Pane-Joyce Genealogy
6774. John Doane. Born on 20 Mar 1662/3 in Eastham, MA.136 John died in Eastham, MA, on 15 May 1663.136
6775. John Doane. Born on 29 May 1664 in Eastham, MA.136 John died in Boston, MA, on 22 Nov 1755; he was 91.235 Occupation: distiller.

“John Doane settled, first, in Wellfleet, then Billingsgate, on a portion of his father's estate. Pratt's History of Eastham says he was there before 1700, and that he held a distinguished rank in the town. An old document of 1727 mentions him as ‘a principal Inhabitant of this Precinct.’ As early as 1696, he and his wife Hannah were living in Boston in Ward 7, when in a deed he is styled ‘Distiller,’ and where on Mar. 5th of that year, his son Joshua was born. After the death of his wife in 1731 he removed to Hull, where he was an important man in town and church affairs, and seems to have lived there from about 1732 to 1742. He then removed to Boston where he owned a large estate, and resided there until his death.
    “From the Suffolk Registry of Deeds we note the following: ‘Mar. 3, 1694, John Doane of Eastham purchased of the heirs of Edward Tyng for £370 land and dwelling-house in Boston. Aug. 17, 1717, John Doane of Eastham bought of Wigglesworth Sweetzer for £260 a brick and wooden house with land and wharf on Butler’s Row. From 1727 to 1729, he bought lands and houses on School St. from the heirs of Samuel Haugh, goldsmith. Apr. 3, 1738, John Doane of Hull bought of John Marshall for £2,750 land and wharf fronting on Mackeral Lane (Kilby St.). Aug. 6, 1741, John Doane of Hull, for £1,200, bought from heirs of James Gooch lands near King St. (State St.).’
    “John Doane was commissioned a Justice of Peace for Barnstable Co. June 5, 1713, and was in commission there until his removal to Hull. In 1736, he was a Special Justice of the Court of Common Pleas for Barnstable Co. and, on Mar. 9,1737-8, he was commissioned a Justice of Peace for Suffolk Co.
    “He and his wife Hannah were the leaders of the fifteen or twenty church members living in the North Precinct, who strongly opposed the ordination and settlement of Rev. Samuel Osborn as pastor of the First Church of Eastham in 1718. In the church troubles at Billingsgate in 1727, they were stanch supporters of their minister, Rev. Josiah Oakes.
    “The Boston Evening Post, for Monday, Dec. 1, 1755, has the following notice of Mr. Doane’s death: ‘Boston, Nov. 27,1765. Last Saturday died in the 92nd. Year of his Age and Yesterday was very decently interred, John Doane Esq.; who had been many Years in the Commission of the Peace for the Counties of Barnstable and Suffolk. He was a Gentleman of great Capacity and known Integrity, a tender Husband, affectionate Father, and faithful Friend; and notwithstanding his great Age he retained his Usefulness, Reason and Understanding to the last.’
    “Beside the Boston estate, John Doane's possessions at Scituate inventoried £1250. 19. 8. His will, written by his own hand, five days before his death, [was] proved Dec. 24, 1755.”235
On 30 Jun 1686 when John was 22, he first married Mehitable Scudder (7267) , daughter of John Scudder (24 May 1618-Jun 1692) & Mary King (2671) (ca 1623/4-5 Jan 1668), in Eastham, MA.136 Born ca 1665.

Children of John and Mehitable (Scudder) Doane:
    i. John Doane, d. ca 1723, m. 23 Jun 1714 Abiah Callender (daughter of Rev. Ellis Calender);
    ii. Joshua Doane, b. at Boston 5 Mar 1696, m. 13 Oct 1715 Mary Freeman (daughter of Nathaniel Freeman); and
    iii. Solomon Doane, b. at Eastham 12 May 1698.235
Bef 1696 John second married Hannah Hobart (3696) , daughter of Capt. Joshua Hobart (2232) (ca 1614-28 Jul 1682) & Ellen Ibrook (1485) (ca 1622-25 Jul 1700).235 Born on 4 Oct 1666 in Hingham, MA.235 Hannah died in Wellfleet, MA, on 4 Sep 1731; she was 64.235 Buried in First Burial Ground, Wellfleet.
On 20 Jul 1732 when John was 68, he third married Jane Collier (20588) , daughter of Lieut. Gershom Collier (ca 1673/4-19 Feb 1753) & Elizabeth Poole (7809) (15 Dec 1678-), in Hull, MA.151 Born on 10 Sep 1710 in Hull, MA.151 Jane died aft 1796.235

Child of Paul and Jane (Collier) Baxter, born in Hull:
    i. Paul, b. 26 Sep 1730, m. at Hull 6 JUn 1751 Theodosia Carpenter.297

