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Family of Juliana Carpenter (679) & George Morton

1744. Nathaniel Morton. Born ca 1613 in Leyden, Holland. Nathaniel died on 29 Jun 1685 in Plymouth, MA. “M^er nathaniel morton Secretary of plymouth Colony and a pilar in the Church here deceased June 29 1685 Being Entred ino the Seventy third yeare of his age”.

Nathaniel “came to New England with his father in 1623 on the Ann; upon the death of his father in June, 1624, he was adopted by Governor William Bradford, whose second wife, Mrs. Alixe (Carpenter) Southworth, was Mrs. George Morton’s sister; that benevolent man gave his nephew the care which by the early death of his father he was denied, and he received an education which fitted him for the great work he afterwards accomplished for the colony; he was made a freeman n 1635.”62
    “In 1645 Nathaniel Morton was elected clerk, or secretary of the Colony court, and remained in office until his death, June 29, 1685, and to his scrupulous, faithful, painstaking labors we are indebted for the good preservation of the archives of the Plymouth Colony. Mr. Morton wrote the First Beginnings and After Progress of the Church ofr Christ at Plymouth, in New England, which as preserved the early history of the first chruch established in New England; he also wrote many verses upon occasions of public interest, among which may be mentioned those on the death of his aunt, Mrs. Alice Bradford, which are pbulished in the Massachusetts Historical Collection, Vol. III. 4th series; p. 460; but his greatest work, upon which his fame securely rests, is New England’s Memorial, originally published at Cambridge in 1669, and frequently refered to as ‘the cornerstone’ of New England history; its accurate and full account of the transactions of the colony from 1620 to 1668 fully justify its claim to that title; it is a time-honored book, and has long been accounted an impartial history of the Pilgrim fathers; seven editions of the work have been pulished. Much of its value depended, no doubt, upon the author’s access to the papers of Governor Bradford, as well as to the archives of the colony, but his education, manner of life, and intimate connection with the leading men in the arduous task recorded in his history, qualified him particularly for the work.”62

On 25 Dec 1635 Nathaniel first married Lydia Cooper in Plymouth, MA.58 Lydia died on 23 Sep 1673 in Plymouth, MA.58 “Mistris Lydia Morton the wife of Nathaniel: Morton senir Deceased on the 23 of September 1673 after shee had lived with her said husband neare the space of 38 yeares after much Dollorus paine and sicknes shee ended her life with much peace and Confort shee was a good woman and lived much Desired and Died much Lamented especially by her poor sorrowfull husband; shee was honorablely buried on the 25^th of the said monthe att Plymouth”. Lydia died on 25 Sep 1673 in Plymouth, MA.58

Their children include:
4318 i. Remember Morton (ca 1637-24 Jul 1707)
4319 ii. Mercy Morton (say 1639-19 Feb 1666)
4320 iii. Hannah Morton (ca 1641-between 21 Dec 1669 and 16 Nov 1671)
4321 iv. Eleazer Morton (say 1644-16 Jan 1649)
4322 v. Lydia Morton (say 1646-)
4323 vi. Nathaniel Morton (say 1648-17 Feb 1666/7)
4324 vii. (infant daughter) Morton (Stillborn) (23 Nov 1650-23 Nov 1650)
4325 viii. Elizabeth Morton (3 May 1652-6 Apr 1673)
4326 ix. Joanna Morton (9 Nov 1654-)

On 29 Apr 1674 Nathaniel second married Anne Pritchard, daughter of Richard Pritchard (-8 Mar 1669) & Ann [Pritchard], in Plymouth, MA.58 Born ca 1624. Anne died on 26 Dec 1691 in Charlestown, MA.62

Ann, or Hannah, widow of Richard Templar, of Charleston.62

1745. Patience Morton. Born ca 1615 in Leyden, Holland.62 Patience died on 16 Aug 1691 in Plymouth, MA.59 “My deere Mother Whitteney deceased Agust the 16^th 1691 Being Entered into the 77 yeare of her age, [Recorded by Elder Faunce]”.

Patience came to New England on the Ann.

ca 1633 Patience first married John Faunce in Plymouth, MA. Born ca 1607 in England. John died on 29 Nov 1653 in Plymouth, MA.58

John came on the Ann in 1623, probably when he was still young, for no wife or child is mentioned for ten years.24 He shared in the division of cattle at Plymouth on 22 May 1627 [Plym. Col. Rec., 12:9], and was a freeman at the time of the incorporation of Plymouth in 1633 [Plym. Col. Rec., 1:4].

Their children include:
4327 i. Priscilla Faunce (ca 1633-15 May 1707)
4328 ii. Mary Faunce (ca 1638-4 Oct 1664)
4329 iii. Patience Faunce (ca 1641-)
4330 iv. Sarah Faunce (ca 1645-27 Jun 1695)
4331 v. Elder Thomas Faunce (ca 1647-27 Feb 1741)
4332 vi. Elizabeth Faunce (Died soon) (23 Mar 1648/9-3 Mar 1649/50)
4333 vii. Mercy Faunce (10 Apr 1651-11 Feb 1732)
4334 viii. Joseph Faunce (14 May 1653-18 Jan 1728)

aft 9 jun 1660 Patience second married Thomas Whitney.16

See MD 14:234, and NEHGR 116:189.

