Map of Saratoga County
New York

New Topographical Atlas of Saratoga County, New York

Stone & Stewart Publ., Philadelphia, 1866

The map of Saratoga County is on the last page of the Atlas, page 77. (For other maps in the Atlas see the introductory page.)

Besides the half-size scan of the map that appears below, included here is a full-size map of the county, and expanded maps of the north half of the county and the south half of the county. Also, I've prepared a full-size color map of the county with different towns shaded different colors.

Unfortuantely, in this edition of the Atlas, there is a major scratch from south-west to north-east running through the middle of the county. (No, that's not a 19th century proposed freeway!)

D. Pane-Joyce
July 2000. All rights reserved
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