Plates from W.R. Dykes' Genus Iris

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Plates XIII through XXIV
Plates XXV through XXXVI
Plates XXXVI through XLVIII

William Rickatson Dykes was the world's leading authority on irises when he wrote his monograph The Genus Iris, published by the Cambridge University Press in 1913. This scholarly work classified the known species of the genus, grouping the species into several sections. In this book he included a complete bibliography of irises, a general description of the structure of the iris flower, a bit on cultivation and diseases of irises, and a detailed scientific description of each of the species.

The Genus Iris also includes 48 full-color plates made from the watercolors of F. H. Rounds, Dykes' collaborator.The subjects of the plates are a selection of the many species of irises that illustrate the diversity of the genus.

Digital scans of these 48 plates are collected twelve to the page. Clicking on one of the images will load a larger image.

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