About the Iris Conjuration and its Ancestors

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and notes

  2. Ancestors of Conjuration listed by their hybridizers

  3. Registration information

  4. Iris species and their collected forms


It would be nice to have an iris database. There is one, namely the collection of Iris Check Lists published by the American Iris Society. But they're in printed form. I'd like to see an on-line database which would access the information in these lists when you give the name of an iris.

Since Conjuration was the leading A.I.S. Award of Merit winner in the Tall Bearded category of 1994, I thought it would make a good sample request. Suppose you asked this hypothetical database to give information on Conjuration. It could certainly respond with its checklist entry which looks like this:

CONJURATION.  (M. Byers, R. 1988).  Sdlg. D1-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), M-L.
S. white, edge lightly infused pale violet blue; F. white, suffusing 
to deep bright amethyst violet edge; white beard tipped tangerine; 
fuzzy white horns; ruffled.  B-37-10: (Sky Hooks x Condottiere) X
Alpine Castle.  Moonshine Gardens 1989.

It could also check through a list of awards and report those received by Conjuration. But I'd like more. A picture would be nice, if one's available, information on its ancestry, and loads of hypertext links. I've made up a sample of what I'd like to see output by the database program and distributed to the web. It follows below.

(In 1998, a couple of years after this file was first created in 1995, Conjuration received the American Dykes Medal, the highest award given by the American Iris Society.)

Entire ancestry

I've created a single large image file (348 kb) which displays the entire ancestry of Conjuration all at once. It covers 16 generations. Whenever an ancestor appears more than once, as indicated by ** after its name, its own ancestry only appears once in the chart. Otherwise, the chart would be immensely larger.


Conjuration was bred by the late Monty Byers of California, and it has an unusual combination of qualities. It is white with a violet blue edging (coming from its pollen parent Alpine Castle), a tangerine beard (a recessive quality of Alpine Castle and one grandparent Condottiere and carried by its other grandparent Sky Hooks), and a horn (a partially dominant feature that it gets from Sky Hooks).

I've used some colored icons to indicate this special information. In particular, I've used *horned* to indicate that the iris is horned or spooned. If you follow the *horned* along the ancestry, you can see exactly where Conjuration gets its genes for horniness. Similarly, I've added *tangerine* to indicate that the iris has a tangerine or pink beard. I used *bitone* to indicate that the iris carries the dominant bitone or amoena gene passed down from Cook's Progenitor. Since I wasn't sure about some irises, some of these indicators may be missing.

A couple of other indicators that I thought would be useful are *tetraploid* to indicate an iris is tetraploid, and *diploid* to indicate an iris is diploid. Since nearly all modern tall bearded irises are tetraploid, I've only included these for (1) diploids, (2) all species, and (3) when an iris is tetraploid, but one of its parents or other recent ancestors is diploid.

It would be nice to show Conjuration's ancestors all in one tree, but it's rather large and deep for the Web, so I've divided it up into chunks labelled by hybridizer. Clicking on the name of an iris will take you to the registration information for that iris while clicking on the name of a hybridizer will take you to the part of the ancestral tree for that hybridizer.

Ancestors of Conjuration listed by their Hybridizers

Conjuration and its ancestors for many generations are listed by their hybridizers in a form of family tree suitable for the web. For instance, Conjuration itself has the parentage

B-37-10: (Sky Hooks x Condottiere) X Alpine Castle

which means that its pod parent was an unnamed seedling that Byers gave the seedling number B-37-10; Conjuration's pollen parent was Alpine Castle; and the seedling had a pod parent of Sky Hooks and a pollen parent of Condottiere.

In tree form, this parentage appears below. Under Conjuration and indented over are its two parents, the seedling B-37-10 and Alpine Castle. Under the seedling B-37-10 and indented another space over are its parents Sky Hooks and Condottiere.

Clicking on the names of the irises will take you to their registration information. In order to follow the ancestral tree, instead of clicking on the iris name, click on the hybridizer name. For instance, to follow the parentage of Alpine Castle, click on the name "Blyth" and you'll be taken to Blyth's section of the ancestral tree starting with Alpine Castle.

Monty Byers (d. 1992) California

Manley Osborne, California

Barry Blyth, Australia

For information beyond what's in the Checkbooks, see Blyth's article "An approach to breeding amoena and bicolor irises" in the Bulletin of the American Iris Society 249 (1983), 16-21.

Jean Cayeux, France

See also Cayeux & LeClerc.

Joe Ghio, California

Melba Hamblen (1910-1992), Utah

See Dr. Lorenzo A. Medrano's article "Elusive hues," Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 177 (1965), 19-22, on Hamblen's breeding program.

Opal Brown, Oregon

Bennett Jones, Oregon

Lloyd Austin (1898-1963) California

In his article "Controlled evolution of the horned, spooned, and flounced iris" which appeared in the April, 1961, issue of the Bull. Amer. Iris Soc., Austin explained that he began his development of horned irises with two of Mitchell's irises: Advance Guard and a horned seedling JS-M-176B of unknown parentage. Austin's first horned introductions came from the cross JS-M-176B X 638: (Advance Guard selfed).

Jean Stevens (1900-1967) New Zealand

Jean Stevens also registered irses as Mrs. W. R. Stevens and Emily Jean Burgess.

Schreiner's; Minnesota, then Oregon

F. X. Schreiner (1877-1931), Robert Schreiner (b. 1910), Constance Schreiner (1912-1971), Bernard Schreiner (1919-1982).

Schreiner's Iris Gardens Web Page.

Orville Fay (1896-1980) Illinois

Gordon Plough (1909-1989) Washington

Odell Julander, Utah

Larry Gaulter, California

Tom Craig (1907-1969) Oregon

Midge Awalt, California

Paul Cook (1891-1963) Indiana

For more information about Cook's bicolors and their descendants, see Frank Galyon and Bee Warburton's articles "Paul Cook--the classic Progenitor work," Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 218 (1975), 30-35, and "Paul Cook--futher Progenitor work," Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 219 (1975), 33-40. Also see the article "1977 Top Award Winners," Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 229 (1978), 6-7.

Georgia Hinkle (d. 1978) Illinois

David Hall (1875-1968) Illinois

Ferris D. Gaskill's article "David F. Hall--an appreciation," Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 180 (1966), 10-15, describes Hall's early breeding efforts toward pinks using the six irises Dauntless, Dolly Madison, Morocco Rose, Prairie Sunset, Rameses, and W. R. Dykes. The article includes an ancestral tree for Cherie.

Dr. P. A. Loomis, Colorado

Tell Muhlestein (1913-1978) Utah

Fred DeForest (d. 1960) Oregon

M. D. Naylor, Utah

Eva Faught (1888-1978) Illinois

Edith Lowry (1892-1962) Massachusetts

Agnes Whiting (d. 1966) Iowa

Robert Graves (1878-1950) New Hampshire

William Mohr (1871-1923) and Sydney Mitchell (d. 1952) California

Mitchell Mohr-Mitchell


Jesse Wills (1899-1977) Tennessee

Dr. R. E. Kleinsorge, Oregon

Ruth Rees (d. 1989) and Clara Rees (d. 1967) California

Hans P. Sass (1868-1949) and Jacob Sass (1872-1945) Nebraska

L. W. Cousins, Canada

Ella Callis, Missouri

Leo Egelberg, Wisconsin

L. Merton Gage (1866-1948) Massachusetts

J. H. Grinter, Missouri

Cayeux & LeClerc, France

Ferdinand Cayeux. See also Jean Cayeux.

Edward Oliver Essig (1844-1964) California

Major Fred Stern, England

Edward Bruce Williamson (1877-1933) Indiana

Olive D. N. and Percy B. J. Murrell, England

William Rickatson (1877-1925) and Katherine (d. 1933) Dykes, England

Samuel Stillman Berry (1887-1984) California

Clarence Phillips Connell, Tennesee

Franklin B. Mead (1874-1933) Indiana

Arthur John Bliss (1860-1931) England

Louis Auguste Ferdinand Denis (1858-1935) France

Millet & Fils, France

J. Marion Shull (b. 1872) Maryland

Grace Sturtevant (b. 1865) Massachusetts

Vilmorin-Andriux & Cie, France

Henri Lev&circe;que de Vilmorin (1843-1899).

George Yeld (1843-1938) England

W. E. Fryer, Jr., Minnesota

Michael Foster (1836-1907) England

Bertrand H. Farr (1863-1924) Pennsylvania

J. W. Marshall, England

Amos Perry, England

Veitch & Sons, England

John Veitch (founder 1808), Robert Veitch Peter Veitch (1850-1929), Harry Veitch (d. 1929).

George Reuth, England

Barr & Sons, England

Peter Barr (1825-1909), Peter Rudolph Barr (b. 1861)

Brown, England

Robert Parker, England

John Salter (1798-1879) England

Lémon (c. 1826-1895) France

Jacques (1780-1866), France

Registration information

These registration descriptions were taken from the 1989, 1979, 1969, 1959, 1949. and 1939 Iris Check Lists published by the American Iris Society. They're somewhat cryptic and the form changes from decade to decade. The form of the entries from 1939 and 1949 has been modified slightly to conform to the forms of the more recent checklists. A key to the 1989 checklist is available.

