Genealogy of Connecticut Towns

David Pane-Joyce

Oct 2001

Please visit the Connecticut Genealogy page. Also, the main genealogy page has more pages on other areas: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, southern Maine, the Hudson Valley of NY, and Ohio.

Connecticut Towns

Below is a map of the towns of Connecticut. Below the name of the town is the date of its establishment. Many towns were created out of part of one other town or more than one other town. The red arrows indicate the parent towns. Towns whose names are in boldface were created out of the wilderness. For a the image by itself, click here. Some printers may print the image on a single page if the image is rotated 90 degrees. Click here for the rotated image.

Special notes

  1. The map doesn't show modifications of boundaries between existing towns. Such modifications were common.
  2. Chatham was renamed East Hampton in 1915. (That's strange since Hampton is many miles northeast of East Hampton.)
  3. Saybrook was renamed Deep River in 1947.
  4. The towns of Enfield, Somers, Suffield, and Woodstock were part of Massachusetts until 1749.
  5. Essex was named Old Saybrook at its creation in 1852, but when the town now known as Old Saybrook was separated from it in 1854, it received its current name of Essex.
  6. Greenwich was under the jurisdiction of New Amsterdam from 1642 to 1656.
  7. South Lyme was renamed Old Lyme in 1857.
  8. Huntington was renamed Shelton in 1919.


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