Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Giles Hopkins (2641) & Catherine Whelden
7139. Mary Hopkins. Born in Nov 1640 in Yarmouth, MA.136,92 Mary died on 2 Jul 1700 in Eastham, MA.30

Children of Samuel and Mary (Hopkins) Smith:
    i. a son, b. & d. Mar 1667;
    ii. Samuel Smith:, b. 26 May 1668, d. 22 Sep 1692;
    iii. Mary Smith:, b. 3 Jan 1669;
    iv. Joseph Smith:, b. 10 Apr 1671, d. 22 Sep1692;
    v. John Smith:, b. 26 May 1673;
    vi. Grace Smith:, b. 5 Sep 1676, d. 1 Dec 1691; and
    vii. Rebecca Smith:, b. 10 Dec 1678.282
On 3 Jan 1665[/6] Mary married Samuel Smith, son of Ralph Smith (ca 1613-14 Sep 1685) & Grace [Smith], in Eastham, MA.136 Born ca 1641. Samuel was baptized in Hingham, MA, on 11 Jul 1641.42 Samuel died on 22 Mar 1696/7 in Eastham, MA.136

Samuel was a farmer and a large landholder. He also owned 400 acres at Orleans. He owned two farms at Chatham and a house at Eastham.282
Their children include:
Samuel Smith (26 May 1668-22 Sep 1692)
Mary Smith (3 Dec 1669-ca 1738)
John Smith (26 May 1673-25 Feb 1717)
7140. Stephen Hopkins. Born in Sep 1642 in Yarmouth, MA.136,92 Stephen died on 10 Oct 1718 in Harwich, MA.88

Stephen removed to Harwich, now Brewster, and settled, having all his father’s possessions there.88
On 23 May 1667 Stephen first married Mary Merrick, daughter of William Merrick (ca 1602-1688/9) & Rebecca Tracy (say 1625-), in Eastham, MA.136,58 Born on 4 Nov 1650 in Eastham, MA.58,136 Mary died in Harwich, MA, on 15 Apr 1692; she was 41.

Children of Stephen and Mary (Merrick) Hopkins, born at Eastham:
    i. Elizabeth Hopkins, b. last week in Jun 166858;
    ii. Stephen Hopkins, b. 15 Jul 167058;
    iii. Ruth Hopkins, b. about the beginning of Nov 1674;
    iv. Judah Hopkins, b. about the middle of Jan 1677;
    v. Samuel Hopkins, b. the middle of Mar 1682;
    vi. Nathaniel Hopkins, b. about the middle of Mar 1684;
    vii. Joseph Hopkins, b. 1688;
    viii. Benjamin Hopkins, b. middle of Feb 1690; and
    ix. Mary Hopkins, b 15 Apr 1692.136
Their children include:
Samuel Hopkins (Mar 1681/2-)
Nathaniel Hopkins (Mar 1684-13 Sep 1766)
Benjamin Hopkins (Feb 1690-22 Mar 1745)
On 9 Apr 1701 Stephen second married Bethiah Linnell, daughter of Robert Linnell (-27 Jan 1662/3) & Peninah House, in Eastham, MA.136 Born ca 1640/1 in Barnstable, MA. Bethiah was baptized in Barnstable, MA, on 7 Feb 1641.30 Bethiah died on 25 Mar 1726 in Harwich.30

Children of Henry and Bethiah (Linnell) Atkins, born at Eastham:
    i. Desire Atkins, b. 7 May 1665;
    ii. John Atkins, b. 15 Dec 1666;
    iii. Joseph Atkins, b. 4 Mar 1669;
    iv. Nathaniel Atkins, b. 25 Dec 1667;
    v. Thomas Atkins, b. 19 Jun 1671;
    vi. John Atkins, b. 1 Aug 1674, d. young;
    vii. Mercy Atkins, b. 24 Nov 1676; and
    viii. Samuel Atkins, b. 25 Jun 1679.136
7141. John Hopkins. Born in 1643 in Yarmouth, MA.136,92 John died ca 1643.136 John “died being 3 months old”.

John died ae 3 months.30
7142. Abigail Hopkins. Born in Oct 1644 in Yarmouth, MA.136 Abigail died ca 1691 in Harwich, MA.241

Children of William and Abigail (Hopkins) Merrick, born in Eastham:
    i. Rebecca, b. 28 Nov 166858;
    ii. William, b. 1 Aug 1670,58 d. 20 Mar 1670/1;136
    also Stephen, Benjamin, Nathaniel (m. Alice Freeman), Hannah, John, Joshua, Ruth, and Samuel.
On 23 May 1667 Abigail married William Merrick, son of William Merrick (ca 1602-1688/9) & Rebecca Tracy (say 1625-), in Eastham, MA.136,58 Born on 15 Sep 1643 in Duxbury, MA.58,136 William died in Harwich on 30 Oct 1732; he was 89.30
Their children include:
Ruth Merrick (ca 1684-13 Feb 1766)
7143. Deborah Hopkins. Born in Jun 1648 in Eastham, MA.136 Deborah died in Dec 1727.241