(Berry, R. 1929). TB-M-B3D. Moa X Conquistador. Berry 1929. Parent of Blue Ox.

ADVANCE GUARD. *plicata*(*horned*)*tetraploid*
(Mitchell, R. 1945). TB-E-W2M. Midwest X San Francisco or sib. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 163.) Ancestor of Austin horned line.

AFTERGLOW. *diploid*
(Sturtevant 1917). TB-M-S4L. Iris pallida X Aurea. FCC MHS 1915. Parent of Midgard.

ALCAZAR *tetraploid*
(Vilmorin 1910). TB-LaM-S3D. Diploid X Iris trojana. CM SNHF 1909, FCC RHS 1916, AM RHS 1927. Fragrant. Grandparent of Alta California; ancestor of Happy Days.

ALICE HARDING. *diploid*
(Cayeux 1933). TB-M-Y4L. Iceberg X Evolution. Dykes Medal, France, 1933; Harding Prize 1933; AM 1937. Ancestor of Pink Fulfillment.

(Stern, 1933). TB-M-S1L. Parentage not given. AM RHS 1931. Orpington 1933. Parent of Annabel.

ALPINE CASTLE. *tangerine**bitone*
(B. Blyth, R. 1979). Sdlg. K28-3. TB, 36" (91 cm), E-M. S. white, with faint blue infusion at edges; F. white around tangerine beard, deepening from blue to violet at edges. Sostenique X Cabaret Royale. Tempo Two 1979/80. Parent of Conjuration.

(Mohr-Mitchell, 1931). TB-M-S6D. (Alcazar x Esplendido) X (Shekinah x Argentina). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 168.) HM 1936. Salbach 1931. Grandparent of Her Grace; ancestor of Casa Morena.

AMITOLA. *tetraploid*
(H. P. Sass, R. 1935). TB-La-S7L. Midgard X Rameses. Sass 1936. Parent of Matula, Midwest Gem, Prairie Sunset, and Sandalwood.

(Egelberg, R. 1937). TB-MLa-S7L. Elizabeth Egelberg X Député Nomblot. Schreiner 1937. HM 1938, AM 1939. Parent of Pathfinder; ancestor of Lavanesque.

(Whiting, R. 1941). TB-M-B1L. Blue Triumph X Aline. Slight fragrance. Parent of Blue Rhythm.

ARCTIC FLAME. *tangerine*
(Fay, R. 1957). Sdlg. 56-13. TB, 32", M, W1. Pure white self, tangerine beard. Lipstick X sister sdlg. (1/4 Snow Flurry, 1/4 New Snow, 1/2 pink sdlg.). HM 1960, AM 1962. Fay 1960. Parent of Christmas Time and Lightning Ridge.

(Mohr R, 1923). TE-E-W4. Caterina x Iris mesopotamica. Sturtevant 1924. Parent of Purissima; grandparent of Alta California; ancestor of Happy Days.

(DeForest, R. 1947). TB-M-S4M. Casa Morena X Tobacco Road. Slight fragrance. Introduced 1948. HM 1948, AM 1950, Dykes Medal 1952. Parent of Bright Gem.

AUREA. *diploid*
(Jacques, 1830). TB-M-Y4M. Slight fragrance. Parent of Afterglow and Palaurea.

(Denis, 1924). TB-M-R9M. Souv. de Mme. Gaudichau X ?. Parent of Rangatira.

(Kleinsorge, R. 1939). TB-M-S4L. Far West x tan sdlg. Slight fragrance. Cooley 1939. HM 1940. Parent of Tobacco Road.

BALDWIN. *tetraploid*
(H. P. Sass, R. 1926). TB-M-B7M. ((Mme. Chereau x "Jake's Blue") x Amas) X Caterina. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 273.) Sass 1927. Parent of Joycette and Rameses.

(Foster, 1913). IB-E-B1M. Iris aphylla X ?. Ancestor of Whole Cloth.

(H. P. Sass, 1931.). TB-M-B1M. No parentage given. Nesmith, Kellog 1931. Parent of Blue Zenith.

(T. Craig, R. 1949). TMB-M-B1L. Acropolis X a White oncobred. Introduced 1949. Parent of Mary McClellan.

(Whiting, R. 1945). #4332. TB-M-B1M. Annabel X Blue Zenith. HM 1945; AM 1947, Pres. Cup 1950, Dykes Medal 1950. Introduced 1945. Ancestor of Sylvan Stream and Whole Cloth.

(Grinter, 1930). TB-B1. Crusader X ?. Row 1930. Parent of Missouri and Blue Triumph.

(Grinter, R. 1934). TB-M-B1L. Sensation X Blue Ribbon. Storer 1934. HM 1933, AM 1936. Parent of Annabel.

(Whiting, R. 1941). TB-M-B1M. Blue Hill x Sierra Blue. Honey fragrance. Parent of Blue Rhythm.

BON VIVANT. *bitone*
(Plough, R. 1962). 59-266-37. TB, 34", EM, Y4V. S gray-buff; F light red-violet, faint blue line below beard; light orange beard tipped blue. Sib to Kachina Doll X Melodrama; Kachina Doll is Sib to Flaring Ivory X (E. Nelson:(Pink Cameo x Pink Formal) x Mary Randall); Flaring Ivory is Moonlight Serenade X Mary Randall. HM 1964. Eden Road 1963. Grandparent of Sostenique.

(DeForest, R. 1951). TB, 36", ML, OR5. Russet and Morocco red blend. Argus Pheasant X Garden Glory. Irisnoll 1953. Parent of Spooned Blaze.

(Bliss 1922). TB-MLa-S6D. Dominion X ?. AM RHS 1929. Grape fragrance. Parent of Député Nomblot, Mrs. Valerie West; grandparent of Jean Cayeux.

CABERET ROYALE. *tangerine**bitone*
(B. Blyth, R. 1975). Sdlg. G104-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), M-ML. S. light blue with violet infusion around midribs; light blue stylearms tipped brown; F. black violet; coral tangerine beard. Panoramic X Twist and Shout. Tempo Two 1976/77. Parent of Alpine Castle.

(Faught, R. 1946). TB-LaM-B1L. 4E1: (Purissima x B31: (Purissima x Santa Barbara)) X 63E1: (B31 x Santa Clara). (see The World of Irises) Sibling to Pierre Menard (see Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 218, 229). Slight fragrance. HC 1947; HM 1949, AM 1951. Introduced 1948. Parent of Whole Cloth.

(Essig, R. 1929). TB-E-B1M. Oriflamme X Conquistador. Introduced 1929. Pleasant fragrance. Parent of Pale Moonlight; grandparent of Shining Waters.

(Bliss 1919). TB-MLa-S9D. Trosuperba X Dominion. AM RHS 1927, FCC RHS 1930. Fragrant. Parent of Dauntless and Rubeo; ancestor of Matula, and Midwest Gem; grandparent of The Red Douglas.

CARTHUSIAN. *tetraploid*
(Marahall, ca. 1906). TB-EM-B1M. Dalmatica X Iris mesopotamica. AM RHS 1908. Pleasant fragrance. Parent of Marian Mohr.

(DeForest, R. 1941). TB-M-R4M. (((Morning Splendor x Germaine Perthuis) x Alta California) x (Rubeo x Grace Sturtevant)) X Prairie Sunset. Introduced 1943. HM 1944, AM 1946. Parent of Argus Pheasant.

(Williamson, R. 1933). TB-M-B1L. Oriflamme X ?. HM 1936. Longfield 1933. Strong pleasant fragrance. Grandparent of Distance; ancestor of Whole Cloth.

CATERINA *tetraploid*
(Foster, 1909). TB-M-B1M. Iris cypriana X Iris pallida. AM RHS 1907. Strong pleasant scent. Parent of Argentina, Baldwin, Mme. Cheri, Queen Caterina, and Sherbert; grandparent of Pale Moonlight; ancestor of Shining Waters.

CELESTE. *diploid*
(Lémon, 1858/59). HC RHS 1903, 1916. Sweet fragrance. Parent of Hope.

CHAMPAGNE MUSIC. *tangerine*
(Fay, R. 1964). 59-31. TB, 36", V1P. Pale blue-orchid over cream, lightening to near white; tangerine-red beard, tipped white. (((New Snow x Pink Cameo) x pink sdlg.) x May Hall) X (((Snow Flurry x Pink Cameo) x pink sdlg.) x May Hall). HC 1963, HM 1965, JC 1966, 1967, AM 1967. Moldovan 1964. Grandparent of Falbala.

CHASSEUR. *diploid*
(Vilmorin 1920). TB-MLa-Y4L. No parentage given. CM SNHF 1920, AM RHS 1922, CM and Spec. Prize SNHF 1922. Parent of Pluie d'Or.

CHERIE. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1945). TB-E-R4L. Sdlg. 42-07 X Fantasy. Sdlg. 42-07 is Golden Eagle X 39-62: (36-01 x Morocco Rose). Sdlg. 36-01 is W. R. Dykes X Dolly Madison. Introduced 1948. HC 1945, HM 1947, AM 1949, Dykes Medal 1951. Grandparent of Mary Randall; ancestor of Lipstick.

(Wills, R. 1943). TB-M-B1M. Missouri X Great Lakes. Medium fragrance. HM 1944; AM 1946, Dykes Medal 1947. Introduced 1943. Parent of Frosted Starlight, Mary McClellan, and Sleighride; ancestor of Sylvan Stream.

