Pane-Joyce Genealogy
1730. Daniel Weld. Born ca 1586 in Sudbury, Suffolk.54 Daniel died in Roxbury, MA on 22 Jul 1666.78

Thomas moved from Braintree to Roxbury in 1651.

Thomas’s will, dated Roxbury 1 Jul 1666, mentioned his wife Ann, children Joseph and Bethiah Weld, Timothy Hide, daughter Mary Hide, and eldest son Daniel in England, if living.
Bef 1643 Daniel first married Alice.
Their children include:
Bethula Weld (ca 1643-aft 1711)
On 30 Jul 1647 Daniel second married Ann in Braintree, MA.54 Ann died aft 1666.

Ann, widow of George Hyde of Boston.
Their children include:
Mehitable Weld (Twin) (15 Mar 1655/6-)
Benjamin Weld (Twin) (15 Mar 1655/6-)
Daniel Weld (14 Oct 1658-)
1731. Rev. John Weld. Born ca 1591 in Sudbury, Suffolk.54 John died in Bildeston, Suffolk bef 14 Aug 1665.54
1732. Edmund Weld.
On 4 Mar 1622 Edmund married Margaret Lorkin, daughter of Thomas Lorkin & Margaret Garner, in All Saints, Sudbury.
1733. Rev. Thomas Weld. Born ca 1595 in Sudbury, Suffolk. Thomas was baptized in St Peter’s, Sudbury, on 13 Jul 1595.54 Thomas died in London, England 23 Mar 1660/1.54 Education: Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A. 1613/4, M.A. 1618.16

“Rev. Thomas Weld, brother of Captain Joseph Weld, was vicar at Terling, county Essex, England, from 1624 to 1632; was noted by Archbishop Laud as ‘unfonformable’ November 25, 1630, and fined November 16, 1631. He came to Roxbury, Massachusetts, with his family, arriving June 5, 1632, and was minister of that town for several months alone and then was ordained pastor in company with Mr. John Eliot, teacher, in November, 1632. He was in full sympathy with the course of Governor Winthrop and his party against Mrs. Hutchinson and Mr. Wheelwright in 1637 and wrote a preface to the second edition of Winthrop’s book ‘Antimonians and Familists Condemned’ (1643). He compiled the famous Bay State Psalm Book, jointly with Richard Mathaer and John Eliot in 1639. He wrote other books. He was sent by the colonial government to England with Mr. Hugh Peter and Mr. William Hibbens in 1641, and accomplished much in advancing the interests of the colony during the period of the revolution in England. After much public service, he became vicar of Gateshead parish at Newcastle, England, about 1649.”
Ca 1624/5 Thomas first married Margaret. Margaret died in Roxbury, MA bef 1636. Religion: admitted to Roxbury church as member #19.
Their children include:
John Weld (ca Jun 1625-)
Thomas Weld (ca Jul 1626-17 Jan 1682/3)
Samuel Weld (ca Oct 1629-)
Rev. Edmund Weld (ca Jul 1631-2 Mar 1668)
Ca 1636 Thomas second married Judith. Judith died in England in May 1656. Buried on 4 May 1656 in Gateshead, Durham.16

Judith’s monumental inscription reads “Here sleeps Mrs. Judith Weld, who was to 3 godly ministers a good wife, to Christ a faithful servant, to the church an affectionate member, for piety, prudence, & patience eminent. She departed this life the [blank] 1656. In Jesu dormio, splendide resurgam.”
Thomas third married Margaret. Born in England. Margaret died between 20 Mar 1664/5 and 16 Nov 1671.16
1734. Capt. Benjamin Weld. Born ca 1597.54 Benjamin died in Roxbury, MA on 7 Oct 1646.
Benjamin married Elizabeth Wise. Born ca 1600. Elizabeth died in Roxbury, MA in Oct 1638.
Their children include:
Joseph Weld (ca 1621-bef 1646)
John Weld (28 Oct 1623-20 Sep 1691)
1735. Capt. Joseph Weld. Born ca 1599 in Essex, England. Joseph was baptized in Terling, Essex, on 7 Apr 1599. Joseph died in Roxbury, MA in Oct 1646. Cancer. Buried on 7 Oct 1646 in Roxbury, MA.78

“Captain Joseph Weld, immigrant ancestor, was born in England about 1600. He came to New England with his wife Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth, aged ten; Mary, aged eight, Hannah, aged six, and Thomas, leaving in England an elder son John, who came later. He was admitted a freeman March 3, 1636. He settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and became a house-holder, proprietor of the town, and captain of the military company. He was selectman for a number of years and deputy to the general court in 1637 and afterward. He was of good estate and high repute, we are told.”47

Joseph settled in Roxbury, MA in 1635. He was representative to the General Court 1637 to 1645.
On 11 Oct 1620 Joseph first married Elizabeth Shatswell, daughter of John Shatswell & Judith (-14 Apr 1648), in Sudbury, Suffolk. Born ca 1600. Elizabeth died in Oct 1638. Buried on 16 Oct 1638 in Roxbury, MA.78
Their children include:
John Weld (ca 1623-20 Sep 1691)
Elizabeth Weld (9 May 1625-5 Feb 1716)
Mary Weld (11 Nov 1627-5 Sep 1711)
Hannah Weld (2 Apr 1629-)
Thomas Weld (9 Dec 1632-9 Sep 1649)
Edmund Weld (Died unmarried) (14 Jul 1636-)
On 20 Apr 1639 Joseph second married Barbara Clap (3360) , daughter of Nicholas Clap (1353) (ca 1575-Mar 1631) & Elizabeth (-Mar 1631), in Roxbury, MA.78 Barbara died in Boston, MA on 15 Apr 1655.80

Barbara, of Venn Ottery, England.47
Their children include:
Sarah Weld (ca 1640-1694)
Daniel Weld (18 Sep 1642-1690)
Joseph Weld (Died soon) (6 Feb 1644/5-Dec 1645)
Marah Weld (ca 1645-1688)
1736. James Weld.
1737. Mary Weld.
1738. Elizabeth Weld.
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