Children of John and Jane (Collier) (Baxter) Doane:
    i. John, b. at Eastham 17 Mar 1733/4, d. ca 1801, m. Lucy Davenport (dau. of James Davenport of Boston);
    ii. Hannah, b. at Hull 24 Nov 1737, m. Richard Billings Jr;
    iii. Jane, b. at Hull 16 Nov 1738, d. 18 may 1739);
    iv. Jane, b. at Boston 11 May 1743, d. Cohasset 24 Jun 1769, m. 22 Dec 1764 Rev. John Brown; and
    v. Ann, b. at Boston 5 Sep 1744, m. Elisha Doane.235

(Is this correct? Was John and Jane’s last child Ann born in 1744 when John was 80 years old?)
Their children include:
Ann Doane (8 Sep 1744-9 Jul 1849)
6776. Ann Doane. Born on 25 Jul 1666 in Eastham, MA.136 Ann died in Orleans, MA, on 12 Feb 1758; she was 91.235 Buried in Old Cemetery, Orleans.

David and Ann (Doane) Young resided in that part of Eastham, now Orleans. Their children, born in Eastham136:
    i. Abigail Young, b. 28 Dec 1688;
    ii. Rebecca Young, b. 14 or 24 Oct 1689, m. 24 Sep 1713 Abiah Harding (b. 26 Jan 1679 at Eastham);
    iii. Anna Young, b. 5 Oct 1691, m. at Eastham 24 Oct 1717 William Walker (b. 1692 at Eastham, d. there 15 Feb 1780, son of William Walker);
    iv. Hannah Young, b. 5 Sep 1693, m. 30 Nov 1725 Nathaniel Harding;
    v. John Young, b. 20 Mar 1694/5;
    vi. Priscilla Young, b. 26 Jun 1697, m. 24 Apr 1718 Joseph Smalley (d. 3 Jan 1773 æ. 77 at Truro);
    vii. Dorcas Young, b. 6 Dec 1699, m. Mr Cole;
    vii. David Young, b. 20 Sep 1701;
    viii. Lois Young, b. 2 Nov 1704, m. Mr Young;
    ix. Esther Young, b. 16 Oct 1706, m. Nathaniel Crosby; and
    x. Henry Young, b. 23 Mar 1710/1, m. Elizabeth Higgins.
On 20 Jan 1687 when Ann was 20, she married David Young (4686) , son of John Young (ca 1624-28 Jan 1690/1) & Abigail Howland (1855) (ca 1628-7 Apr 1692), in Eastham, MA.136 Born on 17 Apr 1662 in Eastham, MA. David died in Eastham, MA, on 12 Jul 1745; he was 83.

David’s will was probated 9 Oct 1745, his son John executor.235
Their children include:
Abigail Young (28 Dec 1688-12 Jun 1781)
6777. Rebecca Doane. Born on 12 May 1668 in Eastham, MA.136 Rebecca died in Canterbury, CT, on 19 Dec 1758; she was 90.88

Children of Elisha and Rebecca, born in Eastham: Abigail, Rebecca, Abraham, Elisha b. 29 Dec 1693, Mary b. 1 Feb 1695, Solomon b. 16 May 1698, and Dorcas b. 20 Feb 1699/1700, Constance, Hannah, and John.136 241
On 20 Jan 1685 when Rebecca was 16, she married Elisha Paine (11740) , son of Thomas Paine (-16 Aug 1706) & Mary Snow (4054) (ca 1630-28 Apr 1704), in Eastham, MA.136 Born ca 1658 in Eastham, MA. Elisha died on 7 Feb 1736 in Canterbury, CT.88

Elisha was a resident of Barnstable in 1689, but moved back to Eastham and resided in “Little Skaket Neck” until 1703.88

“After marriage Elisha and Rebecca Paine settled first at Eastham, but where in Barnstable in 1689. They returned to Eastham and resided there until about 1703, when they removed to that part of Plainfield, now Canterbury, Conn., where he purchased a tract of five hundred acres of wild land. Here he took an active part in all public affairs. He was one of the founders of the church in that town in 1711.”235
Their children include:
Abigail Paine (5 Jan 1685/6-)
Rebecca Paine (ca 1690-)
Abraham Paine (ca 1691-)
Elisha Paine (29 Dec 1693-)
Mary Paine (1 Feb 1695/6-)
Dorcas Paine (20 Feb 1698/9-)
Solomon Paine (16 May 1698-)
John Paine (Jul 1707-18 May 1753)
6778. Hannah Doane. Born on 17 May 1669 in Eastham, MA.281 Hannah died in Chatham, MA, on 6 Jun 1765; she was 96.88

