Pane-Joyce Genealogy
John Kendall (649) & Elizabeth Sacherell
1549. Mabel Kendall. Born ca 1606 in Cambridge, Middlesex. Mabel died in Woburn, MA on 5 Jun 1690.125
Mabel first married William Reed. Born ca 1587 in England. Buried on 31 Oct 1656 in Newcastle, Northumberland.

William came to New England, probably in the Defence in 1635, aged 48, with his wife Mabel, 30; George, 6; Ralph, 5; and Justus, 18 months. He was was freeman 14 Mar 1639. He resided in Dorchester, removed probably first to Rehoboth, or perhaps lived at Woburn.

From Sewall’s History of Woburn:125
    They took up their abode in Woburn, upon land sold Mr. Reed by Nicholas Davis. Their dwelling-house stood in a pasture, called the Baldwin Pasture, on the road from Kendall’s mill to the Messrs. Duren. The pasture is now [1868] owned by them; and remains of Mr. Reed’s cellar and well are still to be seen there. But, ere many years, William Reed and his wife Mabel returned to England. He died at Newcastle, upon Tyne, æt. 69; and not haveing appointed executors in his will, letters of administration were granted by Oliver Cromwell, the Portector, 31 Oct. 1656, to his widow, Mabel, who speedily returned with her four youngest children to New England; married Henry Summers, sen., of Woburn, 21 Nov. 1660; and, outliving him, died at the house of her son George, 5 [15?] Jun 1690, aged 85 years.

William Reed’s will was as follows;
    The 9th daie of April 1656. My will is that my wife have three score pound for herself. Item, thirty pounds apiece to each of my four youngest children. More, that my wife have the household stuff and to dispose of it: that the three score pounds which is owing to me by Mr. William Breuton in New England be disposed of as followeth, if it can be got, viz., to my wife twenty pounds, to my four youngest children twenty pounds (that is five pounds apiece), to my three children that are married in New England, that is George, Ralph and Abigail, twenty pounds to be equally divided amongst them: that when any of the four youngest children die their portion be divided among the other three, that is if they die in their minority: forty pounds due from Mr. Killingworth, twenty pounds Mark Theaton of Black Callerton, thirty pounds from Mrs. Flora Hall, twenty pounds from Anthony Walker, twelve pounds, three pound in my wife's hand and five pound in Mr. Ogle's hand, forty pound more in the house; George Erington of Loughhouse and his son in law forth shillings, Gawan Anderson forty shillings; Mary Chicken als Watson four pound ten shillings and ten shillings in my wife's hand, is nine pound: more in the house twenty shillings in Commodotoes; in all makes nine score pounds.
    The mark of William Read
Wit: William Cutter, the mark of Thomas Gibson.

Commission issued 31 October 1656 unto Mabel Read, widow, the relict and principal legatary of the deceased, to administer &c. according to the tenor and effect of the said will &c.
Their children include:
Dea. George Reed (ca 1627-21 Feb 1706)
Ralph Reed (ca 1630-4 Jan 1712)
Abigail Reed (ca 1633-)
Justice Reed (ca 1634-)
Michael Reed (1636-)
Bethiah Reed (31 May 1640-2 Dec 1717)
Israel Reed (ca 1642-29 Jun 1711)
Sarah Reed (ca 1643-1 Nov 1681)
Rebecca Reed (26 Dec 1647-29 Jan 1733/4)
On 21 Nov 1660 Mabel second married Henry Summers in Woburn, MA.124 Henry died in near Charlestown, MA on 2 Nov 1675.

Henry’s first wife was Elizabeth, perhaps Elizabeth Worden.

Henry was Surveyor for Woburn 23 Feb 1663/4. He was taxed there in the Rate for the Country 26 Aug 1666.125
1550. John Kendall. Born in 1608 in Cambridge, England. John died in Cambridge, MA in 1664.
John married Elizabeth Holly.
1551. Robert Kendall. Born ca 1612 in Cambridge, England.
1552. Henry Kendall. Born ca 1614 in Cambridge, England.
1553. Dea. Thomas Kendall. Born ca 1616 in Cambridge, England. Thomas died in Reading, MA on 22 Jul 1681.
Thomas married Rebecca Payne, daughter of Anthony Paine (ca 1585-6 May 1649) & Alice Potter (-1643). Born ca 1618 in England. Rebecca died in Reading, MA on 17 Jul 1703.
Their children include:
Elizabeth Kendall (17 Feb 1642-7 Oct 1688)
Rebecca Kendall (10 Feb 1645-30 Aug 1713)
Mary Kendall (24 Dec 1647-8 Mar 1687/8)
Hannah Kendall (29 Jan 1650-8 Jul 1689)
Sarah Kendall (Died young) (29 Jan 1650-)
Sarah Kendall (22 Jun 1653-20 Nov 1734)
Abigail Kendall (30 Nov 1655-19 Nov 1721)
Susannah Kendall (21 Jun 1658-31 Aug 1732)
Tabitha Kendall (5 Nov 1660-17 Oct 1711)
Thomas Kendall (Died soon) (15 Sep 1663-20 Jul 1664)
1554. Francis Kendall. Born ca 1618 in Cambridge, England. Francis died in Woburn, MA in 1708.124 Occupation: Miller.