CHINESE CORAL. *tangerine*
(Fay, R. 1960). 58-17. TB, 35", VL, O1P. Pinkish-orange self; Chinese coral beard. (Mary Randall x Lapham G-20) X Fleeta. HM 1963, AM 1965. Moldovan 1962. Parent of Moon Mistress.

CHRISTMAS TIME. *tangerine*
(Schreiners, R. 1964). T-43-A. TB, 41", M, W1. Pure white self; red-tangerine beard. White sport of May Hall X Arctic Flame. HC 1964, HM 1966, AM 1968. Schreiners 1965. Grandparent of Falbala.

CLAUDIA RENE. *tangerine*
(Gaulter, 1961). 60-37. TB, 36", M, O1P. Pink self; brown shoulders. Glittering Amber X Mademoiselle. HC 1960, HM 1964, JC 1964, 1965, AM 1966. Mission Bell 1963. Grandparent of Latin Tempo.

(Tom Craig, R. 1957). TB, 40", E, W1. Gold-white self. (Sleighride sib x Sleighride sib) X (Sleighride sib x Sleighride). Craig 1957. Parent of Frieda's Favorite.

CLOUDCAP. *tangerine*
(DeForest, R, 1947). TB-M-W8L. La Lomita x pink sdlg. #7-41. Scented. HM 1951, AM 1953. Ancestor of Fanfare Orchid.

(Graves, R. 1940). TB-M-B1L. Sensation X Gloriole. Introduced 1940. Slight fragrance. HM 1944, AM 1949. Parent of Helen McGregor and Violet Harmony.

CONDOTTIERE. *tangerine*
(J. Cayeux, R. 1978). Sdlg. 71 63 A. TB, 36" (91 cm), EM. S. light blue; F. medium violet-blue; red beard; waved. Falbala X (Triton x 65 07 A). Cayeux 1978. Grandparent of Conjuration.

CONJURATION. *tangerine**bitone**horned*
(M. Byers, R. 1988). Sdlg. D1-1. TB, 36" (91 cm), M-L. S. white, edge lightly infused pale violet blue; F. white, suffusing to deep bright amethyst violet edge; white beard tipped tangerine; fuzzy white horns; ruffled. B-37-10: (Sky Hooks x Condottiere) X Alpine Castle. HM 1991, AM 1994. Moonshine Gardens 1989.

(Mohr 1923). TB-M-B1M. Juniata X Iris mesopotamica. Parent of Acropolis, California Blue, and Purissima; grandparent of Great Lakes and San Francisco.

CORDELIA. *diploid*
(Parker, 1873). IB-M-B9D. HC RHS 1893, C RHS 1916. Parent of Dominion; grandparent of Marsh Marigold.

(Millet, 1914). TB-MLa-B1L. AM RHS 1927. Parent of Souv. de Loetitia Michaud.

COURTIER. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1945). Sdlg. #44-17. TB-M-R4L. Sdlg. 42-10 X Overture sib. Sdlg. 42-10 is Golden Eagle X 39-62: (36-01 x Morocco Rose). Sdlg. 36-01 is W. R. Dykes X Dolly Madison. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) Parent of Dolly Varden and Pink Sensation.

(Foster, 1913). TB-M-B1L. Iris cypriana X?. HC RHS 1916. Strong fragrance. Parent of Blue Ribbon.

DARIUS. *diploid*
(Brown, 1873). DB-MLa-Y3L. HC RHS 1893; 1916. Parent of Mme. Durrand and Ochracea Caerulea.

(Connell, R. 1927). TB-M-R9D. Cardinal X Rose Madder. Dykes Medal 1929; AM RHS 1938. Pattison 1929. Ancestor of New Horizon and the Hall pink line.

(Vilmorin, 1914). IB-E-S9L. C SNHF 1918. Parent of King Midas.

(Cayeux 1929). TB-M-S9M. Francheville X Bruno. CM SNHF 1930; Dykes Medal, France, 1930; AM 1936; FCC RHS 1938. Cayeux 1929. Parent of Angelus.

(Cook, R. 1946). TB-M-B3L. (Castalia x Santa Barbara) X Great Lakes. HM 1946; AM 1949. Longfield 1946. Parent of Quicksilver; ancestor of Whole Cloth.

(Williamson, R. 1926). TB-E-S3L. Lent A. Williamson x mixed pollen. HM 1926. Longfield 1927. Grandparent of Far West; ancestor of Moonlight Serenade, Party Dress, and the Hall pink line.

DOLLY VARDEN. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1950). Sdlg. #46-60. TB, 38", M, ORP1. Pink-salmon self. Fantasy X Courtier. Hall 1950. HM 1950. Parent of May Hall.

DOMINION. *tetraploid*
(Bliss 1917). TB-M-B3D. Cordelia X Macrantha. AM RHS 1917. Parent of Bruno, Cardinal, Grace Sturtevant, Great Lakes, Moa, Romola, Wotan; ancestor of Sleighride.

DORINE. *diploid*
(Vilmorin, 1897). TB-M-W2. Parent of Parisiana.

(P. Cook, R. 1943). TB-M-R7L. Parentage not given. Introduced 1943. HM 1944, AM 1948. Parent of Lavanesque and Melodrama.

(P. Cook, R. 1936). TB-M-R7M. Parentage not given. Longfield 1937. HM 1938; Gold Medal, Rome, 1938; AM 1939. Slight fragrance. Parent of Lancaster.

E. H. JENKINS. *tetraploid*
(Bliss 1919). TB-M-B3M. Princess Beatrice X Iris trojana. Grandparent of Grace Sturtevant.

(Egelberg, 1929). TB-M-R3M. Her Majesty X Lord of June. HM 1929. Parent of Angelus.

(Grinter, R. 1934). TB-M-R7D. Parentage not given. Pattison 1935. HM 1936. Parent of Garden Magic.

ESPLENDIDO. *tetraploid*
(Mohr 1924). TB-M-R3D. Iris mesopotamica X Parisiana. Sweet fragrance. Parent of San Francisco; grandparent of Alta California; ancestor of Happy Days.

ETENDARD. *diploid*
(Vilmorin, 1924). TB-M-B1. Parent of Parisiana.

EVOLUTION. *diploid*
(Cayeux, 1929). TB-M-S4L. Ochracea Caerulea X Marsh Marigold. CM SNHF 1928, 1929. Parent of Alice Harding; grandparent of Jean Cayeux.

FALBALA. *tangerine*
(J. Cayeux, R. 1978). Sdlg. 68 242 A. TB, 36" (91 cm), M. Lacy medium violet self; red beard. (Champagne Music x 64 32 A) X (Parisian Blue x Christmas Time). Cayeux 1977. Parent of Condottiere.

(B. Jones, R. 1965). 655-1. TB, 36", M, V4VB. S orchid; F orchid-blue. 548 (inv. Gold Ruffles, Lipstick, Hall sdlgs.) X 494 (inv. Tell 49-11C, Cloudcap, Hall sdlgs). HC 1965, HM 1968. Jones 1966. Parent of Twist and Shout.

FANTASY. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1944). Sdlg. #42-14. TB-E-R4L. Sdlg. 40-97 X 39-62: (36-01 x Morocco Rose). Sdlg. 40-97 is Lullaby X 35-40: (Dauntless x Rameses). Sdlg. 36-01 is W. R. Dykes X Dolly Madison. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) Introduced 1947. HC 1944, HM 1947, AM 1949. Parent of Cherie, Dolly Varden, and Tally-Ho.

(Kleinsorge, R. 1937). TB-EM-S4M. Sdlg 143: (Mme. Cécile Bouscant x Dolly Madison) X President Pilkington. Cooley, Salbach, 1936. HM 1937. Slight fragrance. Parent of Aztec Copper and La Lomita; grandparent of Pink Cameo and Tobacco Road.

FASHION SHOW. *tangerine*
(Hamblen, R. 1958). Sdlg. H53-18-1. TB, 36", E-L, V1. Violet self with mauve shadings, dusty gold area extending at hafts from orange beard. 51-94: (Helen McGregor x Hit Parade) X Mary Randall. HM 1959. Mission Bell, Tell 1959. Parent of Mollie Emms, ancestor of Panoramic.

FASHIONETTE. *tangerine*
(Opal Brown, R. 1957). Sdlg. 6-17-B2. TB, 36", M V3M. S. lilac-purple; F. pansy-violet; Chinese coral beard. ((Hit Parade x Pink Formal) x Mary Randall) X Mary Randall. Sunnyhill 1958. Parent of Gypsy Lullaby.

(Ghio, R. 1962). 58-68V. TB, 36", EM, W1. Pure white self; white beard. Jane Phillips X Frosted Starlight. EC 1962, HM 1965. Cottage Iris 1963. Ancestor of Wedding Vow.

FLEETA. *tangerine**tetraploid*
(Fay, R. 1952). TB,35", M. W1. Self, white with red beard. Fay sdlg. 51-29: (48-41 x Mary Randall) X Techny sdlg. 51-60. Techny 51-60 is ((Fay 44-26 x Pink Cameo) x pink sdlg) X Hall pink sdlg. Sdlg. 48-41 is (Pink Cameo x diploid of Iris pallida ancestry) X New Horizon. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 246.) HM 1956; AM 1958. Fay 1956. Parent of Chinese Coral.

