Pane-Joyce Genealogy
9265. Dea. Edward Knowles. Born on 7 Nov 1671 in Eastham, MA.136 Edward died in Eastham, MA, on 16 Nov 1740; he was 69.136

From Libby’s Knowles genealogy:25
    “After his birth record the name of Edward^3 Knowles first appears as a witness to a Smith family settlement, with william Walker and Josiah Cooke, 5 July 1697. He was a tanner and doubtless also a navigator. The church records are lost, but in the town and probate records he is given the title of ‘Deacon’ as early as 1728. He was a selectman for ten years and town treasurer for then years. He was probably the first of the Knowles family to move down to what is now Eastham [rather than the part that has become Orleans]. Assuming that his house, which in his will he left to his son Edward, whose mother was to have the use of the east end of it, stood on the same site, if it was not the same house, as the house in which the second Dea. Edward grew to old age, it stood at Eastham Centre, south of the swamp which lies east of Long Pond (or ‘Fresh Water Pond’), considerably nearer to the prestne town hall than to the railroad station. It was on the northwestern side of a road which formerly swung around it, starting from the corner near the town pound at the former post road and leading easterly and northerly down the Cape.
    “In his will Deacon Knowles remembered John Mayo and Sarah Higgins, who were two of the children of his second wife by her first husband.”
On 27 Feb 1699/1700 when Edward was 27, he first married Ann Ridley in Eastham, MA.136

Children of Edward and Ann (Ridley) Knowles, born in Eastham:136
    i. Elizabeth Knowles, b. 6 Oct 1700;
    ii. Thomas Knowles, b. 1 Apr 1702, d. 2 Mar 1759 at Eastham, Deacon, m. there 6 Aug 1724 Elizabeth Snow (b. 18 Oct 1793 at Eastham, dau. of Jabez & Elizabeth (Treat) Snow);
    iii. Mercy Knowles, b. 16 Nov 1704, m. at Eastham 23 Sep 1725 Joseph Snow, resided at Eastham; and
    iv. Ann Knowles, b. 19 Apr 1707, m. at Eastham 3 Oct 1728 Seth Smith, resided at Eastham.25
On 27 Feb 1711/2 when Edward was 39, he second married Sarah Elkins, daughter of Thomas Elkins (-bef 29 Nov 1705) & Sarah Gutch (ca 1654-), in Eastham, MA.136 Born on 5 Jun 1674 in Salem, MA. Sarah died in Eastham, MA, on 28 Feb 1753; she was 78.136

Sarah first married James Mayo (as his second wife), second Dea. Edward Knowles, and third Hezekiah Doane.

Children of James and Sarah Mayo, born at Eastham:
    i. Sarah Mayo, b. 14 Jan 1702/3;
    ii. Henry Mayo, b. 3 May 1705; and
    iii. John Mayo, b. 14 Oct 1707.

Children of Edward and Sarah (Elkins) (Mayo) Knowles, born at Eastham:136
    i. Edward Knowles, b. 3 Feb 1713/4, d. 5 Dec 1799 at Eastham, m. 1st 29 May 1734 Ann (Doane) Knowles (b. 1706, d. 1 Aug 1777 at Eastham, dau. of Nathaniel & Mary Doane, widow of Edward’s cousin James Knowles), m. 2nd 7 May 1778 at Wellfleet, Eunice (———) Harding (d. 27 Sep 1780, widow), m. 3rd Lydia (———) Berry of Harwich.; and
    ii. Hannah Knowles, b. 23 Jun 1717, not mentioned in her father’s will.25
9266. Col. John Knowles. Born on 10 Jul 1673 in Eastham, MA.136 John died in Eastham, MA, on 3 Nov 1757; he was 84.25

From Libby’s Knowles genealogy:25
        “John Knowles was left an orphan before his recollection and apparently was brought up by his uncle, Joshua Bangs, for whom his first son, Joshua, seems to have been named. He must have been given a good schooling, and eveidently form youth up was exceptionally efficient and well regarded. The earliest occurrence of his name, after he grew up, is in the registration of an earmark for his cattle, 24 Apr. 1695. The records of the county not destroyed in 1827 contain frewquent references to him in trusted capacities. A juryman in 1701, he was chosen as early as 1706 a member of a board of arbitration. In 1715, as Lieut. John Knowles, he was elected one of five townsmen to apportion the remaining common lands. He was for many years coroner, and was commander of the Second Barnstable Regiment.
    “Joshua sparrow, in his will, gave to John Knowles the house and land where he was living. The Knowleses were a Head-of-Town-Cove family, that is to say, an Orleans rather than an Eastham family, none of them moving down to the north side of Town Cove till the third generation. Probably Dea. Edward^3 Knowles may have been the first to do this, and some of the sons of Col. John may have thus removed before their father. Col. Willard^4 Knowles devised to his son Joseph ‘the land where the old house stood whcih he improved,’ and Joseph very soon sold to Timothy doane 16 acres located at ‘Stage Land,’ formerly belonging to Col. John Knowles. This was the name for the point south of Nauset Harbor. It has not been learned whether this was the first location given by the will of Joshua Sparrow. Late in life Colonel Knowles purchased from the Treat heirs the farm of Rev. Samuel Treat, and from that time on the senior branch of the Knowles family belonged in what is still the town of Eastham. The junior branch, descendants of the younger son of the first Richard, remained in what is now Orleans.”
On 28 Dec 1693 when John was 20, he first married Mary Sears, daughter of Capt. Paul Sears (ca 1638-20 Feb 1707/8) & Deborah Willard (ca 1645-13 May 1721).282 Born on 24 Oct 1672 in Yarmouth, MA.25 Mary died in Eastham, MA, on 7 Nov 1745; she was 73.25

