Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Mary Williams (3030) & Anthony Dodson
8912. Sarah Dodson. Born on 26 Aug 1652 in Scituate, MA.59 Sarah died bef 1729.

(There was a Sarah Dodson who married Robert Osgood, both of Scituate, in Scituate on 14 Dec 1699. It’s not clear who this Sarah was. Deane said,50 “Robert Osgood was in Scituate 1690, and resided in the Conihassett. He married Sarah, daughter of Anthony Dodson. He left one son on record, David born 1700.” Deane also said in the paragraph on Thomas Stetson that Thomas had sons by his wife Sarah Dodson.)
Ca 1670/1 Sarah married Thomas Stetson (8302) , son of Cornet Robert Stetson (2910) (ca 1615-1 Feb 1702/3) & Honor Tooker (ca 1612-1684). Born on 11 Dec 1644 in Scituate, MA.269 Thomas was baptized in the Second Church of Scituate, on 5 Oct 1645.320 Thomas died in Scituate, MA, on 2 Jul 1729; he was 84.

In 1673 Cornet Stetson deeded to his son Thomas a river farm next south of his own, and north of the Bald Hill farm which he deeded the following year to his son, Capt. Benjamin.40
Their children include:
Hannah Stetson (Nov 1671-ca 1747)
Thomas Stetson (Sep 1674-between 1740 and 1754)
Sergt. Gershom Stetson (Jan 1676/7-5 Apr 1754)
Sarah Stetson (Jan 1678/9-)
Joshua Stetson (Jan 1680/1-May 1739)
Caleb Stetson (Mar 1682/3-aft 15 Jul 1735)
Elisha Stetson (Mar 1684/5-11 Feb 1755)
Elijah Stetson (Mar 1686/7-14 Jul 1775)
Mary Stetson (3 Mar 1691-1 Jan 1778)
Ebenezer Stetson (22 Jul 1693-22 Dec 1778)
Ruth Stetson (11 Dec 1695-22 Dec 1770)
Margaret Stetson (4 Aug 1698-)
8913. Gershom Dodson. Born on 14 Feb 1653 in Scituate, MA.59 Gershom died in Rehoboth, MA, on 26 Mar 1676; he was 23.24

Gershom was a soldier under Capt. Pierce. He died in the Rehoboth fight.24
8914. Jonathan Dodson. Born on 20 Dec 1659 in Scituate, MA.49

It’s been suggested that Deborah Barden was Jonathan’s second wife. Deborah was born 28 Jun 1665 at Barnstable, daughter of William and Deborah (Barker) Barden. In the vital records of Scituate, Jonathan’s children are listed, but his wife’s name is not given.
Jonathan first married Abigail Gannett, daughter of Matthew Gannett (ca Feb 1617/8-Oct 1694) & Hannah (ca 1622-10 Jul 1700). Born ca 1651. Abigail died on 16 Nov 1695 in Scituate, MA.49 Buried in First Parish Cemetery, Scituate Harbor.

Abigail died age 44.49
Their children include:
Jonathan Dodson (14 Mar 1695-)
Jonathan second married [Dodson].
Their children include:
Anthony Dodson (27 Sep 1696-)
Deborah Dodson (12 Mar 1698-)
Mary Dodson (12 May 1699-)
Sarah Dodson (15 Jul 1701-28 May 1776)
Hannah Dodson (21 Mar 1703-15 Sep 1778)
Gershom Dodson (8 Dec 1704-)
8915. Margaret Dodson. Born ca 1656. Margaret was baptized in the Second Church of Scituate, on 23 Nov 1656.49

Margaret was of Hingham when she married Nathaniel.49
On 3 Jan 1693/4 Margaret married Nathaniel Tilden (5103) , son of Dea. Joseph Tilden (2023) (ca Apr 1615-3 Jun 1670) & Alice Twisden (ca Mar 1633-aft 1694), in Scituate, MA.105 Born in Sep 1650 in Scituate, MA.59 Nathaniel died on 17 Dec 1731 in Scituate, MA.49 Buried in First Parish Cemetery, Scituate Harbor.