Children of John and Hannah (Doane) Collins, the first seven born at Eastham,136 the other two at Chatham:
    i. Solomon Collins, b. 6 Feb 1703/4, d, 26 Mov 1765 at Chatham, m. ca. 1726 Eunice Atkins (b. ca. 1706, d. 2 Jan 1790 at Chatham æ. 84, dau. of Samuel & Emeline (Newcomb) Atkins);
    ii. Samuel Collins, b. 26 Nov 1705, d. 6 Aug 1699 at Chatham, m. at Chatham 19 Oct 1758 Patience Howes (b. ca. 1725, d. 29 Oct 1810 æ. 85 at Danvers, MA, widow of Jonathan Eldridge and Seth Eldridge);
    iii. Martha Collins, b. 26 Jan 1707/8, d. after 10 Aug 1765, m. at Chatham about 1726 Moses Godfrey (son of Moses & Deborah (Cooke) Godfrey), resided at Chatham, moved to Nova Scotia about 1761;
    iv. John Collins, b. 2 Nov 1709, d. before 6 Apr 1772, m. about 1740 Thankful Taylor (d. before 15 Apr 1777, dau. of Samuel & Elizabeth Taylor);
    v. Hannah Collins, b. 2 Nov 1711, d. ca. 1729, m. ca. 1727 Stephen Smith (son of John & Gethia (Snow) Smith, he m. 2nd Bathsheba Brown);
    vi. Joseph Collins, b. 14 Aug 1713, d. 12 Jan 1771 at Liverpool, Nova Scotia, m. about 1735 Abigail Crowell (b. 13 Sep 1715 at Yarmouth, MA, d. 11 May 1788 at Liverpool, dau. of Paul & Elizabeth (Hallet) Crowell); and
    vii. David Collins, b. 20 Apr 1715, d. before 10 Jul 1766, m. Desire Howes;
    vii. Jane Collins, b. ca. 1717, d. 16 Aug 1668 at Chatham æ. 51, m. 1st at harwich 10 Sep 1737 Prence Snow (b. 26 Oct 1707 at Harwich, d. there 24 May 1740, son of Prence & Hannah (Storrs) Snow), m. 2nd ca. 1744 as his second wife Benjamin Bearse (b. 26 Mar 1710 at Barnstable, d. 16 Oct 1755 at Chatham, son of Benjamin & Sarah (Cobb) Bearse), m. 3rd at Chatham 9 Nov 1758 George Godfrey (son of Mosees & Deborah (Cooke) Godfrey); and
    viii. Anna Collins, b. ca. 1710, m. d. aft 8 Jul 1777, m. ca. 1740 Jonathan Crowell (b. 25 Feb 1718, son of Paul & Elizabeth (Hallet) Crowell), resided at Chatham, moved about 1760 to Liverpool, Nova Scotia.281
On 12 Feb 1701/2 when Hannah was 31, she married John Collins (9269) , son of Joseph Collins (prob. 1640s-18 Feb 1723/4) & Ruth Knowles (3132) (ca 1650-28 Aug 1714), in Eastham, MA.136 Born on 18 Dec 1674 in Eastham, MA.136 John died in Chatham, MA, on 24 May 1765; he was 90.88

John Collins “settled in what is now Wellfleet, having had land laid out to him there in 1698. He removed to Chatham, where he resided till his death, May 24, 1765, in the 92nd year of his age. His grave is marked in the old cemetery at Chatham by a half-sunken slate stone with inscription. He was a man of importance in Chatham. Most of his children were doubtless born in Eastham.”88

John was one of the first seven church members in Chatham.
6779. Isaac Doane. Born on 2 Jun 1670 in Eastham, MA.136,58 Isaac died in Eastham, MA, on 29 Dec 1755; he was 85.235

Isaac “settled witnin the limits of Eastham. He was a fence viewer in his town in 1701, 1714-15, aand in 1731-32; a surveyer in 1714-15, and grand juryman in 1722. He was buried in the burial ground near Herring Pond, where stones with inscriptions still [1902] mark his grave.”235
On 2 Dec 1700 when Isaac was 30, he married Margaret Atwood in Eastham, MA.136

Margaret Wood, or Atwood. Children of Isaac and Margaret (Wood) Doane, born at Eastham:136
    i. Isaac Doane, b. 25 Jul 1701, m. Anna Haugh (dau. of Samuel & Margaret Haugh);
    ii. Hannah Doane, b. 26 Feb 1702/3;
    iii. Jerusha Doane, b. 23 Jan 1704/5, m. 7 Oct 1725 David Cole, m. a Mr Young;
    iv. Hulda Doane, b. 15 Jan 1706/7, d. 3 Oct 1790, m. Capt. Seth Clark;
    v. Isaiah Doane, b. 15 Jan 1708, d. ca 1742;
    vi. Margaret Doane, b. 6 Mar 1710/1, d. ca 1805, m. 2 Jan 1734/5 Thomas Holbrook; and
    vii. Anne Doane, b. 17 Oct 1715, m. a Mr Cole.235
Their children include:
Isaac Doane (25 Jul 1701-)
Hannah Doane (26 Feb 1702/3-)
6780. Samuel Doane. Born on 2 Mar 1673 in Eastham, MA.136 Samuel died in Eastham, MA, on 15 Aug 1756; he was 83.136 Buried in Herring Pond Burial Ground, Eastham.

