Pane-Joyce Genealogy

Family of Bethiah Turner (38216) & Joseph Tolman (38369)

49526. Nabby Turner Tolman. Born on 21 Aug 1772 in Scituate, MA.48

On 1 Sep 1794 when Nabby Turner was 22, she married Capt. Samuel Lewis in the Second Church of Scituate.48

Samuel was of Falmouth when he married Nabby.48

49527. Roxana Tolman. Born on 5 May 1775 in Scituate, MA.48 Roxana died in Scituate, MA, on 13 Mar 1843; she was 67.48

49528. Arathusa Tolman. Born on 5 Jun 1777 in Scituate, MA.48

Arithusa married a Mr Nye.

On 1 Sep 1799 when Arathusa was 22, she married Stephen Nye in the Second Church of Scituate.48

Stephen was of Rochester when he married Arathusa.48

49529. Hannah Tolman. Born on 8 Mar 1779 in Scituate, MA.48

49530. Bethiah Tolman. Born on 20 Feb 1785 in Scituate, MA.48

49531. Joseph Roberson Tolman. Born on 10 Feb 1787 in Scituate, MA.48

On 1 Jan 1814 (int.) when Joseph Roberson was 26, he married Susan Butler Jones in Scituate, MA.48 Susan Butler died on 31 Jul 1825 in Scituate, MA.48

Susan was of Falmouth when she married Joseph.48

49532. Mary Turner Tolman. Born on 17 Aug 1793 in Scituate, MA.48 Mary Turner was baptized in the Second Church of Scituate, on 4 Nov 1792.48

Mary Turner married Samuel Hart.

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