Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Robert Bent (702) & Agnes Gosling
1805. Margery Bent. Born ca Mar 1590 in Weyhill, Hampshire. Margery was baptized in Weyhill, Hampshire, on 28 Mar 1590.59
1806. Richard Bent. Born ca May 1592 in Weyhill, Hampshire. Richard was baptized in Weyhill, Hampshire, on 7 May 1592.59
1807. Jane Bent.
Jane married Robert Plimpton. Born ca 1587.
Their children include:
Robert Plimpton (ca 1614-)
Elizabeth Plimpton (ca 1616-15 May 1689)
William Plimpton (ca 1618-)
Jane Plimpton (ca 1620-)
Thomas Plimpton (ca 1624-17 Apr 1676)
1808. John Bent. Born ca Nov 1596 in Weyhill, Hampshire. John was baptized in Weyhill, Hampshire, on 20 Nov 1596.59 John died in Sudbury, MA on 27 Sep 1672.70 Occupation: Husbandman.

From Allen H. Bent’s article “The Bent Family”:179
    “John Bent, who sailed from Southampton, England, in 1638, and became one of the first settlers of Sudbury, Massachusetts, was born in the parish of Penton-Grafton, some seventy miles south-west of London, in the county of Hants. The ship’s list gives his age as 35, but according to the parish records he was baptized on the last day of November 1595, his father being Robert Bent (1566-1631). In 1639 John’s sister Agnes Blanchard and mother started for New England, but both died during the passage. John Bent’s house lot, about six acres, was on the north-east side of the old road that runs from what is now Wayland Centre to Sudbury Centre, about a quarter of a mile from the former, and here he lived, a farmer, until his death Sept. 27, 1672, aged nearly 76. His will is dated thirteen days befoer his death, his wife Martha and oldest son Peter being named as executors. His widow lived until May 15, 1679.”

From E. C. Felton’s article “The English ancestors of John Bent, of Sudbury”:59
    “John Bent, the first of the surname in New england, settled in Sudbury, and shared in the first and second divisions of land there in 1639 and 1640. He is said to have been one of Maj. Simon Willard’s troopers in the fruitless expedition against Ninigret in October, 1654. His name appears in 1656 as one of the petitioners to the General court for a grant of land which subsequently formed the town of Marlborough. he died in Sudbury, 27 September, 1762, and seems to have been a prosperous and public-spirited man. HIs descendants settled during the seventeenth century in Marlborough, Framingham and Milton. ...
    “His name occurs on the list of passengers sailing in the ship Confidence from Southampton, 24 April, 1638, now on file in the Public Record Office in London. The record is as follows:-
    “‘35. John Bent of Penton in the County of South’ Husbandman. Martha his wife; robert, William, Peter, John and Ann their children; all under ye age of xij yeares.’
    “There is further mention of him in Letchford’s Note Book. ‘John Bent of Sudbury in New England late of Wayhill in the County of Southampton husbandman makes a letter of Attorney unto his brother-in-law Will^m Baker of New Sarum in the county of Wiltes Plummer to receive & recover of and from Will^m Cole of Wayhill aforesaid husbandman the summe of twenty pounds of lawful money of England w^ch he owes him by bond now in the hands of my sayd Attorney.’
    “On this side of the Atlantic the files of the Middlesex County Court and of the Samem court give clear evidence as to the English home of John’s mother Agnes.”

Check out Harold N. Bent’s 1985 book.
Ca 1624 John married Martha Blanchard in Weyhill, Hampshire. Born ca 1598 in Hampshire, England. Martha was baptized in Wayhill, Hampshire, on 24 Sep 1598. Martha died in Sudbury, MA on 15 May 1679.70
Their children include:
Robert Bent (ca Jan 1624/5-30 Jan 1647/8)
William Bent (ca Oct 1626-aft 1637/8)
Peter Bent (ca Apr 1629-May 1678)
Agnes Bent (ca 1631-4 Jun 1713)
John Bent (ca Jan 1635/6-Sep 1717)
Joseph Bent (16 May 1641-ca 1675)
Martha Bent (ca 1643-29 Aug 1680)
1809. Maria Bent. Born ca Sep 1598 in Weyhill, Hampshire. Maria was baptized in Weyhill, Hampshire, on 24 Sep 1598.59 Maria died in Weyhill, Hampshire ca Feb 1598/9. Buried 2 Feb 1598/9 in Weyhill, Hampshire.59
1810. Dennis Bent. Born ca Dec 1599 in Weyhill, Hampshire. Dennis was baptized in Weyhill, Hampshire, on 10 Dec 1599.59
On 8 May 1626 Dennis married William Baker in Weyhill, Hampshire.59
1811. Agnes Bent. Born ca Jul 1602 in Weyhill, Hampshire. Agnes was baptized in Weyhill, Hampshire, on 16 Jul 1602.59 Agnes died in 1639.

Agnes, also called Ann, died on the ship Jonathan at sea.
On 11 Apr 1630 Agnes first married Richard Barnes in Weyhill, Hampshire.59 Richard died in 1635.
Their children include:
Richard Barnes (ca 1630/1-)
On 15 May 1637 Agnes second married Thomas Blanchard in St Edmunds, Salisbury. Thomas died in Charlestown, MA in 1654.

Thomas’s will was dated 22 May 1654, proved 20 Jun 1654.
Their children include:
(infant child) Blanchard (Died soon) (1639-1639)
1812. Robert Bent. Born ca 1606.
1813. Ann Bent. Born ca 1608.

Ann married a Mr Street.
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