FLORADORA *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1945). TB-M-R4L. Sdlg. 42-10 X 42-05 (Courtier sib.). Sdlg. 42-10 is Golden Eagle X 39-62: (36-01 x Morocco Rose). Sdlg. 36-01 is W. R. Dykes X Dolly Madison. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 234.) Grandparent of Palomino.

(Cayeux, 1927). TB-M-S9L. No parentage given. CM SNHF 1928. Parent of Député Nomblot.

(Craig, R. 1960). S.C.-1. TB, 38" E-L, W1. White self. Clean Sweep X Clean Sweep sib. HM 1961. Craig 1960. Parent of Patricia Craig.

FRIES MOREL. *diploid*
(Lémon, 1840). TB-M-B3D. Parent of Souv. de Mme. Gaudichau.

(Ghio, R. 1961). 58-13A. TB, 38", E-M, W1B. Blue-white self. New Snow X Chivalry. HC 1961. Cottage Iris Gard. 1963. Parent of First Courtship and Nina's Delight; ancestor of Wedding Vow.

(Whiting, R. 1940). TB-M-S4D. The Red Douglas X Garden Magic. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 165.) HC 1942, HM 1945, AM 1947. Introduced 1940. Parent of Bright Gem.

(Grinter, R. 1936). TB-MLa-S7D. Wotan X Ella Winchester. Pattison 1936. HM 1937. Parent of Garden Glory.

(Mohr, R. 1923). TB-M-W3. Mohr 1924. No parentage given. Ancestor of Happy Days.

(Millet 1924). TB-M-B7M. Souv. de Mme. Gaudichau X Troost. CM SNHF 1924, Spec. Prize SNHF1924, AM RHS 1930, AM Haarlem 1930. Sweet fragrance. Parent of Morning Splendor; ancestor of Casa Morena.

(Hamblen, R. 1955). Sdlg. 53-26D. TB, 36", E-L, YO5. Blended apricot and amber. Palomino X Muhlestein 51-11E, sib to June Meredith. June Meredith is Party Dress X Pink Fulfillment. HM 1957; AM 1959. Mission Bell 1957. Parent of Claudia Rene.

(Gage, R. 1932). TB-MLa-B1L. Souv. de Loetitia Michaud X Queen Caterina. HM 1933, AM 1935. Gage, Nesmith 1936. Parent of Cloud Castle and Katherine Fay.

(D. Hall, R. 1942). Sdlg. #38-26. TB-E-M-Y4L. Sdlg. 38-26 X Prairie Sunset. Sdlg. 38-26 is 36-11 X Morocco Rose. Sdlg. 36-11 is W. R. Dykes X Dolly Madison. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 180.) Introduced 1942. Parent of Pink Formal; grandparent of Cherie, Courtier, Hi Time, and Tally-Ho; ancestor of Dolly Varden.

(Muhlestein, R. 1945). TB-LaM-La-Y4D. Mary Rich Lyon X Midwest Gem. HM 1948. Introduced 1947. No fragrance. Grandparent of Pink Fulfillment; ancestor of Fanfare Orchid.

GRACE STURTEVANT. *tetraploid*
(Bliss 1926). TB-MLa-S6D. (Knysna x E. H. Jenkins) X Dominion. FCC RHS 1932. Ancestor of Casa Morena.

GRADUATION GIFT. *tangerine*
(Awalt, R. 1955). Sdlg. 6-55-1. TB, 38", M, R1. Medium-pink self, very deep pink beard. (Snow Flurry x Pink Formal) X Marsala. Awalt 1958. Parent of Mollie Emms.

(Cousins, R. 1938). TB-M-B1L. (Dominion x unknown) X (Conquistador x unknown). HM 1938, AM 1940, Dykes Medal 1942. Cooley 1938. Parent of Chivalry, Distance; grandparent of Jane Phillips; ancestor of Panoramic.

GUDRUN. *tetraploid*
(K. Dykes, 1930). TB-M-WW. Moonlight x diploid. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278). Sib. to W. R. Dykes. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 297A.) CM RHS 1930; Dykes Medal, England, 1931; AM RHS 1931, 1934; AM 1936. Dykes 1930. Grandparent of Pinnacle.

(O. Brown, R. 1960). 9-7A-2. TB,36", M, Y4. S butterscotch; F red-violet. Fashionette X Melodrama. HC 1960, HM 1962, AM 1964. Brown's Sunnyhill 1961. Parent of Pipes of Pan.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1952). TB, 36", M, OR1. Self, light pink except for little salmon shading at haft; bright red-orange beard. Two Hall pink sdlgs. HM 1952; AM 1954; AM, RHS, 1958. Cooley, 1952. Parent of Lemon Spoon.

(Mitchell, R. 1934). Sdlg. 29-33-1: (26-223-1 x ((Argentina x Mme. Cheri) x (Alcazar x Esplendido))) X W. R. Dykes. Sdlg. 26-223-1 is Mohr 3M61: (((Iris mesopotamica x Oriflamme) x Gaviota) x Soledad) X (Sherbert x Esplendido). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 168.) HM 1935, AM 1937. Salbach 1934. Parent of Mirabelle.

(R. Schreiner, R. 1954). TB, 40", M-L, B1L. Self, light blue. Jane Phillips X Quicksilver. HM 1955; AM 1957; AM RHS 1958. Schreiner 1954. Parent of Sylvan Stream and Triton.

HECTOR. *diploid*
(Lémon, 1840). TB-M-Y4D. HC RHS 1893. Honey locust fragrance. Grandparent of Rose Madder.

(Graves, R. 1943). TB-M-B1M. Purissima X Cloud Castle. HC 1943, HM 1946, AM 1948, Dykes Medal 1949. Introduced 1943. Parent of Jane Phillips; grandparent of Fashion Show; ancestor of Panoramic.

(DeForest, R. 1938). TB-M-S1L. Purissima X (Alta California x King Midas). Introduced 1940. Slight fragrance. Parent of La Lomita.

(Perry, 1903). IB-M-R9M. AM RHS 1900, C RHS 1916. Fragrant. Parent of Elizabeth Egelberg.

HI TIME. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1948). Sdlg. #46-10. TB-M-R4L. Sdlg. 42-07 X Premier Peach. Sdlg. 42-07 is Golden Eagle X 39-62: (36-01 x Morocco Rose). Sdlg. 36-01 is W. R. Dykes X Dolly Madison. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) HM 1950. Parent of Palomino.

HIT PARADE. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1945). TB-M-R4L. From two flamingo pink seedlings. Grandparent of Fashion Show; ancestor of Fashionette and Panoramic.

HOPE. *diploid*
(Sturtevant, 1918). TB-M-W7. Palaurea X Celeste. (See The World of Irises.) AM MHS 1915. Double parent of Shekinah.

HORNED PAPA. *horned*
(Austin, R. 1960). 6117-J. TB, 37", L, horned, Y4. S light yellow; F yellow, heavily flushed light crimson. From horned sdlgs. Rainbow 1961. Parent of Lemon Spoon.

(Cayeux, R. 1930). TB-WW. Parentage not given. Cayeux 1930. Parent of Alice Harding.

INNOCENZA. *diploid*
(Lémon, 1854). TB-M-WW. HC RHS 1903, C RHS 1917. Fragrant. Ancestor of Whole Cloth.

JACQUESIANA. *diploid*
(Lémon, 1840). TB-La-S9M. HC-RHS 1893, 1916. Pleasant fragrance. Parent of Knysna.

(Graves, R. 1946). TB-M-B1M. Helen McGregor X (Pale Moonlight x Great Lakes). Slight fragrance. HC 1947, HM 1950, AM 1952. Parent of First Courtship and Harbor Blue.

JEAN CAYEUX. *tetraploid*
(Cayeux, 1931). TB-M-S4M. Phryné X (Bruno x Evolution). CM SNHF 1931; Dykes Medal, France, 1931; AM 1936. Grandparent of Tobacco Road.

(J. Sass, R. 1931). TB-M-R7M. King Tut X Baldwin. (See The World of Irises.) HM 1932, AM 1936. Kellogg, Sass 1932. Parent of The Red Douglas.

JUNIATA. *diploid*
(Farr, 1909). TB-MLa-B1M. AM RHS 1931. Parent of Conquistador.

KASHMIR WHITE. *tetraploid*
(Foster, 1912). TB-M-W4. AM RHS 1914, 1931. Sweet fragrance. Parent of Santa Barbara.

(Fay, R. 1943). TB-M-WW. Gloriole X 39-03: (Selene x ?). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278). HM 1945, AM 1947. Parent of New Snow.

KING MIDAS. *tetraploid*
(Mead, 1928). IB-EM-S6D. Dejazet X Lent A. Williamson. AM RHS 1934. Grandparent of Her Grace.

KING TUT. *tetraploid*
(H. P. Sass, R. 1926). TB-La-S6D. (Iris variegata x Dalmatica) X (Amas x Iris variegata). Sass 1926. Parent of Joycette and Rameses; ancestor of Midwest Gem.

KNYSNA. *diploid*
(Bliss 1917). IB-M-Y9D. Maori King X Jacquesiana. C RHS 1916. Grandparent of Grace Sturtevant.

