Scituate Genealogy

David Pane-Joyce

I have a few resources here particular to Scituate:


  1. I'm working on preparing the Vital Records of Scituate, MA, to 1850 for the web. There are about 900 printed pages. I've got about 400 so far.
  2. The Census for Scituate.
  3. Some maps drawn by L. Vernon Briggs for his History of Shipbuilding on North River are here on line.

Report. For a while, I had a separate report for the Scituate area for a few years, but folded it in with my other reports to form a Pane-Joyce report about 2002. Please see it for information on individuals. Please visit my main genealogy page for more genealogical information and resources.

Links I also had some links for other sources posted here, but I find it's more useful to include them in the sources for my reports as you can see in the Sources for the Pane-Joyce report. I'll keep a few here, but not very many. The problem is that over a few years, the links no longer work because things change their addresses so much.
David Pane-Joyce
Worcester, MA
Jan, 1998