Francis was freeman 1647. In 1700 he swore he was aged fourscore years old.25

“There is a well authenticated tradition in the Kendall family that Francis Kendall was stolen from a Ralph Miles in England and brought to this country.” When he married Mary Tidd, he was listed as Francis Kendall alias Miles.124

Francis served the town, at different times, 18 years on the Board of Selectmen.125
On 24 Dec 1644 Francis married Mary Tidd, daughter of John Tidd (ca 1600-24 Apr 1657) & Margaret Greenleaf (-1651), in Woburn, MA.124 Born ca 1620 in England. Mary died in Woburn, MA in 1705.124
Their children include:
John Kendall (2 Jul 1646-10 Apr 1731)
Thomas Kendall (10 Jan 1649-25 May 1730)
Mary Kendall (20 Jan 1651-17 Jan 1722)
Elizabeth Kendall (15 Jan 1653-16 Oct 1715)
Hannah Kendall (26 Jan 1655-21 Dec 1719)
Rebecca Kendall (2 Mar 1657-16 Apr 1690)
Samuel Kendall (8 Mar 1659-ca 1749)
Jacob Kendall (25 Jan 1661-ca 1742)
Abigail Kendall (6 Apr 1666-17 Oct 1734)
1555. Elizabeth Kendall. Born in 1623 in Cambridge, England. Elizabeth died in Gloucester, MA 4 Jan 1696/7.
On 26 Jun 1647 Elizabeth married Morris Somes in Gloucester, MA. Born ca 1614. Morris died in Gloucester, MA 13 Jan 1688/9.

Morris’s first wife was Marjorie Johnson.
Their children include:
Lydia Somes (3 Oct 1649-ca 1689)
Nathaniel Somes (Died unmarried) (27 Jul 1651-12 Jul 1690)
Patience Somes (10 Mar 1652/3-8 Sep 1728)
Joseph Somes (Died unmarried) (3 Dec 1654-19 Dec 1675)
Abigail Somes (6 May 1655-26 Oct 1733)
John Somes (22 Apr 1658-16 Nov 1700)
Hannah Somes (3 Sep 1658-30 Jan 1721/2)
1556. Rachel Kendall.
Rachel married William Brooke.
1557. Bethiah Kendall. Bethiah died in Watertown, MA 15 Mar 1668/9.30
On 3 Nov 1666 Bethiah married Theophilus Phillips, son of Rev. George Phillips (ca 1593-1 Jul 1644) & Elizabeth [Welden] (-27 Jan 1681), in Watertown, MA.30 Born on 28 May 1636 in Watertown, MA.30
1558. Mary Kendall.
11 Jan 1654/5 Mary married Thomas Whitney, son of John Whitney (ca 1599-1 Jun 1673) & Eleanor (-11 May 1659), in Watertown, MA.30 Born ca 1627 in London, England. Thomas was baptized in London, England, on 10 Dec 1627. Thomas died in Watertown, MA on 20 Sep 1719.

Thomas was admitted freeman 18 Apr 1690.30
Their children include:
Thomas Whitney (24 Aug 1656-20 Sep 1719)
John Whitney (Died soon) (19 May 1659-)
John Whitney (Died soon) (22 Aug 1661-26 Aug 1661)
Eleazer Whitney (Twin) (7 Apr 1662-)
Elnathan Whitney (Twin) (7 Apr 1662-)
Mary Whitney (Died young) (22 Dec 1663-)
Bezaleel Whitney (16 Sep 1665-)
Sarah Whitney (23 Mar 1666/7-)
Mary Whitney (Died soon) (6 Aug 1668-6 Sep 1669)
Isaiah Whitney (16 Sep 1671-7 Jan 1712)
Martha Whitney (30 Jan 1673/4-)
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