Town of Saratoga

New Topographical Atlas of Saratoga County, New York

Stone & Stewart Publ., Philadelphia, 1866

The town of Saratoga is located on the east side of Saratoga County along the Hudson River. It is bounded on the north by the town of Northumberland, on the northwest by the town of Wilton, on the west by the town of Saratoga Springs, and on the south by the town of Stillwater. The population of the town of Saratoga was 3730, the third most populous town in Saratoga County after the towns of Saratoga Springs and Milton.

This map is on page 65 of the Atlas. There are separate maps for four of the more built up parts of town, namely for Grangerville, Quaker Springs, Schuylerville, and Victory.

Transcription of the names on the map. A transcription of the names is useful for two reasons. First, sometimes the words are not too easy to read on the scanned map. Second, you can search the transcription of names, then find the name on the map.

This list of names is given section by section. Most of the sections are strips, long from east to west, but short from south to north. Starting at the south; they're numbered from 18 through 28. At the north border of the town there are pieces of sections 1 through 13 of the Twentieth Allotment. Along the Hudson River in the east, there is a River Division that includes Schuylerville, Victory, and Coveville. On the west boundary of the town there is a Saratoga lake division.

Center portion of town. Within each section the names are given from west to east.

Section 18. E. Caldwell, D. Howland, J. Lasher, W. C. Caldwell, T. Garrison, G. Howland, D. Myers, B. S. Sh., D. Flinn, L. Perkins, P. Carty, W. Hunt, J. Highland, H. Dodd, W. G. Starbuck, S. H. No. 13, Friends M. H., W. R. Shepherd, B. Shepherd, Select School, M. Ryan, D. Leggett, T. Shepherd, I. S. Wilder, Saunders, B. Smith, P. Finigan, T. Farrell, F. Powell, F. Powell, P. McCullach.

Section 19. C. B. Hart, W. B. Caldwell, Cem., D. B. Ward, S. & G. T., S. & G. Tubbs, C. H. McComber, S. H. No. 11, N. Cooper, R. G. Wright, H. Hunter, M. Ryan, P. Baker, J. Highland, M. Early, E. Dodd, H. Dodd, Cem., P. Wilson, Mrs. Strang, E. H. Wilber, D. Griffen, C. Chase, T. B. Brightman, J. M. Lohnes, C. Chase, and J. B. Salisbury.

Section 20. S. Howland, I. Howland, M. Perkins, T.H.S., T. H. Shepherd, F. Dodd, O. H., O. Hill, E. B. Davis, H. Wolley, W. W. Barker, I. Griffen, W. B., Wm. Barker, B. Service, and J. Service.

Section 21. D. R. Randall, D.R.R., H. Handy, E. F. Leggett, G. T. Leggett, Dr. M. H. Colby, A. Dorland, B. Thomas, J. Wilbur, J. Gilgalan, J. McDonald, Welch, (the village of Quaker Springs, see inset), O. Wilbur, A. Crook, C.P., C. Perkins, J. Inge4rsoll, S.H. No. 11, and A. Foster.

Section 22. D. Robins, G. S. Robins, J. Glean, E. Glean, M. Condon, A. W. Bennett, M. T. Caldwell, G. W., E. Duel, G. Wright, (Dean's Cor's P. O.:) B. S. Sh., S. H. No. 9, T. Sweet, Store & P.O., O. Mahon, Mrs. Denton, T. V. Losee, J. Bailey, M. and J. J. Shepherd, A. Maxwell Est., C. J. Wright, J. Thompson, N. Davis, J. Briggs, A. Smith, Mrs. L. Smith, A. Carpenter, M. Scythe, Shop, P. Hinnihan, I. D. Esmond, W. C. Brisbin, B. S. Sh., C. N. Esmond, T. Losse, N. Howland, J. Dorgan, W. Sh., R. Egmond, Cem., G. Davis, C. Howland, Mrs. J. H. McEckron, S. Haight, B. S. Sh., H. C. Holmes, and H. Holmes.