1746. John Morton. Born ca 1616 in Leyden, Holland.30 John died on 3 Oct 1673 in Plymouth, MA.58

John came to Plymouth with his parents on the Ann in 1623. Upon the death of his father he was probably adopted by Govenor Bradford. He was admitted a freeman of the colony 7 Jun1648, chosen constable for Plymouth in 1654, a member of the grand inquest of Plymouth county in 1660, deputy to the General Court in 1662, tax assessor 1664, selectman 1666, and collector of excise 1668. In 1670 he removed to Middleboro where he was one of the 26 original proprietors and founders. There he was the town’s first representative to the Mass. General court, and held the office until his death.l62

ca 1648 John married Lettice [Morton].62 Born ca 1624.30 Lettice died on 22 Feb 1691 in Plymouth, MA.59

Leach, in his ‘Morton Memoranda,’ says it is possible that Mrs. John Morton’s maiden name was Lettice Hanford, widow of Edward Foster, Esq., of Scituate, and neice of Hon. Timothy Hatherly of the same place. But that Lettice was otherwise engaged.

Their children include:
4335 i. John Morton (Died soon) (11 Dec 1649-20 Dec 1649)
4336 ii. John Morton (21 Dec 1650-20 Mar 1717/8)
4337 iii. Deborah Morton
4338 iv. Mary Morton
4339 v. Martha Morton
4340 vi. Esther Morton
4341 vii. Manasseh Morton (Twin) (7 Jun 1653-)
4342 viii. Ephraim Morton (Twin) (7 Jun 1653-)
4343 ix. Hannah Morton (27 Nov 1666-7 Oct 1738)

1747. Sarah Morton. Born ca 1620 in Leyden, Holland.16 Sarah died on 25 Aug 1691 in Plymouth, MA.59 “My ant Sarah Bonam deceased Agust 25^th 1691 being Entered into the year of her age—[Recorded by Elder Faunce]”.

Sarah was George’s second wife.

On 20 Dec 1644 Sarah married George Bonham in Plymouth, MA.58 George died on 27 Apr 1704 in Plymouth, MA.59

Their children include:
4344 i. Ruth Bonham (ca 1645-)
4345 ii. Patience Bonham
4346 iii. Sarah Bonham (Died soon) (4 Dec 1649-Jan/Feb 1649/50)
4347 iv. Sarah Bonham (Died young) (12 Jan 1650/1-)
4348 v. Sarah Bonham (10 Dec 1653-10 Jan 1742)
4349 vi. George Bonham

1748. Ephraim Morton. Born ca 1624 in Plymouth, MA. Ephraim died on 5 Oct 1693 in Plymouth, MA.59

Ephraim was born on the ship Ann on the passage to New England. Upon his father’s death he was probably adopted by Gov. Bradford. He was made a freeman of the colony 7 Jun 1648, constable for Plymouth 1648, member of the grand inquest 1654, and eledcted in 1657 a representative to the Plymouth General Court and remaind a member for 28 years. In 1691-2 when Plymouth was merged into Massachusetts Ephraim was chosen one of the first representatives to the General Court. He was head of the Board of Selectmen of Plymouth for nearly 25 years, and magistrate of the colony in 1683. At the time of his death he was a justice of tehe Court of Common Pleas. He was sergeant of the Plymouth military company, elected lieutenant in 1664, and in 1671 chosen a membver of the ‘Council of War,’ in which he was of much service for many years, including the time of King Philip’s War. FOr many years he was a deacon of the Plymouth Church, having been chosen 1 Aug 1669, and serving until his death.62

On 18 Nov 1644 Ephraim first married Ann Cooper in Plymouth, MA.58 Ann died on 6 Sep 1691 in Plymouth, MA.59 “My ant ann Morton the Wife of my uncle Ephraim Morton deceased on the 6^th day of September 1691 [signed by Elder Faunce]”.

Their children include:
4350 i. Dea. George Morton (1645-2 Aug 1727)
4351 ii. Ephraim Morton (27 Jan 1648/9-18 Feb 1731/2)
4352 iii. Rebecca Morton (15 Mar 1651-1- Feb 1717/8)
4353 iv. Josiah Morton (1653-29 May 1694)
4354 v. Lieut. Nathaniel Morton (-7 Jul 1709)
4355 vi. Eleazer Morton (1659-)
4356 vii. Mercy Morton (ca 1663-10 Jan 1729/30)
4357 viii. Thomas Morton (ca 1667-bef 12 Sep 1748)
4358 ix. Patience Morton (-3 May 1715)

On 18 Oct 1692 Ephraim second married Mary Shelley, daughter of Robert Shelley (ca 1612-) & Judith Garnet, in Plymouth, MA.30 Born ca 1639 in Barnstable, MA. Mary was baptized in Barnstable, MA, on 23 Nov 1639.30 Mary died aft 1694.

Mary first married William Harlow, second Ephraim Morton, and third Hugh Cole.

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