Children of Josiah and Deborah, born in Eastham:
    i. Elizabeth, b. 12 Oct 1669, d. second week Apr 1670;
    ii. Josiah, b. 12 Nov 1670;
    iii. Richard, b. 1 Sep 1672;
    iv. Elizabeth, b. middle of Jun 1674;
    v. Caleb, b. 15 Nov 1676;
    vi. Deborah, b. 15 Feb 1678;
    vii. Joshua, b. 4 Feb 1682; and
    viii. Benjamin, b. 28 Feb 1686.136
On 27 Jul 1668 Deborah married Josiah Cook, son of Josias Cook (ca 1610-17 Oct 1673) & Elizabeth Ring (ca 1609-ca 1687), in Eastham, MA.136 Born ca 1645 in Eastham, MA.30 Josiah died on 31 Jan 1731/2 in Eastham, MA.136
Their children include:
Josiah Cook (12 Nov 1670-7 Dec 1727)
Elizabeth Cook (middle of Jun 1674-)
Deborah Cook (15 Feb 1678-)
Joshua Cook (4 Feb 1682-bet 1737 and 1746)
7144. Caleb Hopkins. Born in Jan 1650 in Eastham, MA.136 Caleb died bef 22 May 1728 in Truro, MA.30

Caleb removed to Truro, where his father had tracts of land.88
On 10 May 1692 Caleb married Mary Williams, daughter of Thomas Williams & Elizabeth Tart.241 Born on 30 Jul 1652 in Eastham, MA.

Caleb and Mary had Caleb, Nathaniel, Thomas, Thankful, and Constant.88
7145. Ruth Hopkins. Born in Jun 1653 in Eastham, MA.136 Ruth died on 29 Oct 1738 in Eastham, MA.

The Ruth Hopkins who married Samuel Mayo was, most likely, the daughter of Giles Hopkins.

Children of Samuel and Ruth (Hopkins) Mayo: Hannah, Sarah, Samuel, Jonathan, Rebecca, and Mercy.
On 26 May 1681 Ruth married Samuel Mayo (23091) , son of Nathaniel Mayo (ca 1627-1662) & Hannah Prence (9322) (ca 1629-25 Nov 1698), in Eastham, MA.92 Born on 12 Oct 1655 in Eastham, MA.58 Samuel died in Eastham, MA, on 29 Oct 1738; he was 83.167
7146. Joshua Hopkins. Born in Jun 1657 in Eastham, MA.136 Joshua died bet 14 May 1734 and 31 Aug 1738.30 Occupation: farmer and shoemaker.88

Joshua settled on the east side of Town cove, near his father’s house. His house stood near or on the spot where the house of the late Isaac Seabury now [1916] stands. He was a very wealthy man. Much of his landed estate he inherited. He owed land in Eastham, Harwich, and Chatham.88
On 26 May 1681 Joshua married Mary Cole, daughter of Daniel Cole (ca 1614-21 Dec 1694) & Ruth Chester (ca 1627-15 Dec 1694), in Eastham, MA.136 Born on 10 Mar 1658 in Eastham, MA.58,136 Mary died in Eastham, MA, on 1 Mar 1733/4; she was 74.136

Children of Joshua and Mary (Cole) Hopkins, born at Eastham:
    i. John Hopkins, b. 16 Apr 1684, d. 24 Jun 1700;
    ii. Abigail Hopkins, b. 9 Mar 1685/6;
    iii. Elisha Hopkins, b. 17 Dec 1688;
    iv. Lydia Hopkins, b. 1 Apr 1692;
    v. Mary Hopkins, b. 20 Jan 1694/5;
    vi. Joshua Hopkins, b. 20 Feb 1697/8;
    vii. Hannah Hopkins, b. 25 Mar 1700; and
    viii. Phebe Hopkins, b. 11 Mar 1702.136
Their children include:
Abigail Hopkins (9 Mar 1687-aft 3 Feb 1747)
7147. William Hopkins. Born on 9 Jan 1660/1 in Eastham, MA.58,136

“William, the youngest son of Giles Hopkins, was never married. He was living in 1690. He seems not to have been capable of looking out for himself, and his father made ample provision for his support during life, leaving the matter of his support with Stephen, the executor, who, is is presumed, strictly carried out his father’s plans in relation to his maintenance.”88
7148. Elizabeth Hopkins. Born in Nov 1664 in Eastham, MA.136 Elizabeth died in Dec 1664 in Eastham, MA.136
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