Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Anthony Annable (2350) & Ann Elcock
5662. Samuel Annable. Born ca 2 Jan 164[5/]6 in Barnstable, MA.58,155 Samuel was baptized in Barnstable, MA, on 8 Feb 1645/6.16 Samuel died in 1678 in Barnstable, MA.49

Samuel lived at West Barnstable and inherited a large portion of his father’s estate, whom he survived only four years.39
On 1 Jun 1667 Samuel married Mehitable Allyn (6294) , daughter of Thomas Allyn (2452) (ca 1597-between 28 Feb 1675 and 5 Mar 1680) & Winifred [Crawford] (-bef 28 Feb 1675), in Barnstable, MA.155 Born ca 1648 in Barnstable, MA. Mehitable was baptized in Barnstable, MA, on 28 Aug 1648.39

Mehitable first married Samuel Allyn, second Cornelius Briggs.
Their children include:
Samuel Annable (14 Jul 1669-21 Jun 1774)
Hannah Annable (Died soon) (Mar 1672-Aug 1672)
John Annable (19 Jul 1673-5 Jun 1755)
Anna Annable (4 Mar 1675-21 Mar 1732/3)
5663. Esek Annable. Born ca 1649 in Barnstable, MA. Esek was baptized in Barnstable, MA, on 29 Apr 1649.16

Esek (or Ezekiel) Annable.
5664. Desire Annable. Born in Oct 1653 in Barnstable, MA.58 Desire was baptized in Barnstable, MA, on 16 Oct 1653.16 Desire died on 24 Jul 1706 in Scituate, MA.48 Buried in First Parish Cemetery, Scituate.
On 18 Jan 1676 Desire married John Barker Esq. (8832) , son of John Barker (3085) (1610/1613-14 Dec 1652) & Ann Williams (3003) (say 1620-16 Mar 1657/8), in Barnstable, MA.155 Born ca 1650 in Marshfield, MA.270 John died on 1 Dec 1729 in Scituate, MA.48 Buried in First Parish Cemetery, Scituate. Occupation: husbandman.270

John first married Desire Annable; second Hannah (Loring) Cushing, widow of Jeremiah Cushing; and third Sarah.

John was only two years old when his father drowned, and his uncle, Capt. John Williams, was apponted his guardian.39

From Deane’s History of Scituate:49
    John Barker, jr. was a serjeant in Philip’s war, and freed from bearing arms at the close of that war, ‘on account of wounds received.’ He was afterward a Justice of the Peace, and is mentioned as a lawyer in the Colony records in 1674. His brother-in-law, Capt. John Williams, having no children, gave his farm in Scituate, 1694, to Williams Barker, his grandnephew, son of John, Esq. This is the well known Barker farm north of the Harbour. It is now [1831] owned by Benjamin Barker, descendant of Robert Barker, (we believe) a brother of the first John Barker, by purchase of Capt. Williams Barker, the last of John Barker’s faminly in Scituate.

From Elizabeth Barker’s Barker Genealogy:270
    John lived in Barnstable 1676-83, thence to Marshfield and finally to Scituate, Mass. was a serg. in King Philips war and severly wounded and in 1680 ‘was freed from bearing arms for the wounds in the late war.’ When young, her prosecuted his uncle John Williams for misuse of his office as guardian and was interested in legal matters always. He was Deputy from Marshfield in 1689 to the General Court, from Scituate in 1706, 1712, 1719, served as justice of peace and was so respected that he was often referee in important cases.

From Vernon Brigg’s History and Genealogy of the Briggs Family:39
    John Barker, Esq., was a man of wealth and learning, and was interested in legal maters. He was a Justice of the Peace, and was so respected that he was often a referee in important cases. In 1689 John Barker was a Deputy to the General Court from Marshfield, and a Deptuty from Scituate in 1706, 1712 and 1719. His library, consisting of divinity, law, history and school books,—Latin, Greek and Hebrew,—was appraised at his death at £53, a large library for a layman at that time. The contents of his dwelling were appraised at £375, and his entire estate at £6,894.
Their children include:
John Barker (4 May 1678-1 Feb 1745)
Desire Barker (22 Sep 1680-12 Jan 1709/10)
Anne Barker (Died soon) (26 Aug 1682-22 Nov 1682)
Anne Barker (1 Nov 1683-)
Capt. Samuel Williams Barker (23 Apr 1686-6 Aug 1754)
Barnabas Barker (ca 1688-1763)
Mary Barker (ca 1690-)
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