Pane-Joyce Genealogy
2381. William Ford. Born ca 1604. William died in Sep 1676 in Marshfield, MA. Buried on 23 Sep 1676 in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Marshfield.56 Occupation: miller.

Check out Florence Barclay’s definitive 1966 article on the Ford family in TAG 2:35-42. She concludes that this William Ford of Marshfield was not a son of Widow Ford who came on the Fortune in 1621.

William settled in Marshfield on the east side of the North River near Gravelly beach about 1639.49 He was at Duxbury in 1643 and sold land there in 1661 to F. West.163 Freeman 3 Jun 1652. Established a mill in Marshfield at the site known as Dunham’s Mill. While serving as constable in Marshfield in 1658, WIlliam, having arrested Widow Naomi Sylvester, was attacked by her daughters, Naomi and Dinah, who rescued their mother. As a penalty, their brother William was ordered to pay Constable Ford two pounds (The Pilgrim Republic). William Ford served as selectman, 1666, 1670, and 1675 and was an original proprietor at Bridgewater, MA.

“William Ford, the immigrant ancestor, was born in England, and settled in Duxbury, where his name appears on the list of those able to bear arms in 1643. He deposed October 30, 1671, that he was sixty-seven years old. He was admitted a freeman June 3, 1652. He removed to Marshfield. ... His will was dated September 12, 1676, when he was about seventy-two years old. He bequeathed to wife Anna, sons William and Michael, daughters margaret and Milicent, grandchildren John Ford, William and John Carver.”15
William married Anna [Ford]. Anna died on Aug or Sep 1684 in Marshfield, MA. Buried on 1 Sep 1684 in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Marshfield.56
Their children include:
Dea. William Ford (ca 1634-7 Feb 1721/2)
Michael Ford (ca 1643-27 Mar 1729)
Millicent Ford (-ca 1696)
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