Nathaniel “settled at the well known [in 1831] John Tilden Farm, a mile north-west of the Harbour. The house stood nearly where stands the house of John Man.”50
Their children include:
Mary Tilden (11 Oct 1694-prob. after 9 Jul 1766)
Margaret Tilden (6 Jul 1696-13 Jul 1748)
8916. Bethia Dodson.

Bethia was unmarried in 1695 when her mother mentioned her in her will.24
On 20 Feb 1695/6 Bethia married Rudolphus Ellms (24466) , son of Ruldophus Ellms (ca 1620-19 Mar 1711/2) & Catherine Whitcomb (9824) (ca 1624-aft 12 May 1671), in Scituate, MA.105 Born on 27 May 1668.105
Their children include:
Mary Ellms (8 Nov 1696-)
Katharine Ellms (22 Mar 1698-)
Rudolphus Ellms (6 Jul 1700-)
8917. Eunice Dodson.

Eunice was Simon’s second wife.
On 1 Jan 1717 Eunice married Simon Delis in First Parish Church of Scituate.105 Born in France. Simon died on 1 Feb 1748 in Scituate, MA.

The name of Simon’s first wife is not known. He married second Eunice Dodson.

From Deane’s History of Scituate:50
    Simon Delis, ‘a member of the French Protestant Church in Boston,’ was in Scituate 1716, and several years subsequently.

Simon Dillis, or Delis, “Frenchman from Boston.”49

Simon’s will was dated 4 Aug 1747 and proved 1 Feb 1747/8.
8918. Patience Dodson. Born ca 1664/5 in Scituate, MA. Patience died on 3 Nov 1738.
On 12 Dec 1683 Patience married John Peirce (10291) , son of Capt. Michael Peirce (ca 1615/1620-26 Mar 1676) & Persis Eames (3429) (ca 1621-31 Dec 1662), in Scituate, MA.105 Born ca 1660 in Scituate, MA. John died on 8 Sep 1750 in Swansea, MA.

John settled north of the Conihassett burying ground.50

Will: The will of John Peirce of Swansea is abstracted in
            H.L. Peter Rounds,
            "Bristol County Probate Records" book 2.

            Will of John Peirce of Swansea., Yeoman, dated 26
            Jun 1638? probated 6
            Nov 1650. Lists wife Patience, Sons Miel, John,
            Jonathan, Clother,
            Samuel, and David Peirce. Daus. Ruth CORNWELL,
            Jael CHASE and Mary
            NORTON. Grandsons, David PEIRRCE and Clother

            Witnesses: Jonathan SLEAD, William HART, & Sibil
            SLEAD [12/429/30/1]

            An order to David Peirce to execute the estate was
            ordered 6 Nov 1750

    Event: Inventory 03 DEC 1750 Swansea, Massachusetts

            The inventory of the estate of John Peirce was
            presented by execuetor,
            David PIERCE. The personal estate was valued at 44£
            16s 4p, no real
            estate. Appraisers: William Hart, Jonathan Slead, and
            Joshua Alger.
Their children include:
Michael Pierce (24 Sep 1684-bef 3 Jan 1764)
John Pierce (12 Apr 1686-4 May 1766)
Jonathan Pierce (24 Feb 1688-aft 1738)
Ruth Pierce (6 Sep 1689-)
Jael Pierce (24 Feb 1692-ca 1730)
David Pierce (1 Jun 1695-bef 26 Jan 1767)
Clothier Pierce (5 May 1698-)
Samuel Pierce (3 Jun 1700-1785)
Mary Pierce (ca 1701-)
8919. Mary Dodson. Born say 1666 in Scituate, MA.
On 12 Dec 1687 Mary married John Booth, son of John Booth (say 1632-aft Aug 1703), in Scituate, MA.105 Born on 1 Jan 1661 in Scituate, MA.49 John died in Scituate, MA, on 6 Feb 1718; he was 57.49 Buried in Groveland Cemetery, North Scituate.
Their children include:
Anthony Booth (18 Apr 1687/8-22 Oct 1712)
Judith Booth (27 Sep 1691-12 Aug 1736)
Eunice Booth (5 Mar 1694/5-10 Jan 1769)
Mary Booth (11 Apr 1698-ca 1786)
Lydia Booth (8 Mar 1700/1-)
Elizabeth Booth (5 May 1703-)
Zerviah Booth (28 Nov 1707-22 Sep 1743)
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