LADY FOSTER. *tetraploid*
(Foster, 1913). TB-M-B3M. Iris cypriana X Iris pallida. AM RHS 1916. Strong sweet fragrance. Parent of Pacific.

(Murrell, R. 1932). TB-MLa-Y9M. Romola x ?. Orpington 1932. Ancestor of Pinnacle.

(DeForest, R. 1941). TB-M-R4L. Her Grace X Far West. Slight fragrance. Parent of Cloudcap.

(P. Cook, R. 1940). TB-M-La-R4L. Sdlg. X E. B. WIlliamson. HM 1941. Longfield 1940. Grandparent of Party Dress.

LATIN TEMPO. *bitone**tangerine*
(B. Blyth, R. 1973). Sdlg. E357-1. TB, 38" (97 cm), M-L. S. pink; F. violet-pink; tangerine beard; ruffled. (Claudia Rene x Pipes of Pan) X Lightning Ridge. Tempo Two 1974/1975. Parent of Sostenique.

(R. Schreiner, R. 1953). TB, 40", EM, RV3. S. light orchid-pink, F. darker orchid-pink. Dreamcastle X ((Angelus x unknown) x (Matula x Schreiner 8-37)). HM 1955; AM 1959. Schreiner 1953. Parent of Mademoiselle.

LEMON SPOON. *horned*
(Austin, R. 1960). 8185. TB, 40", M. spooned, Y1L. Cream self; yellow hafts. Happy Birthday X Horned Papa. Rainbow 1961. Parent of Spooned Blaze.

(Williamson, 1918). TB-EM-S3D. Amas X ?. CM SNHF 1924, AM RHS 1929. Pleasant fragrance. Parent of Dolly Madison, King Midas, and Morning Splendor; ancestor of Whole Cloth.

LIGHTNING RIDGE. *bitone**tangerine*
(O. Brown, R. 1965). 4-7A20. TB, 33", EM, O4RV. S pale peach with flush of rose at base of midribs; F imperial violet (Wilson 33/2), with blue blush below bright poppy red beard. Pipes of Pan X Arctic Flame. HC 1965, HM 1967, JC 1968, AM 1970. Brown's Sunnyhill Gardens 1966. Parent of Latin Tempo.

(Hamblen, R. 1964). H59-66. TB, 38", LM,Y4BV. S barium yellow; F lobelia blue-violet, light yellow beard. Mollie Emms X Whole Cloth. HC 1963, HM 1966, JC 1966, 1967, AM 1968. Mission Bell 1965. Parent of Panoramic, grandparent of Sostenique.

LIPSTICK. *tangerine*
(Fay, R. 1954). Sdlg. 53-54. TB, 36", M, W1. White self, dark-red beard. Pink sdlg. 51-40 X 51-39 (both red-bearded pinks). Sdlg. 51-40 is 49-2 X 49-5 (sib to 49-2). Sdlg. 51-39 is 49-11 X sib. Sdlg. 49-11 is Snow Flurry X Cherie. Sdlg. 49-2 is 47-39 X 47-1: (Pink Cameo x Hall 44-8). Sdlg. 47-39 is New Snow X New Horizon. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) HM 1957. Fay 1957. Parent of Arctic Flame; ancestor of Fanfare Orchid.

(Yeld, 1911). TB-M-B3M. Amas X ?. AM RHS 1915; Silver Medal MHS 1921. Cinnamon fragrance. Parent of Elizabeth Egelberg and Phryné.

LULLABY. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1939). TB-M-R7L. (Rameses x Dolly Madison) X Morocco Rose. Grandparent of Fantasy; ancestor of New Horizon.

(Gaulter, R. 1958). Sdlg. 56-16. TB, 36", M VR5L. Lavender-rose self, blended brown hafts and petal tips. Lavanesque X Pathfinder. HM 1959, AM 1963. Mission Bell, Tell 1959. Parent of Claudia Rene.

(W. R. Stevens, R. 1939). TB-M-W4. Shasta X Mrs. Valerie Westt. Parent of Pinnacle.

MAORI KING. *diploid*
(Reuth, 1890). TB-M-Y9D. HC RHS 1916. Parent of Knysna; grandparent of Marsh Marigold.

(Mohr 1923). TB-M-B1L. Miss Willmott X Carthusian. Grandparent of Pale Moonlight; ancestor of Shining Waters.

MARSALA. *tangerine*
(DeForest, R. 1948). TB-M-S9M. Spindrift X pink sdlg. Introduced 1948. Parent of Graduation Gift.

(Bliss 1919). IB-M-Y9D. (Cordelia x Thorbeke) X (Amoena x Maori King). AM RHS 1927. Parent of Evolution.

(Tom Craig, R. 1952). EC, 50", M VB1D, TB-onco. Self deep violet-blue. Blue Ox X Chivalry. HM 1954; White Award 1959. Craig 1952. Grandparent of Nina's Delight; ancestor of Wedding Vow.

MARY RANDALL. *tangerine*
(Fay, R. 1950). Sdlg. T-48-3. TB, 36", M, R1L. Self of Bengal Rose (Wilson), with red beard. New Horizon X (Fay sdlg.: Pink Cameo x Cherie). HM 1951; AM 1953; Dykes Medal 1954. Fay 1951. Parent of Fashion Show; grandparent of Chinese Coral and Fleeta; ancestor of Bon Vivant.

MARY RICH LYON. *tetraploid*
(Callis, R. 1936). TB-M-Y6M rev. Pluie d'Or X Purissima. May apple fragrance. Callis 1937. Parent of Gold Ruffles.

(H. P. Sass, R. 1935). TB-La-S9D. Sdlg. 22-31: (Rameses x 32-28: (King Tut x Cardinal)) X Amitola. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 234.) HM 1939. Sass, Whiting 1939. Parent of Mirabelle; ancestor of Lavanesque.

MAY HALL. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1952). TB, 35", M, OR1. Medium-tone pink. Dolly Varden X pink sdlg. 49-13: (47-51 x 47-21). Sdlg. 47-51 and 47-21 are both 45-05 (Courtier sib.) X Radiation. HM 1954; AM 1956. Cooley 1954. Parent of Christmas Time grandparent of Champagne Music.

(Hinkle, R. 1954). TB, 36", ML, B1D. Deep-blue self, beard bluish. Zara X Hinkle blue sdlg. HM 1958. Hinkle 1956. Parent of Parisian Blue.

MELODRAMA. *bitone*
(P. Cook, R. 1956). Sdlg. 11152. TB, 38", M, V3. S. pallid violet, paler in upper part; F. mauve to manganese violet, beard near pallid violet (Ridgway). Dreamcastle X sdlg. 6050: (blue sdlg. x sdlg. 6748: (Progenitor X Shining Waters)). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 229.) HM 1956; AM 1958. Longfield 1956. Parent of Bon Vivant; ancestor of Panoramic.

MIDGARD. *diploid*
(H. P. Sass, 1926). TB-M-S4L. Afterglow X?. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) Parent of Amitola.

MIDWEST. *plicata**diploid*
(H. P. Sass 1923). TB-MLa-W8. Parentage not given. Parent of Advance Guard and Old Gold; ancestor of Happy Days.

(H. P. Sass, R. 1936). TB-MLa-S6L. Sdlg. 22-31: (Rameses x 32-28: (King Tut x Cardinal)) X Amitola. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 234.) HM 1937. Sass 1937. Parent of Gold Ruffles.

(Whiting, R. 1940). TB-M-S9L. Matula X Happy Days. HM 1941. Introduced 1941. Parent of Pathfinder.

(Grinter, R. 1932). TB-M-B3M. Blue Ribbon X Sensation. HM 1933, AM 1935, Dykes Medal 1937. Pattison, Stoner 1933. Strong lily of the valley fragrance. Parent of Chivalry.

(Foster, 1910). TB-M-W1. Iris kashmiriana X ?. Parent of Marian Mohr.

MME. CÉCILE BOUSCANT. *tetraploid*
(Millet 1923). TB-B-R1L. (? X Ricardi) X Queen of May. CM SNHF 1925. Grandparent of Far West.

MME. CHEREAU. *plicata**diploid*
(Lémon 1844). TB-M-W2. HC RHS 1893, 1916. Fragrant. Grandparent of Baldwin.

MME. CHERI. *tetraploid*
(Sturtevant 1918). TB-E-S7M. Caterina X Mrs. George Darwin. FCC MHS 1916. Strong pleasant fragrance. Ancestor of Happy Days.

MME. DURRAND *tetraploid*
(Denis, 1912). tb-m-s6l. Ricardi X Darius. Spicy fragrance. Parent of Phryné.

(Bliss 1919). TB-M-B7D. ? X Dominion. Parent of Acropolis; grandparent of Shining Waters.

MOLLIE EMMS. *tangerine*
(Hamblen, R. 1961). H7-103. TB, 30", M-L, V5M. Fuchsia-orchid self, cerise beard. Fashion Show X Graduation Gift. HC 1960, HM 1963. Mission Bell '62. Parent of Lilac Champagne.

(Dykes 1923). TB-M-W4. Parentage not given. Strong pleasant fragrance. Parent of Gudrun and W. R. Dykes.

