History of Mathematics: Journals on the history of mathematics

Bullettino di bibliografia e di storia delle scienze matematiche e fisiche. Rome, 1868-1887, 20 volumes. Index in volume 20. Edited by Prince Baldassare Boncompagni (1821-1894).

Abhandlungen zur Geschichte der mathematischen Wissenschaften mit Einschlussihrer Anwendungen. Leipzig, 1887-1913, 30 parts. Edited by Moritz Cantor (1877-1913).

Bibliotheca Mathematica. Edited by Gustav Eneström, (1884-1915). First series: Beijer, Stockholm, 1884-1886, 3 volumes. Second series: Stockholm, 1887-1899, 13 volumes. Third series: Teubner, Leipzig, 1900-1915, 14 volumes.

Bollettino de bibliografia e storia delle scienze matematiche Torino, 1898-1917, 21 volumes. Edited by Gino Loria.

Isis. History of Science Society, 1913-date. Founded by George Sarton. Smithsonian Institution, Washington.

Archiv fur die Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften und der Technik. Leipzig, 1909-1922, 9 volumes. Continued by Archiv fur Geschichte der Mathematik, der Naturwissenschaften, und der Technik. Leipzig, 1927-1930, 4 volumes.

Quellen and Studien zur Geschichte der Mathematik, Astronomie, und Physik. Edited by Otto Neugebauer, Julius Stenzel (1883-1935), and Otto Teoplitz. Berlin 1929-.

Scripta Mathematica. New York, 1932-. Edited by Jekuthiel Ginsburg.

Osiris. Edited by George Sarton, 1936-1969.

Archive for the History of Exact Sciences. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1960-date.

Historia Mathematica. Founded by Kenneth O. May. A publication of the International Commission on the History of Mathemaics of the Division of the History of Science of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science. Academic Press, 1974-date.

Mathematical Intelligencer.

Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences.

Bollettino di Storia delle Scienze Matematiche.

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