Lee Rudolph

[Final update on aleph0, June 21, 2002; if you were not automatically redirected to http://black.clarku.edu/~lrudolph, you should do so yourself.]
Professor of Mathematics, Clark University, Worcester, MA, 01610.

Interests: Knot theory, low-dimensional topology, algebraic geometry, visualization. Office: CH 101. Phone: (508-)793-7345.
Here is an annotated list of my mathematical publications (1970-2002), including links to on-line versions, reviews, over 200 citations by more than 120 other researchers (from Abhyankar to Zuddas),  illustrations, co-authors' homepages, and so on. (Updated April 22, 2002.)
This past semester, Spring 2002, I taught Geometry (Math 128), Multivariate Calculus (Math 131), and Complex Analysis (Math 216). In Fall 2002, I will teach Calculus (Math 120) and Linear Algebra (Math 130). Here is a not-yet-complete set of notes for the Linear Algebra course, in hyperlinked PDF.
Here is some of my poetry. (Updated April 27, 2002.)
Some of the themes of my work are sketched here:
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Lee Rudolph (lrudolph@black.clarku.edu)