Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Dr. Ralph Cudworth (4503) & Damaris Craddock
12990. Damaris Cudworth. Born on 18 Jan 1658 in Cambridge, England. Damaris died on 20 Apr 1708; she was 50.

From the New England Historical and Genealogical Record, volume 64, 1910, page 86, in the section entitled “Notes”:
    The only daughter of Rev. Ralph and Damaris (Craddock) Cudworth was Damaris, born in Cambridge, Eng., 18 Jan. 1658. Damaris Cudworth, aged 21, of Cambridge, was married with the consent of her father. Rev. Ralph Cudworth, after 24 June 1685 at St. Andrews, Holborn, London, to Sir Francis Masham of Oates, in High Lavers, Essex, baronet and widower, then aged 36. She was his second wife. Lady Masham wrote many religious works, and was the friend of Locke, who lived with the family and of whose life she wrote an account in the “Great Historical Dictionary.” Lady Masham died 20 Apr. 1708, and is buried In the middle aisle of Bath Abbey. Her son Francis Cudworth Masham, accountant general to the Court of Chancery, died 25 May 1781, the last of his branch. A life of Lady Masham is given in Ballard’s “Lives of Ladies.”
On 24 Jun 1685 when Damaris was 27, she married Sir Francis Masham in St. Andrews, Holborn, London. Born ca 1649.

Francis, of Oates in High Lavers, Essex, Baronet
12991. Charles Cudworth. Charles died in 1684.
12992. John Cudworth. John died in 1726.
12993. Ralph Cudworth. Born ca 1650. Ralph died in 1690.
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