Two maps from
L. Vernon Briggs'
History of Shipbuilding on North River,
Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Boston, 1889

L. Vernon Briggs wrote this history of shipbuilding in northern Plymouth Colony (Scituate, Marshfield, Pembroke, and Hanover) many years before his famous three-volume genealogical study of the Briggs family History and Genealogy of the Briggs Family, 1254-1937, which he completed in 1938.

That book is now (2012) on line at

Included here are scan's of two of his hand-drawn maps that appear in his shipbuilding history. The first is a map of Pembroke in 1794, and the second is a detailed map of the North River (which is the north boundary of Pembroke) from Barstow's Bridge to the Third Herring Brook. The second map (which has north down instead of up) can be located on the Pembroke map at the North RIver Bridge where the road from Plymouth to Boston crosses the North River, and "shipyard" and "brick kilns" are written on the Pembroke map.

Map of Pembroke, AD 1794

Content of the map.

North River, from Barstow's Bridge to the Third Herring Brook

Note that Scituate, which is northeast, is at the bottom of the map, while Pembroke, which is southwest, is at the top of the map. (The arrow points downstream, not north.)

Map key. (Someone's handwritten comments in this copy of the book are put in square brackets.)

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