Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Josiah Whitcomb (10144) & Rebecca Waters
25820. Josiah Whitcomb. Born on 12 Nov 1665 in Lancaster, MA.313 Josiah died in Lancaster, MA, on 12 Nov 1665.313
25821. Josiah Whitcomb. Born 7 Jan 1666/7 in Lancaster, MA.313 Josiah died on 12 Apr 1718.313
In 1690 Josiah first married Mary Brown, daughter of Jabez Brown (ca 1644-17 Jul 1692) & Hannah Blanford (7 Mar 1643/4-).313 Born on 26 Nov 1672 in Sudbury, MA.
Their children include:
Hannah Whitcomb (28 Mar 1694-17 Nov 1743)
Josiah second married Elizabeth.
25822. David Whitcomb. Born on 20 Feb 1668 in Lancaster, MA.313 David died on 11 Apr 1730; he was 62.313

From The Whitcomb Family in America:313
    David and Mary lived in the Southeastern corner of Bolton, Mass., where they kept a tavern, as is shown by the following:
    “To the Honorable Justices for ye county of Middlesex these may sertifie that whereas Mr. David Whetcombe of Lancaster hath applyde himselfe to us the subscribers for our approbation for his selling strong Drink by Retale, we accordingly Request that your Hon’rs would please to grant the same. John Houghton, Peter Joslin, Jonas Houghton, Selectmen. Dated Lan. July 7, 1717-8.”
    The following e.xtract from his “Bond” sets forth in plain terms David’s duties and responsibilities as inn-keeper:
    “He shal not suffer, or have, any playinge at cards, dice, lally, bowls, ninepins, billiards, or any other unlawful game or games in his said house, or yard, or garden, or backside, nor shal suffer to remain in his house enny person or persons, not being his own family, on Saturday night after dark or Sabbath days, or during the tyme of God’s publick worrship; nor shal he entertain as lodgers in his house any strangers, men or women, above the space of forty and eight hours, but such whose names and surnames he shal deliver to some one of the selectmen or constable of the towne, unless they shal be such as he verry well knoweth and will ensure for his or her forthcoming — nor shal sell enny wine to the Indians or negroes, nor suffer any children, or servant, or other person, to remane in his house tippling or drinking after nine o’clock in the night—nor shal buy or take to preserve any stolen goodes, nor knowingly or willingly harbor in his house, barn, stable, or othenvise. any rogues, vagabonds, thieves, sturdy beggars, or offenders whatsoever— nor shal anny person or persons whatsoever sell or utter any wine, ale, cider, rum or other liquors by defaulting, or by color of his License—nor shal entertain any person or persons whom he shal be prohibited by law, or by enny one of the Magistrates of the community, as persons of jolly conversation, or given to tippling.”
    David Whitcomb died intestate April 11, 1730, and his wife, Mary, died January 5th, 1734, in the sixty-seventh year of her age. Real estate owned by David was divided among his family by partition proceedings.
On 31 May 1700 when David was 32, he married Mary Hayward in Concord, MA.313 Born ca 1667. Mary died on 5 Jan 1734.313

From The Whitcomb Family in America:313
    David Whitcomb was married May 31, 1700, in Concord. Mass., to widow Mary (Hayward) Fairbanks, who was descended from Resolve White who came over in the Mayflower. Her husband. Jonathan Fairbanks, was killed by Indians at Lancaster, Mass., September 4, 1697; she was taken captive, but was returned January 17, 1699, on the Province Galley from Casco Bay. While in captivity she acquired a knowledge of herbs which resulted in her afterwards dispensing medicine and being called “Doctress.”
Their children include:
Dea. Benjamin Whitcomb (ca 1710-Oct 1778)
25823. Rebecca Whitcomb. Born on 12 Nov 1671 in Lancaster, MA.313
On 16 Dec 1704 when Rebecca was 33, she married Jacob Houghton, son of John Houghton (ca 1649-3 Feb 1736) & Mary Farrar (ca 1648-7 Mar 1723/4). Born 17 Apr 1673/4 in Lancaster, MA. Jacob died in Bolton, MA on 12 Jul 1750.
Their children include:
Benjamin Houghton (ca 1700-28 Feb 1764)
Rebecca Houghton (ca 1707-)
25824. Johannah Whitcomb. Born on 8 Mar 1674 in Lancaster, MA.313 Johannah died on 24 Sep 1717; she was 43.313
On 26 Dec 1708 when Johannah was 34, she married Capt. Peter Joslin, son of Nathaniel Joslin (12 Jun 1627-8 Apr 1694) & Sarah King (ca 1632-2 Jul 1706).313 Born on 2 Dec 1665 in Lancaster, MA.287 Peter died in Leominster, MA, on 18 Apr 1759; he was 93.
Their children include:
Deborah Joslin (ca 1708-20 Apr 1773)
25825. Hezekiah Whitcomb. Born on 14 Sep 1681 in Lancaster, MA.313 Hezekiah died in Lancaster, MA, on 6 May 1732; he was 50.

From The Whitcomb Family in America:313
    Hezekiah Whitcomb was married to Hannah . They lived in that part of Lancaster, Mass., which became Bolton, where he was quite prominent in the church, and where he died previous to June 20, 1732, when letters of administration were taken out by Hannah, his widow, and Hezekiah, his oldest son. The estate was inventoried at £982. The real estate was divided May 8, 1733. There is a record of a sale of land and buildings in Littleton, Mass. (then Groton), by Hezekiah Whitcomb to Jonathan Farnsworth, June 17, 1708, and the family may have lived there until that date.
Ca 1717 Hezekiah married Hannah Green (16398) , daughter of William Green (-27 Oct 1713) & Mary Crispe (6082) (20 May 1638-ca 1704). Born on 10 Apr 1683 in Groton, MA. Hannah died in Bolton, MA ca 1761.
Their children include:
Hezekiah Whitcomb (22 Dec 1707-)
William Whitcomb (ca 1710-)
Hannah Whitcomb (ca 1713-)
Israel Whitcomb (ca 1716-bef 26 May 1795)
Betty Whitcomb (ca 1718-)
Sarah Whitcomb (ca 1720/1-)
Eleazer Whitcomb (ca 1724-13 May 1776)
Dinah Whitcomb (ca 1727/8-)
25826. Deborah Whitcomb. Born on 26 Dec 1683 in Lancaster, MA.313

Deborah probably died young as she was not named in her father’s will.313
25827. Damaris Whitcomb.
Damaris married Nathaniel Wilder.
25828. Mary Whitcomb.
25829. Abigail Whitcomb. Born 13 Mar 1687/8 in Lancaster, MA.313 Abigail died in Lancaster, MA on 24 Sep 1771.
On 26 Jun 1706 Abigail married Dea. Josiah White, son of Josiah White (4 Jun 1644-11 Nov 1714) & Mary Rice (4 Sep 1656-1 Aug 1733), in Lancaster, MA.313 Born on 16 Sep 1682 in Lancaster, MA. Josiah died in Lancaster, MA, on 5 May 1772; he was 89.
Their children include:
Ruth White (9 Feb 1715/6-1755)
Capt. Joseph White (1 Nov 1719-15 Nov 1780)
Silence White (26 Jun 1725-24 Aug 1803)
25830. Eunice Whitcomb.
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