Hyperbolic Tessellations

An applet to display your own

If you see this image, your browser isn't Java-enabled. This Java applet creates figures like these of specified size, and they change with time.


Some of the controls determine which tessellation is displayed. Others control how it is displayed. After you've set the controls the way you want them, click on draw; changing the controls isn't enough to request that the new tessellation be drawn. Don't forget to click on draw when you've changed the control parameters. If you click draw without changing parameters, new colors will be selected.

Larger images

If you would like to create a larger image than the one above which is 450 pixels high, choose one of these larger ones instead. Of course, your screen should be taller than the number of pixels you choose or you won't be able to see the whole image.

Details about the applet.

Create black & white tilings.

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Dec 2002
David E. Joyce  
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610

The address of this file is http://aleph0.clarku.edu/~djoyce/poincare/poincare.html