Section 23. C. J. Esmond, R. A. Wright, C. J. E, J. McBride, Cider Mill, Cemetery, J. Mott, D. Shepherd, W. H. Mott, Cemetery, O. Davis, W. Tilford, P. Casey, B. S. Sh., Wm. McCoduck, J. H. Davis, P. Hayes, J. H. Davis, W. Omellia, Mrs. Hoven, H. Miller, D. Hathaway, and G. Perkins.

Section 24. Mrs. Wright, J. G. Wright, T. Monroe, J. Hill, J. M. B. S. Sh. S. Pettis, Cem., J. Mott, C. Bennett, J. F. Grant, Mrs. L Green, Mrs. Abbott, D. Van Order, S. Welch, J. Finegan, W. Langley, P. Cramer, J. H. Smith, F. W. Meader, E. Morgan, A. Shaw, Cem, B. Labaron, and Dr. Brisbin.

Section 25. E. Fitch, L, B. W, N. M. Bennett, A. Peck, S. H. No. 2, J. Wagman, H. Haight, J. Pettis, S. Milligan, S. Smith, Dr. O. Brisbin, J. C Brisbin, Cemetery, S. H. No. 8, T. Smith, Cem. T. S., and O. Shearer.

Section 26. Cem., J. Yale, L. B. Wright, B. W. Bennett, A. Bennett, M. Carney, J.J. and H.L. Viele, P. Keenan, J. McKinstery, J. C. Brisbin, J. Skidmore, L. F. Mott, W. P. Clothier, T. C. Patterson, T. C. P., V. W, V. Winney, and S. H. Winney.

Section 27. A. Ballard, B. Viele, A. Lockrow, J. Scidmore, Cemetery, H. Scidmore, Cem., H. Scidmore, J. Scidmore, B. Rogers, J. Billings, J. C. L., W. Prosser, J. G. Larmoth, Cem., H. Kirkpatrick, A. Fisher, L. F. M., W. Kearney, C. Pettit, Fuller, W. P. Finch, W. P. Ostrander, O. Glean, B. Potter, and W. P. Finch.

Section 28. G. Hoyt, H. Baker, E. Talmage, Milligan, T. Burns, S. H. No. 3, T. Houseworth, Mrs. J. Rogers, J. B. W. Est., J. P. Winney, W. P. Ostrander, J. & P. Hayes, Mrs. Winney, K. E. Winney, (the village of Grangerville, see inset), D. F. Winney, F. Williams, Cem., Est. of D. Finch, and M. Rourke.

North border of the town. Sections 13 through 1, west to east. F. D. Winney, J. W. Winney, G. H. Snyder, L. D. Welch, Mrs. Welch, D. Welch, and Wm. Marshall.

River Division. Along the Hudson River, from south to north. M. Casey, G. R. Holmes, H. C. Holmes, W. E., W. Ensign, P. Castello, W. E., R. Van Buren, (the village of Coveville:) W. Wilcox, B. S. Sh., Store Ho., Store Ho., Store, S. H. No. 6, J. Clute, S. Sommes Hotel & P.O., J. Brouoders, W. Wilcox, C. F. Handy, J. Brazier, G. W., G. M. Wilcox, Cem., C. WhalenA. Chane Store, G. W. Dunham, M. Nevins, W. H. Marshall, I. Slade, Grocery, S. Rubottom, D. Slade, T. Churchill, P. Hammond, H. Cramer, Mrs. McLinden, Mrs. Tyghe, T. J. Marshall, J. Whaley, P. Losee, J. Conners, (the village of Victory, see inset), P. Kelley, J. Kelley, Cem. R. Stafford, W. P. Ostrander, P. Bannon, (the village of Schuylerville, see inset). A. Welch, and Wm. Marshall.

Saratoga lake division. From south to north. D. D. Rogers, G. Baker, S. Mill, A. Moody, A. T. Ward, H. U. Myers Hotel, S. M Levengston, H. D. Chapman, D. Leggett, J. Coons, G. & S. Mill, R. Schuyler, and Toll Gate.

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