(Naylor R. 1949). TB-EM-W6L. Snow Flurry X Hall 42-10. Hall sdlg. 42-10 is Golden Eagle X 39-62: (36-01: (W. R. Dykes X Dolly Madison) x Morocco Rose). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) Lilac fragrance. HM 1952. Ancestor of Bon Vivant.

MOON MISTRESS. *tangerine**horned*
(M. Osborne, R. 1975). Sdlg. 3-4. TB, 40" (102 cm), M. S. peachy pink (RHS 24D); F. peachy pink (23D); red beard (32A) ending in peachy pink horn. Chinese Coral X Spooned Blaze. Osborne 1976. Parent of Sky Hooks.

(Shull 1923). TB-M-R7D. Iris trojana X Lent A. Williamson. HM 1922; AM 1931; AM Haarlem 1931. Ancestor of Casa Morena.

(Loomis, R. 1937). TB-M-R9L. H-22: (Lent A. Williamson x ?) X F-70: (W. J. Fryer X Ricardi). HM 1937. Pattison 1937. Grandparent of Golden Eagle and New Horizon; ancestor of Moonlight Serenade, Party Dress, and the Hall pink line.

(Foster, 1895). TB-M-W4. Parent of Mme. Cheri.

(Foster, 1888). IB-N-W1. HC RHS 1903, 1916. Slightly sweet fragrance. Parent of Sherbert.

(Bliss 1925). TB-M-S7D. Bruno X ?. AM Haarlem 1930; FCC Haarlem 1932; FCC RHS 1933. Parent of Magnolia and Rangatira.

NEW HORIZON. *tangerine*
(Fay, R. 1946. TB-VLa-R4L. 42-02: (Morocco Rose X Hall #40-24) X Overture. Hall sdlg. 40-24 is 35-40: (Dauntless X Rameses) X Lullaby. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) HC 1945, HM 1947. No fragrance. Parent of Mary Randall; ancestor of Lipstick.

(Fay, R. 1945). #44-24. TB-M-WW. Snow Flurry X Katherine Fay. HC 1945; HM 1946; AM 1948. Introduced 1946. Parent of Frosted Starlight; ancestor of Arctic Flame, Champagne Music, and Lipstick.

(Ghio, R. 1962). 59-76S. TB, 36", ML, W1. Glacial white self; pale blue beard. Gaulter: (Violet Harmony x Mary McClellan) X Frosted Starlight. HM 1966. Ghio 1964.

(Denis 1919). TB-MLa-S4L. Darius X?. AM RHS 1922, CM SNHF 1922. Parent of Evolution.

OLD GOLD. *diploid*
(H. P. Sass, R. 1928). IB-M-S4L. Midwest X ?. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278). Schreiner 1929. Grandparent of Sandalwood.

ORIFLAMME *tetraploid*
(Vilmorin 1904). TB-M-B3M. Pleasant scent. Parent of California Blue, Castalia, and Uncle Remus; ancestor of Happy Days.

OVERTURE *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1943). Sdlg. #42-30. TB-M-R4L. Sdlg. 40-34: (38-26: (36-11 X Morocco Rose) X 35-40: (Dauntless x Rameses)) X 39-62: (36-01 x Morocco Rose). Both 36-11 and 36-01 are W. R. Dykes X Dolly Madison. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) Introduced 1944. Apple blossom fragrance. HC 1943, HM 1944. Parent of New Horizon and Pink Cameo.

(Essig, 1929). TB-E-B1L. Souv. de Mme. Gaudichau X Lady Foster. Ancestor of Whole Cloth.

PALAUREA. *diploid*
(Sturtevant 1918). TB-M-S1L. Iris pallida X Aurea. FCC MHS 1915. Parent of Hope.

(Essig, R. 1930). TB-M-B1L. (Caterina x Marian Mohr) X California Blue. HM 1933. Pattison 1931. Grandparent of Jane Phillips.

PALOMINO. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1951). TB, 36", M, Y3. Buff-yellow, darker edging both standards and falls, tangerine beard. Hi Time X sdlg. 46-31: (44-30 (sib to Cherie) x Floradora). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 234.) HM 1952; AM 1954. Cooley 1952. Parent of Glittering Amber; ancestor of Panoramic.

PANORAMIC. *bitone*
(Hamblen, R. 1968). H63-7D. TB, 38", E-L, V3LF. S blue-violet (RHS 92C); F violet (87A); yellow-orange beard. Lilac Champagne X ((7-55 x (Fashion Show x Melodrama)); Seedling 7-55 is Promising sib. X Valimar sib. Promising is (Palomino x (Radiation x Great Lakes)) X ((Helen McGregor x Hit Parade) x Palomino). Valimar is (Helen McGregor x Radiation) X Palomino. HC 1968, HM 1970. Mission Bell 1969. Parent of Caberet Royale.

PARISIANA. *plicata**diploid*
(Vilmorin, 1911). TB-M-W8. HC RHS 1916, CM SNHF. Dorine X Etendard. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278). Parent of Esplendido; grandparent of San Francisco.

(Schreiners, R. 1964). T-799-H. TB, 39", M-L, B1L. Rich light blue self. Sylvan Stream X Melissa. HM 1966. Schreiners 1965. Grandparent of Falbala.

PARTY DRESS. *tangerine*
(Muhlestein, R. 1950). TB, 36", ML, OR1. Medium shell-pink self. 45-22A: (Lancaster x D. Hall sdlg 42-10) X 46-22B: (Pink Formal sibling). Hall sdlg. 42-10 is Golden Eagle X 39-62: (36-01: (W. R. Dykes X Dolly Madison) x Morocco Rose). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) HM 51; AM 54. Tell 1951. Grandparent of Glittering Amber; ancestor of Pipes of Pan.

(Whiting, R. 1948). #4240. TB-M-La-R4L. Mirabelle X Angelus. Honey fragrance. HM 1948. Parent of Mademoiselle.

(Tom Craig, R. 1962). TB, 34", EM-VL, W1. Cold white self. White sdlg. X Frieda's Favorite. HM 1963. Craig 1962. Grandparent of Wedding Vow.

PERFECTION. *diploid*
(Barr, 1880). TB-M-B3D. HC RHS 1916. Pleasant fragrance. Ancestor of Whole Cloth.

(Cayeux, 1925). TB-M-R9L. Mme. Durrand X Lord of June. Parent of Jean Cayeux.

(Faught, R. 1946). TB-EM-B1M. 4E1: (Purissima x B31: (Purissima x Santa Barbara)) X 63E1: (B31 x Santa Clara). (See The World of Irises.) Sibling to Cahokia (see Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 229). HC 1946, HM 1948, AM 1950. Introduced 1948. Grandparent of Sylvan Stream.

PIKE'S PEAK PINK. *tangerine*
(P. Loomis, R. by M. Hamblen 1977). Sdlg. SQ 72. TB, 36" (91 cm), M. Light pink self; tangerine beard. Unknown parentage, but probably Purissima X Sea Shell. Bedford Gardens 1954. Parent of Pink Formal.

PINK CAMEO. *tangerine*
(Fay, R. 1944). #44-01. TB-M-R4L. #41-40: (Rameses X Far West) X Overture. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) Slight fragrance. HC 1945, HM 1946, AM 1948. Introduced 1944. Grandparent of Mary Randall; ancestor of Bon Vivant, Champagne Music, Fleeta, and Lipstick.

PINK FORMAL. *tangerine*
(Muhlestein, R. 1947). TB-M-La-R4M. Golden Eagle X Loomis' SQ72. (Loomis' SQ72 was registered as Pike's Peak Pink in 1977.) Some fragrance. HC 1947, HM 1949, AM 1951. Introduced 1949. Parent of Pink Fulfillment; ancestor of Bon Vivant and Fashionette.

(Muhlestein, R. 1951). Sdlg. 49-11C. TB, 38", M-L, R1L. Pink self. Sdlg. 47-72: (Gold Ruffles x 45-64-1A: (Alice Harding x Dr. Loomis' "Type Dore")) X Pink Formal. "Type Dore" is Sea Shell X ? (see Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278). HM 1954; Pres. Cup 1954; AM 1956. Tell 1954. Parent of Glittering Amber.

PINK SENSATION *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1947). TB-E-R4L. Tally-Ho X Courtier. Lilac fragrance. HM 1950, AM 1952. Ancestor of Pipes of Pan.

(W. R. Stevens, R. 1945). #5/RA103. TB-M-W6M. Magnolia X (Gudrun x (Lady Morvyth x Rangatira)). Slight fragrance. HM 1949, AM 1951. Introduced 1949. Ancestor of Pipes of Pan.

PIPES OF PAN. *bitone**tangerine*
(O. Brown, R. 1963). H-7-61. TB, 39", M-L, Y4V. S cream, rose infusion in midrib; F medium red-violet; tangerine beard. ((Pinnacle x pink sdlg.) F2 X Gypsy Lullaby). The pink sdlg. is Pink Sensation x Party Dress (Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 249). HM 1964, Brown's Sunnyhill Gard. 1963. Parent of Lightning Ridge; grandparent of Latin Tempo.

PLUIE D'OR. *diploid*
(Cayeux, 1928). TB-MLa-Y4M. Shekinah X Chasseur. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278). CM SNHF 1928; Dykes Medal, France, 1928; AM Haarlem 1931; AM RHS 1938. Parent of Mary Rich Lyon.

