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Family of William Butters (2317) & Mary [Butters]

5719. William Butters. Born ca 1666 in Woburn, MA. William was baptized on 1 Oct 1738.193 William died on 9 Feb 1746 in Wilmington, MA.369 Buried in Old Burial Ground, Wilmington. Religion: William was baptized and admitted to the Wilmington church 1 Oct 1738.193

From George Butter’s Butters Family:193
William, son of William and Mary Butter, bom in that part of North Woburn called Boggy Meadow End. The increase in his father’s tax to two persons in the rate for 1687 would indicate that Willifim, Jr., paid his first tax in that year. The Woburn records show that he was regularly taxed in the county and town rates; also the rates for maintenance of the minister, Mr. Fox, and for His Majesty’s (the King’s) service. In the Province tax of 1703-5, he is charged with 20 polls, and in 1708 30 polls, which possibly referred to or included the men in his employ. The industry of cutting timber for the shipyards on the Mystic seemed to be the principal occupation of farmers in this locality at the time. He was one of the early officers in the new town of Wilmington, having been chosen Selectman at the annual election of the town, March 2, 1731, and on July 6, 1732, he was chosen one of the committee to secure the settlement of the Rev. Mr. Ward Cotten for the new church. June 9, 1716 he added to his estate by purchase of H. Sommers, land adjoining his own. He married about 1687 Rebecca ——. She was admitted by letter into the church of Wilmington, March 16,1734, five months after organization of church, and he was baptized and admitted to the same church October I, 1738. He died “February 9, 1746, aged about 80 years” (from gravestone in the old cemetery near the Church of Christ, in Wilmington). Probate records recite the date of his death, “April 28, 1745.” She
died after him. Owing to loss of early town records the date could not be learned.

Also from the Butters Family:193
    Upon the death of. the father the two sons, Samuel Butter and William Butter, both of Wilmington, took upon themselves the office of executors to the last will and testament of their father William Butter, of Wilmington, deceased, the 28th day of April Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and forty-five, Annoque Regni Regis, George IL, Decimo Sento. Bequest to wife Rebecca: The use and improvements of ye westerly end of dwelling-house, with half ye cellar belonging to ye same during ye term of her natural life, fifteen bushels of good corn, ten to be Indian and five rye; one hundred and twenty pounds of good pork, ninety pounds of good beef, four barrels of good cider, one bushel of good malt, all to be given to my dear wife yearly and every year during the term of her natural life; fire wood cut fit for her fire and laid at her door; two good cows, both Summer and Winter; a good horse, and provide ye same to ride to meeting on and elsewhere, with a suitable person to ride before her at all times; five pounds in good public bill of credit on ye Province, or lawful money, yearly and every year during her natural life.
Bequest to daughter Lydia Carter: Ye sum of twenty pounds in lawful money or bills of credit on ye Province, to be paid within two years. Bequest to the four children of daughter Rebecca, deceased, ye sum of five pounds to be paid in lawful money or bills of credit when they shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years or upon marriage. Bequest to the two children of daughter Mary Johnson, deceased: Ten pounds to be paid to them in lawful money or good bills of credit on ye Province upon their marriage or when they shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years. Bequest to Samuel: One certain parcel of land lying in Wilmington, and on the easterly side of the homestead. Bequest to son William: Ye residue and remainder of land wheresover and whatsoever not disposed of, half part of corn-house. Further to wife is given use and improvements of all house effects within doors during the period of her natural life, and at her decease the same to be given to daughter Lydia Carter and her heirs.
    October 25, 1733. William Butter,
    Appraisal of Personal Estate, £ 174-7-6.

The Butters Family193 has a tracing of William’s gravesone: “Here lyes Buried ye Body of Mr William Butters Who Departed this life Feby 9 1746 Aged about 80 Years”

ca 1688/9 William married Rebecca Jones (14507) , daughter of Hugh Jones (5570) (ca 1635-ca 1688) & Mary Foster (8296) (ca 1649/50-29 May 1717). Born on 15 Oct 1673 in Salem, MA.129 Rebecca died aft Feb 1746.193 Religion: Rebecca was admitted to the Wilmington church 16 Mar 1734.193

Their children include:
15049 i. William Butters (Died soon) (18 Sep 1689-20 Sep 1689)
15050 ii. William Butters (Died unmarried) (24 Mar 1691-1711)
15051 iii. Rebecca Butters (Died young) (10 Oct 1693-1696)
15052 iv. Lydia Butters (11 Jun 1695-14 Feb 1774)
15053 v. Rebecca Butters (30 Aug 1698-bef 1733)
15054 vi. Samuel Butters (21 Jun 1703-Nov 1788)
15055 vii. Mary Butters (28 Jul 1705-7 Aug 1730)
15056 viii. John Butters (Died young) (22 Oct 1708-1711)
15057 ix. William Butters (8 Apr 1713-3 Jun 1784)

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