Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Edward Winslow (666) & Magdalen Oliver
1715. Gov. Edward Winslow. Born ca 1595 in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Edward was baptized in Droitwich, Worcestershire, on 20 Oct 1595.16 Edward died on 8 May 1655 in at sea near Hispaniola.16 Occupation: Merchant.

Edward came to Plymouth on the Mayflower in 1620. He made many return trips on personal and colony business.

There’s an article on Edward Winslow in The Great Migration Begins.16
Ca 1618 Edward first married Elizabeth Barker in Leyden, Holland. Elizabeth died on 24 Mar 1620/1 in Plymouth, MA.16
On 12 May 1621 Edward second married Susanna [White] in Plymouth, MA.16 Susanna died aft 18 Dec 1654.30

Susanna first married William White, second Edward Winslow.

Despite the oft repeated claim that Susanna was Anna, the sister of Dr. Samuel & Edward Fuller, the known facts do not support this claim.16

Says Goodwin, "The first marriage in the Colony occurred May 21st, 1621, between Edward Winslow (afterwards Governor), who had been a widower only seven weeks, and Susanna White (mother of Peregrine), a widow not twelve weeks, but the case was exceptional. Winslow should be at the head of a household, and the White children needed a paternal guardian. The marriage proved fortunate for all concerned. Among Mrs. Winslow's subsequent children was Josiah, whom 52 hears later she saw the first native Governor of an American Colony. The forefathers of Marshfield and elsewhere throughout the Colony did not marry before clergymen, but performed the ceremony before magistrates for many years, not because in their earliest days they had no clergymen (Elder Brewster was a layman, although performing many of the duties of a clergyman) but because our fathers held that the Scriptures and the early Christians had not empowered clergymen to perform marriages, believing it to be a civil compact only between man and woman." Gov. Bradford's eldest son married Martha, a daughter of Thomas Bourne, of Marshfield."57
Their children include:
(infant child) Winslow (Died soon) (1622/3-1622/3)
Edward Winslow (ca 1624-)
John Winslow (ca 1626-)
Gov. Josiah Winslow (aft 22 May 1627-18 Dec 1680)

The first marriage in Plymouth was of Edward and Susanna.16
1716. John Winslow. Born ca 1597 in Droitwich, Worcestershire. John was baptized in Droitwich, Worcestershire, on 18 Apr 1597.16 John died in bet 12 Mar 1673/4 and 21 May 1674.16 Occupation: merchant.

John came to Plymouth in the Fortune in 1621. He resided for a time at Marshfield on the estate at Careswell, but removed to Boston in 1657, where a little later he purchased a house on Spring Lane.39

John was representative 1653 and two years more. In 1657 he removed to Boston, and was a thrifty mercahnt. He was freeman 1762.24
On 22 May 1627 John married Mary Chilton (1315) , daughter of James Chilton (593) (bef 1553-8 Dec 1620), in Plymouth, MA.16 Born ca 1607 in Sandwich, Kent. Mary was baptized in St Peter’s Parish, Sandwich, on 31 May 1607.30 Mary died bet 31 Jul 1676 and 1 May 1679.16

Mary is traditionally said to be the first European to set foot on Plymouth Rock.
Their children include:
John Winslow (ca 1628-3/12 Oct 1683)
Susanna Winslow (ca 1630-aft 14 Nov 1685)
Mary Winslow (ca 1632-1663/5)
Edward Winslow (ca 1636-19 Nov 1682)
Sarah Winslow (ca 1639-9 Apr 1726)
Isaac Winslow (ca 1641-26/29 Aug 1670)
Joseph Winslow (ca 1643-bef 7 Aug 1679)
Samuel Winslow (ca 1649-14 Oct 1680)
(a child) Winslow (by 1651-by 12 Mar 1673/4)
Benjamin Winslow (12 Aug 1653-bet 12 Mar 1673/4 and 31 Jul 1676)
1717. Eleanor Winslow. Born on 22 Apr 1598 in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Eleanor was baptized in Droitwich, Worcestershire, on 24 Apr 1598.
1718. Kenelm Winslow. Born ca 1599 in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Kenelm was baptized in Droitwich, Worcestershire, on 3 May 1599.16 Kenelm died in Sep 1672. Buried on 13 Sep 1672 in Salem, MA.16 Occupation: joiner.

Kenelm was in Plymouth in 1631.16

Kenelm settled in Marshfield in 1641 near the Carswell estate of his brother Edward. He was a deputy or Representative to General Court for eight years.57
In Jun 1634 Kenelm married Ellen Newton.16 Born ca 1598. Ellen died in Dec 1681 in Marshfield, MA. Buried on 5 Dec 1681 in Marshfield, MA.56 “Ellen the widdow of Kenelme Winslow was Buried the 5^th of december. 1681: being 83 yeares old”.

That Ellen the wife of John Adams was Ellen Newton is not in any way certain. According to Anderson,16 it “is based on the fact that she is the only Ellen in the 1623 land division, and there was no other known addition to the Plymouth population in the next few years.” In any case, Ellen the widow of John Adams married Kenelm Winslow.
Their children include:
Kenelm Winslow (ca 1635-11 Nov 1715)
Ellen Winslow (ca 1636-Aug 1676)
Capt. Nathaniel Winslow (ca 1639-1 Dec 1709)
Job Winslow (ca 1641-14 Jul 1720)
1719. Gilbert Winslow. Born ca 1600 in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Gilbert was baptized in Droitwich, Worcestershire, on 29 Oct 1600.16 Gilbert died bef 1650 in England.16

There’s an article on Gilbert Winslow in The Great Migration Begins.16
1720. Elizabeth Winslow. Born on 8 Mar 1603 in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Elizabeth died in Jan 1605. Buried on 20 Jan 1605.
1721. Magdaline Winslow. Born on 26 Dec 1604 in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Magdaline was baptized in Droitwich, Worcestershire, on 30 Dec 1604.
1722. Josiah Winslow. Born on 11 Feb 1606 in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Josiah was baptized in Droitwich, Worcestershire, on 16 Feb 1606.16 Josiah died in Dec 1674 in Marshfield, MA. Buried on 1 Dec 1674 in Marshfield, MA.56 “mr Josiah Winslow Sen was Buried the first of December 1674 being in y^e 69 year of his age”.

Josiah was in Plymouth in 1631.16 He may have arrived on the White Angel at Saco in June 1631. Josiah resided in Scituate, then removed to Marshfield where he served as town clerk from 1646 until his death.
Ca 1636 Josiah married Margaret Bourne (1756) , daughter of Thomas Bourne (689) (ca 1581-May 1664) & Elizabeth [Bourne] (ca 1585/1590-Jul 1660). Born ca 1605/6 in Kempsey, Worcestershire. Margaret was baptized in Kempsey, Worcestershire, on 15 Feb 1605/6. Margaret died on 28 Sep 1683 in Marshfield, MA.16 Buried on 2 Oct 1683 in Marshfield, MA.56
Their children include:
Elizabeth Winslow (24 Sep 1637-)
Jonathan Winslow (8 Aug 1639-Sep 1676)
Margaret Winslow (15 Jul 1640-26 Oct 1698)
Rebecca Winslow (15 Jul 1643-14 Jul 1683)
Hannah Winslow (30 Nov 1644-1 Mar 1708/9)
Mary Winslow (ca 1646-31 Jul 1721)
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