(H. P. Sass, R. 1936). TB-MLa-S9L. Sandalwood X Amitola. HM 1937, AM 1941, Dykes Medal 1943. Sass, Whiting 1937. Parent of Casa Morena and Golden Eagle.

PREMIER PEACH *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1944). TB-La-R4L. Sdlg. 40-34: (38-26: (36-11 x Morocco Rose) x 35-40: (Dauntless x Rameses)) X 39-62: (36-01 x Morocco Rose). Both 36-11 and 36-01 are W. R. Dykes X Dolly Madison. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 234.) Introduced 1946. HC 1944. Parent of Hi Time and Radiation.

(Cayeux, 1931). TB-M-S6L. Iceberg X Evolution. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) CM SNHF 1931. Parent of Far West.

(Barr, 1898). TB-M-B1L. AM RHS 1916. Sweet violet fragrance. Parent of E. H. Jenkins.

PROGENITOR. *bitone*
(P. Cook, R. 1951). Sdlg 1346. IB, 15", E, Y4. Light yellow and light violet bicolor. Yellow Iris reichenbachii X Shining Waters. Ancestor of Whole Cloth.

PROSPERO. *tetraploid*
(Yeld 1920). TB-MLa-B9M. Sambucina X Amas. AM RHS 1920. Sweet vanilla fragrance. Ancestor of Whole Cloth.

(Mohr-Mitchell, 1927). TB-M-WW. Argentina X Conquistador. PC RHS 1933. Parent of Helen McGregor, Her Grace, Mary Rich Lyon, Pike's Peak Pink, and Snow Flurry; grandparent of Cahokia, Pierre Menard, and Sleighride.

QUEEN CATERINA. *tetraploid*
(Sturtevant 1918). TB-M-B7L. Queen of May X Caterina. FCC MHS 1915. Pleasant fragrance. Parent of Gloriole

QUEEN OF MAY. *diploid*
(Salter, before 1859). TB-M-R7L. AM RHS 1891. Fragrant. Parent of Mme. Cécile Bouscant and Queen Caterina.

(R. Schreiner, R. 1950). TB, 36", BP1. Pale silver-blue self. Distance X Chivalry. Parent of Harbor Blue.

RADIATION. *tangerine*
(D. Hall, R. 1946). TB-M-R4L. Raspberry colored sdlg. X Premier Peach. HC 1947, HM 1948, AM 1950. Introduced 1948. Ancestor of May Hall and Panoramic.

(H. P. Sass, 1929). TB-MLa-S9L. King Tut X Baldwin. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) HM 1931, Dykes Medal 1932. Sass 1929. Parent of Amitola; grandparent of Matula, Midwest Gem, and Pink Cameo; ancestor of New Horizon and the Hall pink line.

(Burgess, R. 1936). TB-M-Y9D. Aurelle X Mrs. Valerie Westt. AM RHS 1936. Ancestor of Pinnacle.

(H. P. Sass 1927). TB-M-S6M. Grandparent of The Red Douglas.

(Bliss, 1926). TB-M-S9M. ? X Dominion. AM RHS 1929. Fragrant. Parent of Lady Morvyth.

ROSE MADDER. *tetraploid*
(Sturtevant, 1920). TB-M-R9D. (Hector x Shelford Chieftain) selfed. HM MHS 1917. Honey locust fragrance. Parent of Dauntless.

(Mohr-Mitchell, R. 1930). TB-M-S9D. (Sherbert x yellow blend) X Cardinal. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 168.) Salbach 1931. Ancestor of Casa Morena.

SANDALWOOD. *tetraploid*
(H. P. Sass, R. 1936). TB-MLa-S9L. 19-29: (Old Gold x Iris trojana) X Amitola. Sass 1937. Parent of Prairie Sunset.

SAN FRANCISCO. *plicata**tetraploid*
(Mohr-Mitchell, 1927). TB-M-W8. (Conquistador x Parisiana) X Esplendido. Dykes Medal 1927. Parent of Advance Guard.

(Mohr-Mitchell, R. 1923). TB-E-B1L. Iris mesopotamica X (Kashmir White x ?). AM Haarlem 1931, AM RHS 1931. Mohr-Mitchell, Salbach 1925. Honey locust fragrance. Parent of Distance, Santa Clara, and Sierra Blue; ancestor of Cahokia, Pierre Menard, and Whole Cloth.

(Mohr-Mitchell, 1931). TB-M-B7M. Santa Barbara X Souv. de Mme. Gaudichau. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 168). Ancestor of Cahokia and Pierre Menard.

SEA SHELL. *tangerine*
(Loomis, R. 1940). TB-M-R4L. A plicata X (W. J. Fryer x Ricardi). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 297A). Parent of Pike's Peak Pink and Spindrift; ancestor of Pink Fulfillment.

(Connell, R. 1928). TB-EM-WW. No parentage given. HM 1932. Introduced 1931. Sweet fragrance. Grandparent of Katherine Fay.

(Cayeux, 1925). TB-MLa-B1M. Parentage lost. CM SNHF 1922, JS SNFH 1926, HC RHS 1934. Cayeux 1925. Parent of Blue Triumph and Cloud Castle; ancestor of Whole Cloth.

(Mohr-Mitchell, 1927). TB-M-W1. No parentage given. Parent of Magnolia.

SHERBERT. *tetraploid*
(Sturtevant, 1918). TB-M-S6M. Caterina X Mrs. Horace Darwin. Fragrant. Grandparent of Rubeo; ancestor of Happy Days.

SHEKINAH. *diploid*
(Sturtevant, 1918). TB-M-Y4L. Hope selfed. Silver medal MHS 1917. Parent of Pluie d'Or; grandparent of Alta California.

(Foster, 1909). TB-M-B3M. Iris cypriana X Iris pallida. HC RHS 1916. Parent of Rose Madder.

(Essig, R. 1930). TB-E-M-B1M. ((Caterina x Marian Mohr) x California Blue)) X (Uncle Remus x Moa). HM 1934, AM 1935. Sweet pea fragrance. Milliken 1933. Parent of Progenitor.

(Essig, R. 1930). TB-M-B1M. Souv. de Mme. Gaudichau X Santa Barbara. HM 1933, Dykes Medal 1935. Milliken 1932. Parent of Blue Zenith.

SKY HOOKS. *horned*
(M. Osborne, R. 1979). Sdlg. SA-1. TB, 38" (97 cm), M. S. soft yellow pongee (RHS 160C); F. soft yellow (160D/C), flushed lighter in center; gold beard ending in violet horns; ruffled. Wedding Vow X Moon Mistress. HM 1982. Melrose Gardens 1980. Grandparent of Conjuration.

(Tom Craig, R. 1951). TB, 44", M, W1. White self with blue influence. (Purissima x (Iris mesopotamica x Dominion)) X Chivalry. Craig 1951. Parent of Clean Sweep.

SNOW FLURRY. *tetraploid*
(Rees, R. 1939). TB-EM-W1. Purissima X Thais. Sweet fragrance. HM 1939; AM 1941. Salb. 1939. Parent of Moonlight Serenade, New Snow, and Violet Harmony; grandparent of Graduation Gift, ancestor of Arctic Flame, Champagne Music, Lipstick, and Zara. See the article "Snow Flurry" in Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 188 (1968), 14-15.

(Mohr 1922). IB-E-Y4L. Iris trojana X Iris pumila. AM 1928. Strong fragrance. Ancestor of Happy Days.

SOSTENIQUE. *bitone**tangerine*
(B. Blyth, R. 1975). Sdlg. G138-1. TB, 39" (99 cm), M-ML. S. apricot-pink; F. light veronica violet, deepening around edges; orange-tangerine beard. (Lilac Champagne x Bon Vivant) X Latin Tempo. Australasian Dykes Medal 1987. Tempo Two 1975/76. Parent of Alpine Castle.

(Millet 1923). TB-M-B1L. Ricardi X Corrida. Parent of Gloriole.

SOUV. DE MME. GAUDICHAU. *tetraploid*
(Millet 1914). TB-E-B3D. Fries Morel X Dalmatica or Amas. CM SNHF; AM RHS 1924, 1927, 1929. Slight fragrance. Parent of Aurelle, Germaine Perthuis, Pacific, Santa Clara, Sierra Blue, and Uncle Remus.

SPINDRIFT. *tangerine*
(Loomis, R. 1929). #TQ-70. TB-LA-M-R4L. Sea Shell X Morocco Rose. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 297A.) HM 1945. Parent of Marsala.

(L. Austin, R. 1964). 227. TB, 38", ML, Y1. Butter-yellow self, white blaze, yellow horns ending in small spoons rise from deep-orange beard. Bright Gem X Lemon Spoon. Rainbow 1965 Parent of Moon Mistress.

SUNSET SNOWS. *tangerine*
(J. Stevens, R. 1963). 2-k28-54. TB, 36", M, W4. S white; F cocoa-pink; red beard. Youthful Charm X sdlg. from yellow amoena crossed pinks. Wanganui '65. Parent of Twist and Shout.

(Schreiners, R. 1961). N-879-2. TB, 38", M, B1L. Enamel blue self, very blue. (Pierre Menard x (Blue Rhythm x Chivalry)) X Harbor Blue. HM 1962. Schreiners 1961. Parent of Parisian Blue.

