Pane-Joyce Genealogy

Family of Hepzibah Ford (3435) & Richard Lyman (3800)

10295. Sarah Lyman. Born in 1643 in Windsor, CT. Sarah died ca 1706 in Hartford, CT.

Two years before Sarah married John Marsh, her mother Hebzibah (Ford) Lyman married John’s father John Marsh Sr. as his second wife.

On 28 Nov 1666 Sarah married John Marsh (1942) , son of John Marsh (1618-28 Sep 1688) & Anne Webster (759) (ca 1621-9 Jun 1662), in Northampton, MA. Born ca 1643 in Hartford, CT.179 John died in 1727 in Hartford, CT.20

John was freeman 1670.24

Their children include:
4924 i. John Marsh (1668-1 Oct 1744)
4925 ii. Lieut. Nathaniel Marsh (Twin) (ca 1671-1748)
4926 iii. Capt. Joseph Marsh (Twin) (ca 1671-)
4927 iv. Sarah Marsh (ca 1673-ca 1748)
4928 v. Elizabeth Marsh (ca 1675-21 Dec 1696)
4929 vi. Hannah Marsh (Died young) (ca 1677-)
4930 vii. Ebenezer Marsh (ca 1679-)
4931 viii. Hannah Marsh (ca 1681-22 Aug 1760)
4932 ix. Lydia Marsh (ca 1684-)
4933 x. Hepzibah Marsh (ca 1686-ca 1755)
4934 xi. Capt. Jonathan Marsh (ca 1688-1783)

10296. Hepzibah Lyman. Born in 1644 in Windsor, CT. Hepzibah died on 4 Jun 1732 in Lebanon, CT. Buried in Old Cem., Lebanon.

On 6 Nov 1662 Hepzibah married Dea. Josiah Dewey, son of Thomas Dewey (by 1613-27 Apr 1648) & Frances Randall (-27 Sep 1690), in Northampton, MA.16 Born ca Oct 1641 in Windsor, CT. