Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Richard Ibrook (623) & Margaret Clark
1478. John Ibrook. Born ca 1607 in England. John was baptized in Southwold, Suffolk, on 16 Sep 1607.41 John died in Sep 1607 in England. Buried on 21 Sep 1607 in Southwold, Suffolk.41
1479. Elizabeth Ibrook. Born ca 1608 in England. Elizabeth was baptized in Southwold, Suffolk, on 31 Aug 1608.41
1480. Christian Ibrook. Born in 1611 in Southwold, England.
Christian married William Cockerum.

“William, from Southhold, in the County of Suffolk, Eng., “mariner,” had a grand of land in Hing. on Broad Cover (Lincoln) St. 1635, containing four acres; also other lots granted him by the town at subsequent dates. He prob. remained here but a few yrs., judging form a record made by Rev. Peter Hobart in his journal, viz.: ‘Oct. 3, 1642. Brother Cockram sailed for England,’ In 1657 William Cockraine, Jr., of Hing. in New Eng. disposes of certain lands in Hing. by authority of his fa. to John Tower. (S. D. vol. iii. p. 63).”42

William had a grant of a house-lot in Hingham in 1735 next to Richard Ibrook’s lot. He returned to England and sailed with his family on the Mary Annye of Yarmouth. Port records of 15 May 1637: ‘The examination of William Cockram of Southould in Suff. mariner ageed 28 yeers and Christiah his wife aged 26 yeeres with 2 children and 2 Servantes desirous to pass to new england to inhabit.’ He and his family returned to England in 1642.41
Their children include:
Martha Cockerum (ca 1638-)
Mary Cockerum (ca 1642-)
1481. Rebecca Ibrook. Born ca 1608 in Southwold, Suffolk. Rebecca was baptized in Southwold, Suffolk, on 31 Aug 1608.12 Rebecca died ca Dec 1645.

See TAG 67:28.
On 12 Oct 1628 Rebecca married Rev. Peter Hobart (2226) , son of Edmund Hobart (955) (ca 1572-8 Mar 1646[/7]) & Margaret Dewey (1574-bef Oct 1634), in Covehithe, Suffolk.16 Born ca 1604 in Hingham, Norfolk. Peter was baptized in Hingham, Norfolk, on 13 Oct 1604.16 Peter died on 20 Jan 1678/9 in Hingham, MA.12 Religion: Peter was admitted to the Charlestown church 30 (6) 1635.28 Education: Magdalen Coll, Cambridge, Eng: BA 1625, MA 1629.

From Lincoln’s History of the Town of Hingham:42
    “Peter, a twin son [twin of Edmund], was b. at Hing., Eng. and bt. there, Oct.13 1604. He was educated at Magdalen Coll., Cambridge, Eng., where he received the degree of Bachelor in 1625, and of Master of Arts in 1629. He was m. at Eng. and came to New Eng. with his w. and four ch., arriving at Charlestown in June, 1635. On the first page of a journal which he kept, giving a rec. of the baptisms, marriages, and deaths, which came under his notice during his ministry of nearly 44 yrs. in out Hing., is the foll.: ‘I with my wife and four children came safely to New Englane June ye 8: 1635: for ever praysed be the god of Heaven my god and king.’ In Sept. foll. he settled in our Hing., and on the 18th of that month received a grant of a house-lot on Town (North) St. He also had other grants of land for planting purposes. He was twice m., his last w. being Rebecca, dau. of Richard Ibrook. [Lincoln was probably mistaken about that.] She d. here 9 Sept. 1693, aet 72 yrs.; and in her will, made four dys. previously, gives to s. David the dw.-house with thirty acres of land. Rev. Peter Hobart also left a will, in which his fifteen ch. then living are mentioned. The date of his death, and the years of his ministry are recorded on a memorial tablet standing near Central Ave., in the Hing. cemetery as foll.: --
    ‘In memory of Revd. Peter Hobart who died January 20th 1679 in the 75th year of his age and
    ‘53rd of his ministery 9 lyears of which he spent in Hingham Great Britain & 44 in Hingham,

Peter and Elizabeth resided on North St., opposite Goold’s bridge.42

Check out Peter Hobart’s journal, published in NEHGR 121(1967):3-25, 102-127, 191-216, 269-294.
Their children include:
Rev. Joshua Hobart (12 Jul 1629-28 Feb 1717)
Rev. Jeremiah Hobart (6 Apr 1630-6 Nov 1715)
Elizabeth Hobart (1634-26 Mar 1692)
Josiah Hobart (1634-Feb 1711)
Icabod Hobart (Died soon) (3 Oct 1635-Jul 1636)
Hannah Hobart (Died soon) (30 Apr 1637-19 May 1637)
Hannah Hobart (15 May 1638-11 Sep 1691)
Bathsheba Hobart (28 Sep 1640-14 Apr 1724)
Israel Hobart (29 Jun 1642-14 Apr 1731)
Jael Hobart (ca 1643-14 Apr 1730)
Rev. Gershom Hobart (Dec 1645-19 Dec 1707)
1482. Thomas Ibrook. Born ca 1615 in England. Thomas was baptized in Southwold, Suffolk, on 10 Aug 1615.41
1483. Anne Ibrook. Born ca 1617 in England. Anne was baptized in Southwold, Suffolk, on 3 Jun 1617.41
1484. Margaret Ibrook. Born ca 1620 in England. Margaret was baptized in Southwold, Suffolk, on 3 Sep 1620.41 Margaret died on 15 May 1700 in Hingham, MA.42
On 13 Feb 1638/9 Margaret married John Tower, son of Robert Tower (-1634) & Dorothy Damon (-Nov 1629), in Charlestown, MA.42 Born ca 1609 in Hingham, Norfolk. John was baptized in Hingham, Norfolk, on 17 May 1609.42 John died on 13 Feb 1701/2 in Hingham, MA.42

From Lincoln’s History of the Town of Hingham:42
    “John, son of Robert and Dorothy (Damon) Tower, and baptized in Hingham, England, May 17, 1609, became a resident of our Hingham, 1637. He was made freeman 13 March, 1738-9. In his deposition concerning the highway near the residences of John foulsham and Matthew hawke, 9 Jan. 1676-7, and recorded in the selectmen’s first book of records, his age is given at ‘about 69 years.’ The year of his birth, therefore, was not far from 1608, which coincides very nearly with the date of his baptism. Upon his arrival in Hingham, he had a grant of three acres of land for a house-lot on Bachelor (Main) St., nearly opposite what is now Water St. He also had other lands granted to him at subsequent dates. In 1654, his name appears among others from Hingham upon the records of Lancaster, Mass. It is doubtful, however, whether he ever resided there. His home place, which has been held in the family name throught successive generations, and is still [in 1893] recognized as ‘the old Tower estate,’ was on Main St., next south of the garrison house, near Tower’s Bridge, South Hingham. Sept. 6, 1657, he purchased of William cockraine, Jr., Att’y, land at Great Lots; also at Cooper’s Island, in the second precinct [now Cohasset]. Apr. 18, 1661, he bought of Edward Wilder, ‘planter,’ dwelling-house, orchard, etc., with five acres of land which was given by the town of Hingham to Martha Wilder, the mother of Edward; also a lot of three acres, and another lot of four acres which the said Edward had previously purchased of Samuel Ward. Also three acres of salt-marsh lying in the Conahasset marshes, next adjoining Henry Chamberlin’s. Deed recorded 13 May, 1673. In 1645 he was one of the seven men ‘chosen out of the body of the town, as well non-freeman as freeman’, to order the prudential affairs of the town. ‘Farmer;’ or, as he is called in conveyances ‘planter.’ Fence-viewer 1669, etc.”
Their children include:
John Tower (ca 1639-30 Aug 1698)
Jonathan Tower (Died young) (ca 1641-)
Ibrook Tower (ca 1643-22 Nov 1731)
Jeremiah Tower (ca 1645-)
Elizabeth Tower (ca 1648-)
Sarah Tower (ca 1650-)
Hannah Tower (ca 1652-)
Benjamin Tower (ca 1654-24 Mar 1721/2)
Jemima Tower (26 Apr 1660-)
Samuel Tower (ca 1661/2-21 Mar 1723/4)
1485. Ellen Ibrook. Born ca 1622 in England. Ellen was baptized in Southwold, Suffolk, on 10 Nov 1622.41 Ellen died on 25 Jul 1700 in Hingham, MA.42

Ellen, or Helen, Ibrook. See NEHGR 2:252.
In Mar 1637/8 Ellen married Capt. Joshua Hobart (2232) , son of Edmund Hobart (955) (ca 1572-8 Mar 1646[/7]) & Margaret Dewey (1574-bef Oct 1634), in Cambridge, MA.16 Born ca 1614 in Hingham, Norfolk. Joshua was baptized in Hingham, Norfolk, on 9 Oct 1614.16 Joshua died on 28 Jul 1682 in Hingham, MA.42 Religion: admitted to Charlestown chruch 27 (10?) 1633.28

Joshua “came to New England with his parents in 1633, and to Hingham, MA in 1635. “A man of marked ability, and especially prominent in the local affairs of this town during its early history. Freeman 3 Sept. 1634; selectman 1662, 1670, 1671, 1673, 1674, 1675, 1680, and 1681; deputy to the General Court 1643, and subsequently at different times for 24 yrs.; speaker of the House of Deputies 1674; a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company 1641; capt. of the military force here, and head of a company in active service during Philip’s War, etc. Resided on Main St., next east of the meeting-house of the First Parish.”42
Their children include:
Hannah Hobart (ca 1639-17 May 1660)
Peter Hobart (ca 1642-1665)
Sarah Hobart (19 Nov 1644-24 Feb 1696)
Deborah Hobart (ca 1647-29 Nov 1684)
Joshua Hobart (22 Mar 1649/50-)
Solomon Hobart (28 May 1652-)
Enoch Hobart (ca 1654-11 Jul 1709)
Israel Hobart (Died young) (1656-19 Sep 1669)
Ruth Hobart (Died soon) (ca 1658-30 Dec 1658)
Esther Hobart (ca 1660-)
Elizabeth Hobart (22 Apr 1662-)
Margaret Hobart (ca 1664-)
Hannah Hobart (4 Oct 1666-4 Sep 1731)
1486. Matthew Ibrook. Born ca 1626 in England. Matthew was baptized in Southwold, Suffolk, on 16 Jan 1626.41
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