Samuel lived in Eastham. He was admitted townsman 11 Mar 1701/2, and served as constable in 1712/3, and 1713/4; a tything man in 1723; fence viewer 1731/2; selectman 1731, 1733; and juryman 1711/2, 1718, 1721, and 1730.235
On 3 Dec 1696 when Samuel was 23, he married Martha Hamblin, daughter of John Hamlin (26 Jun 1644-1718) & Sarah Bearse (28 Mar 1646-bef 1717/8).235 Born on 16 Feb 1672/3 in Eastham, MA.235 Martha died aft 1734.

Children of Samuel and Martha, born in Eastham:
    i. Samuel, b. 30 Oct 1697, d. at Eastham 25 Aug 1778, m. 1st at Eastham 7 Jun 1720 widow Thankful Robbins, m. 2nd at Eastham 30 Apr 1771 Elizabeth Snow (d. 3 Apr 1780);
    ii. Sarah, b. 15 May 1699, m. 9 Jun 1720 Ebenezer Dyer;
    iii. Dinah, b. 30 Dec 1700, m. 22 Oct 1722 Thomas Cook;
    iv. Dorcas, b. 15 Jun 1703, d. 12 Mary 1726/7, m. 31 Jan 1722 William Smith;
    v. Solomon, b. 8 Nov 1705, d. at Eastham Dec 1789, m. 3 Aug 1727 Alice Higgins;
    vi. Simeon, b. 1 Dec 1708, d. at Eastham 4 Dec 1789, m. 1 Oct 1730 Apphia Higgins;
    vii. Martha, m. Thomas Savage; and
    viii. Keturah, m. Jonathan Dyer.235
6781. David Doane. Born ca 1674 in Eastham, MA.235 David died on 18 Nov 1748 in Eastham, MA.235

“Mr. Doane succeeded to his father’s homestead,which is still pointed out near the site of the house of Dea. John Doane. He is on Eastham records as a juryman in 1708-9, 1713, 1714-15, 1719-20, 1728, 1730 and as a constable in 1711-12.
    “Beside his occupation of farming it is understood that he was a physician. In his will he calls himself yeoman, while his inventory and gravestone inscription style him doctor. It is not presumed that he held a college diploma. In his day, common sense and good udgment carried greater merit than college titles or conferred honors. That he had some knowledge of medicine, however, and an extensive and lucrative practice in Eastham is evident.
    “He was buried in the old Town Cove burial ground, near the fence by the public road and a small slatestone with the following inscription still [1902] marks his grave: ‘Here Lies Buried/ Y^e Body of Doc^r/ David Doane/ who Died Nov^R/ y^e 18^th 1748/ In the 74^th Year/ of His Age.’”235
On 30 Sep 1701 David first married Dorothy Horton in Eastham, MA.136

Children of David and Dorothy (Horton) Doane, born at Eastham:136
    i. Jonathan Doane, b. 7 Jul 1703, d. at Eastham 24 Jan 1780, m 8 Aug 1723 Martha Higgins;
    ii. Hannah Doane, b. 5 Mar 1704, m. 7 Oct 1722 Samuel Atwood, m. Mr Higgins;
    iii. Keziah Doane, b. 26 May 1706, m. 19 May 1728 Isaac Bacon, m. Dr John Duncan;
    iv. John Doane, b. 3 May 1708, m. 1st at Eastham 20 Jan 1729/30 Mary Brown (d. 22 Jun 1722), m. 2nd 19 Nov 1772 Priscilla Atwood;
    v. Nathan Doane, b. 17 Jun 1710;
    vi. Eleazer Doane, d. at Carlton Village, Shelburne Co., Nova Scotia before 24 Sep 1787, m. at Eastham 27 Jan 1732 Hanna Mayo;
    vii. Joshua Doane;
    viii. David Doane, removed to Boston, then to Hardwick, MA, wife Lydia;
    ix. Enoch, m. Hannah;
    x. Abigail Doane, m. 22 Aug 1734 Prince Collins; and
    xi. Rachel Doane, m. Mr. Higgins.235
On 4 Jan 1738/9 David second married Sarah [Thacher] in Truro, MA.408 Mr. David Doane and Mrs. Sarah Thacher married Janry 4th 1738/0 all by the Reverd Mr. John Avery of Truro.
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