trumble, cooper, late of Newcastle on Tyne, and now of New England.” With that strong suggestion, Lea search Newcastle parish registers and discovered records of the 1635 marriage of John Tumble and Ellinor Chander, and the 1637 baptism and burial records of daughter Beriah and the 1639 baptism record of son John.

From Blodgette’s Early Setlers of Rowley:80
    John Trumble, freeman 13–3mo., 1640, had an acre and a half house-lot, 1743; succeeded Francis Parrat as Town Clerk, 1655, and so continued until his death. He brought with him wife Ellen who died before 1650.
    He married (2) —6mo., 1650, Ann, widow of Michael Hopkinson. He was buried 18–5mo., 1756. His family received pay after his decease for his “keepeing of a scoolle”.
On 7 Jul 1635 John first married Elinor Chandler in All Saints, Newcastle. Born ca 1615. Elinor died ca 1649 in Rowley, MA.
Their children include:
Beriah Trumble (Died soon) (ca 1637-16 Nov 1637)
Dea. John Trumble (11 Aug 1639-Mar 1690/1)
Hannah Trumble (Died unmarried) (14 Feb 1640/1-29 Jul 1657)
Judah Trumbull (3 Jun 1643-1 Apr 1692)
Ruth Trumble (23 Apr 1645-)
Joseph Trumbull (19 May 1647-15 Aug 1684)
In Aug 1650 John second married Ann [Hopkinson] in Rowley, MA.80 Born ca 1615 in England.17 Ann died in Jul 1678 in Rowley, MA. Buried on 23 Jul 1678 in Rowley, MA.17

Ann first married Michael (also spelled Mighill) Hopkinson, second John Trumble as his second wife, and third Richard Swan as his second wife.

Ann’s surname is sometimes given as Gott, supposedly the daughter of Charles & Joyce Gott. Apparently, the source of the Gott surname is that she bequeathed to her son Caleb a chest that “his father Gott made.”

Ann’s will, dated 4 Jul 1678, probated 24 Sep 1678, mentions daughters Abigail Bailey and Mary Killburne, and sons Caleb Hopkinson, John Hopkinson, Jonathan Hopkinson, John Trumble, with executors her sons Johnathan and John Hopkinson.
Their children include:
Abigail Trumble (10 Dec 1651-17 Nov 1735)
Mary Trumble (17 Jun 1654-9 Feb 1715/6)
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