Pane-Joyce Genealogy
4435. Dr. Edmund Wilson. Born ca 1617 in Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire. Edmund was baptized in Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, 23 Feb 1616/7.75 Edmund died on 17 Aug 1657.75

From Bartlett:57
    Edmund was “educated at Emmanuel college, Cambridge, where he obtained the degree B.M. in 1638; M.D. at the University of Padua, Italy, in 1742; incorporated at Oxford in 1646; Fellow of the Royal college of Physicians of London, 1649...”

Edmund was probably so named for his great uncle Edmund Grindall, the puritan archbishop of Canterbury 1575-83. Edmund resided in London and was a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

Edmund left a son John, and daughter Bridget, who married Nicholas Prideaux, a merchant of Barbadoes.25
By 1645 Edmund married Elizabeth.

Elizabeth moved to the Barbadoes after her marriage to her second husband Nicholas Blake.75
Their children include:
John Wilson (ca 1650-)
4436. Rev. John Wilson. Born ca 1624 in England.16 John was baptized in Boston, MA, 3 Mar 164[3/]4.16 John died in Medfield, MA on 23 Aug 1691.57 Education: Harvard 1642.

John “had the benefit of joining the church of his father 3 Mar. 1644, but was not freeman until 1647, ordained as colleague with Rev. Richard Mather at Dorchester in 1649, but contined only two years and was then setted at Medfield.”25

From Bartlett:57
    John “was brought to New England by his father on the latter’s second voyage, in May, 1632. He was graduated in the first class at Harvard College, in 1642, was admitted to his father’s church in Boston on Mar. 3, 1644, and was admitted freeman may 26, 1647. After preaching several years, he became assistant to Rev. Richard Mather, at Dorchester, in 1649, and after two years’ service here, removed to Medifeld soon after the settlement of that place, and in Dec., 1651, was installed as the first minister of the new town, where he eas ordained pastor on Oct. 12, 1652, in which service he continued for forty years, until his death, besides performing the duties of physician and schoolmaster. His homestead in Medfield was situated on the site of the present Town Hall. By a contemporary he is referred to as ‘gracious and godly, a faithful and useful man, wee esteemed.’ He died Aug. 23, 1691, aged nearly 70, having on the previous Sunday ‘preached both forenoon and afternoon, ferverntly and powerfully.’
    “In his will, made three days before his decease, he mentions his wife sarh; son John (to whom he bequeathed his share of the Braintree farm); daughter Sarah, wife of Josiah Torrey, formerly wife of Paul Batt; daughter Susanna, wife of Grindall Rawson; and grandchild Thomas Weld son of his daughter Elizabeth, deceased, formerly wife of Thomas Weld. (Suffolk Co. Probate, vol. viii. fol. 58; and History of Medfield, p. 522.)”
Ca 1647 John married Sarah Hooker (7441) , daughter of Rev. Thomas Hooker (2713) (ca 1586-7 Jul 1647) & Susanna Garbrand (-17 May 1676). Born ca 1629/30 in Essex, England. Sarah was baptized in Broomfield 21 Feb 1629/30. Sarah died in Braintree, MA on 20 Aug 1725.356
Their children include:
John Wilson (Died young) (6 Jul 1649-)
Sarah Wilson (ca 1650-ca 1725)
Thomas Wilson (Died soon) (12 Sep 1652-14 Nov 1653)
Elizabeth Wilson (Died soon) (9 Nov 1653-19 Nov 1653)
Elizabeth Wilson (ca Sep 1656-19 Jul 1687)
Dr. John Wilson (18 Jun 1660-26 Dec 1728)
Thomas Wilson (2 Mar 1662-27 Nov 1662)
Susannah Wilson (1 Dec 1664-8 Jul 1748)
4437. Elizabeth Wilson. Born ca 1630.16 Elizabeth died Feb 1650/1.57 Religion: Elizabeth was admitted to the First Church in Boston, 19 Nov 1748.57

Elizabeth was Ezekiel’s second wife. She died in childbirth.
In 1650 Elizabeth married Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, son of Rev. Richard Rogers.57 Born ca 1590 in Wethersfield, Essex.57 Ezekiel died in Rowley, MA 23 Jan 1660/1.85 Buried 26 Jan 1660/1 in Rowley, MA.85 Education: Bennett’s College, Cambridge B.A. 1604; Christ College M.A. 1608.57

Ezekiel was the first minister of the Rowley church.85

From Bartett:57
    Ezekiel was “chaplain from 1610 to 1621 in the family of Sir Francis Barrington, Bart., of Hatfield Broad Oak, co. Essex; rector of Rowley, Youkshire, 1621-1638; brought a colony of his adherents to New England in 1638, and founded Rowley, Mass., where he served as pastor until his death, Jan. 23, 1660-1.”
4438. Mary Wilson. Born on 12 Sep 1633 in Boston, MA.57 Mary was baptized in Boston, MA, on 15 Sep 1633.16 Mary died in Boston, MA, on 13 Sep 1713; she was 80. Religion: Mary was admitted to her father’s church 19 Nov 1648.57
On 5 Nov 1651 when Mary was 18, she first married Rev. Samuel Danforth, son of Nicholas Danforth (1 Mar 1588/9-8 Apr 1638) & Elizabeth Barber (-22 Feb 1628/9), in Roxbury, MA.57 Born ca 1626 in Framlingham, Suffolk. Samuel was baptized in Framlingham, Suffolk, on 17 Oct 1626.57 Samuel died in Roxbury, MA on 19 Nov 1674.57 Education: Harvard 1643.

From Bartlett:57
    Samuel “was brought to New England in 1632 by his parents, who settled in Cambridge, Mass, where he was graduated at Harvard college in 1643. On Sept. 24, 1650, he was ordained assistant to Rev. John Eliot of Roxbury, and continued in that office until his death, Nov. 19, 1674. Mr. Danforth was skilled in mathematics and astronomy, and published several almanacs; and also kept in the church records a ajournal of notable public events. He was particularly distinguished for the fervor of his piety and the purity of his life.”57
Their children include:
Samuel Danforth (Died soon) (14 Jan 1652/3-22 Jul 1653)
Mary Danforth (Died young) (24 May 1654-Dec 1659)
Elizabeth Danforth (Died young) (13 Jul 1656-Dec 1659)
Sarah Danforth (Died soon) (30 Oct 1658-Dec 1659)
John Danforth (8 Nov 1660-26 May 1730)
Mary Danforth (13 Mar 1662/3-7 Oct 1734)
Elizabeth Danforth (Died young) (9 Feb 1664/5-Oct 1672)
Samuel Danforth (18 Dec 1666-14 Nov 1727)
Sarah Danforth (Died soon) (21 Feb 1669/70-26 Oct 1672)
Thomas Danforth (Died soon) (3 Apr 1672-13 Apr 1672)
Elizabeth Danforth (Died soon) (16 Oct 1673-30 Oct 1673)
Abiel Danforth (ca 1674/5-bef Dec 1745)
Bef 17 Sep 1682 Mary second married Joseph Rock.16 Joseph died in 1683.57

Joseph, a merchant of Boston.57
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