Children of John and Mary (Sears) Knowles, born at Eastham136:
    i. Joshua Knowles, b. 6 Jul 1696, d. 27 May 1786 at Eastham, m. 1st at Eastham Sarah Paine (b. 14 Apr 1699, d. 12 Jul 1772, dau. of Dea. John & Bennett (Freeman) Paine), m. 2nd 27 Dec 1774 Phebe (———) Atwood of Truro;
    ii. John Knowles, b. 8 Jun 1698, d. 22 Sep 1752 at Haddam, CT, Lieut., m. at Eastham 1721 Mehitable Walker of Eastham (b. 1700, d. at Haddam 11 Oct 1752);
    iii. Seth Knowles, b. 7 Aug 1700, d. 23 Aug 1752 at East Hampton parish, Chatham, CT, m. at Eastham 3 Oct 1723 Martha Remick (d. at East Hampton 1760, dau. of Abraham & Elizabeth (Freeman) Remick of Eastham);
    iv. Paul Knowles, b. 8 Aug 1702, d. before 11 Apr 1775, m. 1st at Truro 28 Feb 1722/3 Phebe Paine of Truro (b. 1700, d. 23 Jun 1748 at Truro), m. 2nd Mercy (———) Harding (d. 29 Jan 1761 æ. 50, widow of Nathaniel Harding);
    v. James Knowles, b. 4 Nov 1703, d. ca. 1732, m. at Eastham 31 Mar 1726 Ann Doane (b. 1706, d. 1 Aug 1777 at Eastham, dau. of Nathaniel & Mary Doane);
    vi. Jesse Knowles, b. 1 Apr 1707;
    vii. Mary Knowles, b. Oct 1709, m. int. at Eastham 10 Aug 1728 John Wing Jr of Harwich (b. 3 Apr. 1702, will proved 1773); and
    viii. Col. Willard Knowles, b. 6 Nov 1711, d. 11 Mar 1786 at Eastham, m. there 10 May 1733 Bethiah Atwood (b. there 26 Mar 1713, d. there 9 Mar 1789, dau. of Joseph & Bethia (Crowell) Atwood).25
On 6 May 1746 when John was 72, he second married Rebecca [Chanly] in Eastham, MA.25
9267. Rebecca Knowles. Born on 2 Mar 1674/5 in Eastham, MA.136 Rebecca died in Yarmouth, MA, on 4 Mar 1758; she was 84.25 Buried in West Yarmouth, MA.

Rebecca Knowles may have been the wife Rebecca of Thomas Tobey as two of Rebecca’s chidren had sons named Knowles.25

Children of Thomas and Rebecca Tobey, born at Yarmouth:
    i. Mehitable Tobey, b. ca. 1791, d. 29 Jul 1769 at Yarmouth æ. 68, m. there 11 Jan 1721/2 Hezekiah Taylor (d. at Yarmouth 21 Feb 1776 æ. 77);
    ii. Thomas, b. ca. 1704, will proved 9 Aug 1791;
    iii. Rebecca, b. ca. 1707, d. 7 Mar 1786 at Yarmouth æ. 80, m. Jacob Parker (d. 26 Jun 1776 æ. 74), both bur. at West Yarmouth;
    iv. Desire, b. ca. 1707, d. 28 Jul 1781 at Yarmouth æ. ca. 74, m. there 28 May 1730 James Sears (b. 30 mar 1704 at Yarmouth, d. 17 mar 1791 at Ridgefield, CT); and
    v. Seth, b. ca. 1716, d. 31 Aug 1801 at Yarmouth æ. 85, Lieut., m. 1st Zipporah, m. 2nd Betsy Sears.25
Rebecca married Thomas Tobey, son of Thomas Tobey (8 Sep 1651-2 Feb 1676/7) & Mehitable Crowell. Born on 2 Feb 1676 in Yarmouth, MA.25 Thomas died in 1757.
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