(D. Hall, R. 1949). TB-M-R3M rev. Fantasy X raspb. red sdlg. 42-46: (Golden Eagle x 39-62). Sdlg. 39-62 is 36-01: (W. R. Dykes x Dolly Madison) X Morocco Rose. Hallcroft 1949. HM 1950. Parent of Pink Sensation.

THAIS. *diploid*
(Cayeux, 1926). TB-M-R1M. No parentage given. CM SNHF 1924, Special Prize SNHF 1924. Parent of Snow Flurry.

(J. Sass, R. 1934). TB-LaM-R9D. Joycette X (Redwing x Cardinal). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 191). HM 1936, AM 1939. Sass 1937. Parent of Garden Glory.

(Veitch before 1897). TB-M-W3. C RHS 1916. Fragrant. Grandparent of Marsh Marigold.

(Kleinsorge, R. 1941). TB-M-S4M. Aztec Copper x yellow sdlg #228: (Far West X Jean Cayeux). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 234). Introduced 1941. HM 1944, AM 1946. Parent of Argus Pheasant.

(Julander, R. 1962). 61-14A TB, 36", M, B1M. Bright medium blue self. Harbor Blue X Whole Cloth. HC 1962, HM 1964. Tell 1963. Grandparent of Condottiere.

(Denis, 1908). TB-E-R7L. Parent of Germaine Perthuis.

(Farr 1912). TB-M-B3M. (Form or hybrid of Iris trojana.) Parent of Cardinal.

TWIST AND SHOUT. *tangerine*
(B. Blyth, R. 1973). Sdlg. D159-5. TB, 34" (86 cm), M. S. white; F. ruffled cocoa pink; red-tangerine beard. Fanfare Orchid X Sunset Snows. Tempo Two 1973/74. Parent of Caberet Royale.

(Essig, R. 1928). TB-E-R7D. Oriflamme X Souv. de Mme. Gaudichau. HM 1927. Salbach 1928. Grandparent of Shining Waters.

(Lowry R. 1948). TB-M-B1M. Snow Flurry x Cloud Castle. HM 1952, AM 1954, Cook Cup 1953, Dykes Medal 1957. Grandparent of Nina's Delight; ancestor of Wedding Vow.

(J. Ghio, R. 1970). Sdlg. 67-90R. TB, 37" (94 cm), E. White self; white beard. (Patricia Craig x (First Courtship x Nina's Delight sib)) X (Junior Prom sib x (Nina's Delight sib x First Courtship)); Junior Prom is Nina's Delight X Frosted Starlight. HM 1973. Bay View Gardens 1972. Parent of Sky Hooks.

WHOLE CLOTH. *bitone*
(P. Cook, R. 1956). Sdlg. 12555. TB, 36", M, W4. Amoena. S. clean white, F. light violet (Ridgway); no haft marks. Cahokia X 11253: (Blue Rhythm x 5651: ((blue sdlg. 10942 x Progenitor) x Sky Above sibling )). Sky above is Distance X blue sdlg. 12342: (9537 x Great Lakes). Sdlg. 10942 is 237: (Pacific x BK-133) X 4737: (Castalia x Santa Barbara). Sdlg. 9537 is Sensation X B-1932: (Souv. de Mme. Gaudichau x (Prospero x Perfection)). Sdlg BK-133 is (Prospero x Perfection) X BK-130: ((Innocenza x Blue Boy) x (Iris kochii x Lent A. Williamson)). (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 229). HM 1958, AM 1960, Dykes Medal 1962. Longfield 1958. Parent of Lilac Champagne and Triton.

W. J. FRYER. *diploid*
(Fryer, 1917). TB-M-Y9D. Parent of Sea Shell.

(Grinter, R. 1932). TB-M-B7D. Sdlg. 4-28 X Dominion. Grinter 1933. Parent of Garden Magic.

W. R. DYKES. *tetraploid*
(Dykes-Orpington 1926).TB-E-Y4M. Moonlight x diploid. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 278.) Sibling to Gudrun. (See Bull. Amer. Iris Soc. 297A.) Ancestor of Moonlight Serenade, Party Dress, and the Hall pink line.

YOUTHFUL CHARM. *tangerine*
(J. Stevens, R. 1961). 1-i66. TB, 33", M, W40. S white flushed faint pink at base; F rich apricot-pink; tangerine beard. Derived from pinks crossed to yellow amoenas, then inbred through a number of generations. Wanganui 1964. Parent of Sunset Snows.

(Hinkle, R. 1951). TB, 36", M, VB1. Violet-blue self. Snow Flurry X Faught 19H. AM RHS 1958. Tell 1954. Parent of Melissa.

Iris species and their collected forms

There are two to three hundred species of irises, but only about fifty bearded iris species. Perhaps a dozen of these have been used in the breeding of tall bearded irises. Below are those that appear in the ancestry of Conjuration. These are just the ones that would be found as ancestors of almost all modern tall bearded irises.

AMAS *tetraploid*
(Collected by Foster in Amasia, Turkey, in 1885). TB-E-B3M. HC RHS 1916. Entered commerce 1895. 48 chromosomes. Parent of Lent A. Williamson, Lord of June, Prospero, and Souv. de Mme. Gaudichau; grandparent of Baldwin and King Tut.

AMOENA *diploid*
Syn. amoena De Candolle, 1812. TB-M-W3L. S. white; F. white heavily veined violet blue. Entered commerce by 1837. Thought by some to be a natural hybrid between I. pallida and I. variegata. 24 chromosomes. Grandparent of Marsh Marigold.

Iris aphylla L. 1753. *tetraploid*
Syn. bohemica Schmidt, hungarica Waldst & Kit., fieberi Seidl., and Blocki. DB-E-B7D. Purple shades. Occurs in central and east Europe from southeast France to south Poland and north Caucasus. AM RHS 1916. Entered commerce by 1829. No fragrance. 48 chromosomes. Parent of Blue Boy.

Iris cypriana Baker & Foster 1888. *tetraploid*
Collected in Cypress. TB-B9M. S. light blue-violet; F. darker blue-violet. Entered commerce by 1900. Sweet fragrance. 48 chromosomes. Parent of Caterina, Crusader, Lady Foster, and Shelford Chiefton.

DALMATICA *diploid*
Syn. pallida dalmatica. Collected by 1597. TB-M-B1L. AM RHS 1917, HC RHS 1903, AGM RHS 1937. Violet fragrance. Parent of Carthusian; grandparent of King Tut.

Iris kashmiriana Baker 1877. *tetraploid*
TB-B3M. Distributed in region of Kashmir. White or pale mauve-purple. Entered commerce by 1905. Fragrant. 24, 44, 48 chromosomes. Parent of Miss Willmott. See also Kashmir White.

Syn. Iris kochii Kern. 1887. IB-E-R7D. Collected in Trieste. Purple-violet. AM RHS 1916, 1927. Entered commerce by 1900. Slight fragrance. 44 chromosomes. Ancestor of Whole Cloth.

MACRANTHA *tetraploid*
(Collected by Foster). TB-M-B3M. Entered commerce by 1907. 48 chromosomes. A taller form of Amas. Parent of Dominion.

Iris mesopotamica Dykes 1913. *tetraploid*
TB-M-B7M. Found in southeast Turkey. Blue-purple. Entered commerce by 1933. 48 chromosomes. Parent of Argentina, Carthusian, Conquistador, and Santa Barbara; ancestor of Happy Days and Sleighride.

Iris pallida Lam. 1789. *diploid*
TB-M-B1M. Mentioned by Gerarde in 1596. Distributed in regions north and east of the Adriatic. Mauve-purple. HC RHS 1903. 24 chromosomes. Parent of Afterglow, Caterina, Lady Foster, Palaurea, and Shelford Chiefton; ancestor of Fleeta.

Iris pumila L. 1753.
DB. Distributed in central and east Europe. Although the type is red-purple, there are naturally occuring blue and yellow varieties. Entered commerce by 1794. Parent of Soledad.

Iris reichenbachii Heuff. 1858.
DB-E-Y4L. Both yellow and purple forms. Distributed throughout the Balkans. Entered commerce by 1938. Both 24 chromosome and 48 chromosome forms. Parent of Progenitor.

RICARDI *tetraploid*
(Collected in Palestine). TB-E-B1M. Entered commerce by 1913. 48 chromosomes. Form of I. mesopotamica. Parent of Mme. Durrand and Souv. de Loetitia Michaud; grandparent of Mme. Cécile Bouscant.

SAMBUCINA *diploid*
Syn. I. sambucina L. 1759. TB-M-S9M. S. cream; F. violet. Elder fragrance. Thought by some to be a natural hybrid between I. pallida and I. variegata. 24 chromosomes. Parent of Prospero.

Iris trojana Kern. ex Stapf 1887. *tetraploid*
Collected in the Troad. TB-M-B3M. S. pale blue; F. red-purple. HC RHS 1916. Strong sweet fragrance. 48 chromosomes. Parent of Alcazar, E. H. Jenkins, Morning Splendor, Soledad, Sandalwood, and perhaps Trosuperba.

Iris variegata L. 1753. *diploid*
IB-M-Y3M. Distributed from Austria through the Balkans. S. yellow; F. yellow heavily veined purple. In culture by 1613. 24 chromosomes. Grandparent of King Tut.
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