Pane-Joyce Genealogy
1164. Ambrose Boaden. Born ca 1589 in Holburton, Devon. Ambrose died in Scarborough, Cumberland County, Maine in Oct 1675. Occupation: Mariner.

The surname Boaden was also spelled Bowden and Bouden.

Ambrose was captain of the Margery in 1642.

From the History of Scarborough:
    “Ambrose Boaden was another of the early settlers under Cammock at Black Point. He had been captain and owner of the vessel in which Cammock came over from England, and had received from him, in part payment for the passage of himself and wife, a lot of land near the mouth of the Spurwink upon which he resided until 1675 the year of his death.* He was for many years the Spurwink ferryman, ans was first appointed such by an order of the Court held at Spurwink at the house of Robert Jordan, July 12th 1658. The following from the records of that Court is the appointment showing the price of ferriage in those days. ‘Ordered yt Mr. Ambrose Boaden shall keepe the Ferry over the Spurwink River to Mr. Robt. Jordan, to ferry passengers from thence as occasion serveth. In consideration whereof the said Boaden is to have 2 pence for every person he ferryeth or carrieth over in prsent pay and 3d for each such pson as hee bookes downe. Ambrose Boaden willingly attempts of the Ferry on ye Tearmes by the Court appoynted.’ He was also one of the Coroner’s jury in the case of Charles Frost who was tride in 1646 for the murder of Warwick Head. This was the second trial for murder within the Province of Maine, and for twenty years the only one recorded. There is nothing further recorded of Boaden’s public services. In 1670 he became blind and remained so until his death in the Spring of 1675.
    “* [footnote] This lot is now the Higgins farm at Black Point. The names of its several occupants from the time of Boaden to the present have been fortunately preserved. Ther are in the order of their succession, Ambrose Boaden, Ambrose Boaden, Jr, Nathan Bedford, Mr. Cauley, Robert Elliot, Roger Perry, David Young, Wm. Watson: The last two were only lessees of the farm, and the ownership passed from the heirs of Perry to Mr. Fergus Higgins, the great grandfather of the present occupant.”
On 28 Jan 1624 Ambrose married Marie Lethebridge in Holburton, Devon.
Their children include:
John Boaden (ca May 1630-4 Apr 1697)
Mary Boaden (ca 1634-)
Ambrose Boaden (1632-1704)
Agnes Boaden (Died soon) (-Nov 1637)
Grace Boaden (Died soon) (-Sep 1638)
Agnes Boaden (ca 1639-before Jan 1691/2)
Abraham Boaden (Died soon) (ca Sep 1641-Dec 1641)
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