Fourth Generation

Family of King Childerich I of the Franks (14) & Basina of Thuringia

23. King Clovis I of the Franks. Born ca 467 in Tournai. Clovis I was baptized in Reims on 24 Dec 496. Clovis I died on 27 Nov 511 in Paris. Buried in Eglise de St. Pierre, France.

Clovis I (also spelled Chlodwig), the Great, king of the Salic Franks (481-511), succeded his father Childerich.

35 i. King Theodorich I of Austrasia (Illegitimate) (ca 485-533/4)

ca 492 Clovis I second married St. Clotilde of France, daughter of King Chilperic II of Burgundy. Born ca 475. Clotilde died on 3 Jun 548 in Tours, France.

Their children include:
36 i. Ingomer of the Franks (Died soon) (494-494)
37 ii. King Clodomir of Orléans (ca 495-25 Jun 524)
38 iii. King Childebert I of Paris (ca 497-23 Dec 558)
39 iv. King Chlothar I of the Franks (ca 497/499-23 Nov 561)
40 v. Chlotilde of the Franks

24. Audeflede of the Franks. Audeflede was baptized in 496. Audeflede died in 534.

bef 24 dec 496 Audeflede married King Theodoric I of the Ostrogoths, son of King Theudemir of the Ostrogoths (-474) & Ereleuva. Theodoric I died in 526.

Theodoric, the Great, King of the Ostrogoths (493-526).

Their children include:
41 i. Theodoric II of the Ostrogoths

25. Lantechildis. Lantechildis was baptized in 496.

Landechildis, also spelled Lantilde.

26. Albofledis.

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