38th Generation

Family of Mary Lewknor (5795) & Matthew Machell

5888. Dorothy Machell. Born ca 1571 in Hackney, Middlesex.

5889. Jane Machell. Born ca 1573 in Hackney, Middlesex.

5890. Elizabeth Machell. Born ca 1576 in Hackney, Middlesex.

5891. John Machell. Born ca 1579. John died in Jul 1647.

On 2 Dec 1599 John married Jane Woodruff, daughter of Sir Nicholas Woodruff Lord Mayor of London (ca 1529-18 May 1598) & Grissell Kirton (ca 1533-15 Jul 1607), in Seale, Surrey. Born ca 1572 in England. Jane was baptized in St. Andrew Undershaft, London, on 4 May 1572.

5892. Mary Machell. Born ca 1582 in Hackney, Middlesex. Mary died in Dec 1634.

Mary first married Ralph Cudworth, second Rev. John Stoughton.

From the New England Historical and Genealogical Record, volume 64, 1910, page 86, in the section entitled “Notes”:
    On the death of Dr. Cudworth his widow married Rev. John Stoughton of Aldermanbury, London,who also succeeded Cudworth at his death as rector of Aller. He is referred to in the extract from the “Diary of John Rous” (Register, voI. 21, p. 250). Dr. Stoughton’s will is given in Waters’s Gleanings, p. 179. He there mentions two daughters, Jane his wife, and her father John Browne of Frampton, Dorset. Cudworth’s widow must have died between Dec. 1684 and 1635, and Stoughton then married in 1685 a second wife, Jane Browne, who was then the widow of Walter Newborough, rector of Simondsbury, Dorset. After Stoughton’s death she married, in 1659, Thomas Burwell, M.D., of London. Mary, daughter of Dr. Stoughton, was buried at Frampton in 1640, and his widow Jane, then wife of Dr. Burwell, was buried in Frampton Church in 1679.

In Jun 1611 Mary first married Rev. Ralph Cudworth, son of Ralph Cudworth (ca 1540-ca 1573) & Jane Ashton, in St Mary Newington, Southwark. Born ca 1572 in Werneth, Lancashire. Ralph died in Aug 1624 in Aller, Somerset. Buried on 30 Aug 1624 in Aller, Somerset. Education: Emmanuel College.

Rev. Ralph Cudworth, D.D., of Cambridge, England, a graduate of Emmanuel College, and rector of Aller in Somersetshire.16 Ralph, of Werneth, Lancashire, England.23

From the New England Historical and Genealogical Record, volume 64, 1910, page 86, in the section entitled “Notes” by Walter K. Watkins:
    The Cudworths were an old Lancashire family descended from John Cudworth of Werneth, who had married Margery, daughter of Richard Oldham, lord of the manor of Oldham. Their great-great-great-grandson, Ralph Cudworth of Werneth Hall, married Jane daughter of Arthur Ashton of Rochdale. A second son by this union was Rev. Ralph Cudworth, who was a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He held the living of Cudworth, near Chard, Somerset, and was rector of Aller, Somerset, 1609, where he died in 1624. He was chaplain of James I, and married a nurse of Henry, Prince of Wales, by the name of Machell.

Their children include:
i. Gen. James Cudworth (ca 1612-late 1681)
ii. John Cudworth (ca 1612-18 May 1675)
iii. Jonathan Cudworth (ca 1614-)
iv. Elizabeth Cudworth (27 Aug 1615-)
v. Dr. Ralph Cudworth (1616-1688)
vi. Mary Cudworth (14 Feb 1618/9-)

Mary second married Rev. John Stoughton, son of Rev. Thomas Stoughton & Katherine [Stoughton]. Born ca 1592/3 in Naughton, Suffolk. John was baptized in Naughton, Suffolk, on 23 Jan 1592/3. John died on 4 May 1639. Buried on 9 May 1639.

John, of Aldermanbury, London. He succeeded Ralph Cudworth as rector at Aller.

5893. Anne Machell. Born ca 1585 in Hackney, Middlesex.

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