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Family of Henry Marston (332)

855. Robert Marston. Born ca 1575 in Ormesby, Norfolk. Robert died bef 24 Nov 1616 in Hemesby, Norfolk.

ca 1597 Robert married Martha [Marston].

Their children include:
2119 i. Martha Marston (ca 1598-)
2120 ii. Anne Marston (ca 1600-)
2121 iii. Simon Marston (ca 1605-ca 1661)
2122 iv. Robert Marston (ca 1608-1643)
2123 v. Mary Marston (Died young) (ca 1610-Oct 1615)

856. Thomas Marston. Born ca 1585 in Ormesby, Norfolk.

On 28 May 1610 Thomas married Margaret Saulter in Ormesby, Norfolk.

Their children include:
2124 i. John Marston (ca 1615-19 Dec 1681)
2125 ii. William Marston (ca 1622-aft 1686)
2126 iii. Edmund Marston (ca 1623/4-)

857. Capt. William Marston. Born ca 1592 in Ormesby, Norfolk. William died on 30 Jun 1672 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH.38 Religion: Quaker.

From Dow’s History of the Town of Hampton:38
    “William Marson, Captain, the ancestor of all the Hampton Marstons, was married and had several children before his emigration. He came to Hampton soon after the settlement was commenced. Land was granted to him as early as June 30, 1640, and it is probable that a house-lot had been assigned to him earlier. He leaved near the present [1893] site of the town-house (now owned by Frank Green). There are reasons for believeing that he had a wife living in 1651 and that she died not many years afterward. He died June 30, 1672, leaving a widow named Sabina, who was the executrix of his will. She had borne him one child, but it is evident that his other children were by a former marriage.”

From The Marston Genealogy, pages 6-7:
    “William Marston, Sr., patriarch of the Hampton, N. H., branch, was born in England (tradition says in Yorkshire county), about A. D. 1592, and came to Salem, Mass., in 1634 with his family (and probably two brothers, Robert and John), and resided there about three years, receiving a grant of land in 1636 from the General Court of Massachusetts, but soon after went to Newbury for a short time; thence, in October, 1738, to Winnecumet, where he with fifty-five others settled on lands granted them by the General Court of Massachusetts, and they called the place Hampton (Norfolk county), after the English home of a part of the settlers, and by this name it was incorporated. It is quite probable that his first wife lived till about 1660. Then about 1662, when about seventy years old, he married second, Sabrina Page, aged eithteen or twenty eyars, a daughter of Robert and Lucia Page, of Ormesby (Yarmouth), Norfolk county, England, by whom he had one daughter, Tryphena. He was a kind hearted, benevolent, and godly man, and was a member of the Quaker or Friends, church, and suffered persecutions for his religous tenets. He often harbored and aided his distressed and persecuted brethren, for which Christian deeds he was robbed by exorbitant fines by the zealous and bigoted courts. In Felt’s Annals of New England I find this record:
    “ ‘Oct. 14, 1657, WIlliam Marston petitioned the court at Hampton, that the fine of £15 may be remitted that had been imposed on him for keeping a paper and two books which inculcated Quaker doctrines.’
    “He died in Hampton, June 30, 1672, ages about eighty years.”

Will: From The Marston Genealogy, page 8:
Recorded in the old Norfolk County books, and now deposted at the Registry of Deeds office, in Salem, Essex county, Mass.:
    “The Last Will and Testament of William Marston, Sr., of Hampton, N.H.--Being through the mercy of God of perfit & sound memory & vnderstanding as follweth: I bequeth my sould to Him that gave it, & my boddie to the earth,--I give to my eldest son Thomas Marston, five shillings, and to my son William Marston, five shillings, and to my son John Marston, five shillings, & to my daughter, Prudence Coxes, five shillings, to be paid within a twelef-month after my decease. All the rest of my estate, goods, chattelles, debtes, moveables, & what else is in any manner appertaining, or belonging vnto me, I give vnto my daughter Trifana; & I doue make my beloved wife Sabina my sole excetketer vnto this my last will & testement, and for the confirmation hereof I have sett my hand & seall, the 25th of Juen one thousand six hundred seventy & two.
    “The Mark of William Martson Sr.
    “Witnesses: Nathaniel Drak, Jane Drak, John I L Lock
    “This was attested vpon ye oath of Nath’l Drake & John Locke, to be ye Last Will & Testamt. of Will. Marston, Sen’r, before ye Court held at Hampton, the 8th-8th M., 1672, as attested. Thos. Bradbury, Rec’r.
    “Entered & Recorded in ye County Records for Norfolk, Lib. 2d, page 263, ye 15th of Oct. 1672, as attested.--Invt. of est. £123 10s. owed £20. Thos. Bradbury, Rec’r.”

ca 1616 William first married Sarah Goody. Born ca 1595. Sarah died in 1660 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH.

Their children include:
2127 i. Thomas Marston (ca May 1617-28 Sep 1690)
2128 ii. Prudence Marston (ca 1622-aft 1682)
2129 iii. Capt. William Marston (ca Mar 1625/6-22 Jan 1703/4)
2130 iv. Anne Marston (Died soon) (ca Dec 1628-7 Dec 1628)
2131 v. John Marston (ca Jun 1630-2 Apr 1708)

William second married Sabina Hemins. Sabina died on 10 Nov 1689 in Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH.38

Their children include:
2132 i. Triphena Marston (28 Dec 1663-1729)

858. Alice Marston. Born ca 1580. Alice died bef 1623.

Alice married John Marston. John died in Nov 1627 in Hemesby, Norfolk.

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