Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Israel Stowell (6808) & Abigail Fuller
18599. Abigail Stowell. Born on 13 Sep 1699 in Hingham, MA.42
On 7 Feb 1734 when Abigail was 34, she married Josiah Pease, son of Jonathan Pease (2 Jan 1669-) & Elizabeth Booth, in Newton, MA.82 Born in 1706 in Enfield, CT.82

Josiah, of Upton, MA.
18600. Israel Stowell. Born ca 1703 in Newton, MA.82 Israel died on 21 Mar 1776 in Newton, MA.82

From the Stowell Genealogy:82
    Israel was surveyor of highways, 4 March 1733, selectman in 1741-49-50-52-58-63. Was on school committee, 7 March 1748. Ten deeds in Suffolk and Middlesex Counties describe him as of Newton and spell the name Stowell. ...
    The three brothers, Israel, Joseph and Enoch Stowell, sons of Israel, went in 1764 to Winchester, N. H. and became the progenitors of about one quarter of all the Stowells ...
    They evidently cut loose from their old Newton home for on the 27 May 1776, they sold, their wives releasing dowers, to their brother Abijah Stowell “all their rights in the estate of their father, Israel Stowell, late of Newton.”
    They were active in organizing towns and in forming the new state and were ardent patriots in the Revolution. Later their numerous descendants went to New York and the West and were active there in building up new communities.
On 8 Oct 1729 Israel married Sarah Cheney (25589) , daughter of Joseph Cheney (10 Jul 1676-2 May 1749) & Sarah Wiswall (10930) (5 Jan 1680-27 Jun 1718), in Newton, MA.82 Born on 30 Sep 1704.82 Sarah died in Newton, MA, on 7 Oct 1775; she was 71.82
Their children include:
Israel Stowell (16 Nov 1732-)
Sarah Stowell (29 Dec 1733-1741)
Joseph Stowell (1 Feb 1735/6-)
Daniel Stowell (20 May 1738-26 Oct 1760)
Enoch Stowell (16 Jul 1740-)
Abigail Stowell (29 Jan 1742/3-4 Dec 1772)
Abijah Stowell (12 May 1745-)
18601. Elizabeth Stowell. Born ca 1705 in Newton, MA.82 Elizabeth died in 1774 in Upton, MA.82 Elizabeth died unmarried.

From The Stowell Genealogy:82
    In the administration of estate of Israel Stowell, 14 Nov. 1726, Elizabeth is described as of age. (Midd. Prob.)
    Will of Elizabeth, probated 26 Aug. 1774, Dr. Josiah Deane, sole Executor, bequeathes to sister Temperance Ozling, to sister’s son, Jonathan Ozling, to brother Israel Stowell, to sister's son,
Josiah Pease. (Midd. Prob. No. 57141.)
18602. Isaac Stowell. Born ca 1707/8 in Newton, MA. Isaac died ca 1756 in Dedham, MA. Occupation: Weaver.

Isaac resided in Newton, Hopkinton and Dedbam, Mass,
    14 Nov. 1726, Administration of estate of Israel Stowell. The guardiansship of Isaac Stowell, a minor in his 19th year, son of Israel Stowell, late of Newton, deceased, at his own election is committed to Robert Murdock. (Midd. Prob. 15587.)82
On 17 Feb 1731/2 Isaac married Abigail Hyde (31493) , daughter of Jonathan Hyde (15496) (22 May 1684-2 Aug 1731) & Hannah Dana (25 Oct 1685-20 Mar 1747), in Newton, MA.82 Born ca 1712.82

In William H. H. Stowell’s article “Four Generations of Desc. of Samuel Hyde” that appeared in New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg. 71 (1917): 150, it is stated that it likely that Abigail was daughter of Jonathan Hyde rather than Samuel Hyde since Samuel’s daughter Abigail was married to the Robert Murdock during the time this Abigail was married to Isaac Stowell.

Children of Isaac and Abigail (Hyde) Stowell, the first born at Newton, the others at Dedham:
    i. Isaac Stowell, b. ca. 1732/3;
    ii. Jacob Stowell, b. 3 Apr 1736;
    iii. Abigail Stowell, b. 6 Oct 1737, m. at Dedham 8 Jul 1760 James Duff of Roxbury;
    iv. Joseph Stowell, b. 1 May 1739;
    v. Mary Stowell, b. 2 Dec 1741, d. 25 Aug 1755 at Dedham;
    vi. Samuel Stowell, b. 27 May 1743;
    vii. Ebenezer Stowell, b. 22 Dec 1744;
    viii. Lemuel Stowell, b. 25 Mar 1747;
    ix. Thaddeus Stowell, b. 19 Apr 1750, d. 10 Jun 1750; and
    x. Mary Stowell, b. 30 May 1755.82
18603. Temperance Stowell. Born ca 1712 in Newton, MA.82

In the administration of the estate of Israel Stowell, 14 Nov. 1726, Temperance is described as a minor in her 15th year and Robert Murdoch is appointed her guardian. (Midd. Prob.)82
On 23 Nov 1736 Temperance married Jonathan Osland, son of John Osland (10 Oct 1669-10 Jan 1739/40) & Sarah Hyde (1 Apr 1679-14 Jun 1753), in Newton, MA.82 Born on 30 Jun 1706 in Newton, MA.82 Jonathan died in Worcester, MA, on 12 Feb 1767; he was 60.

Children: Esther, Jonathan, and Hannah.82
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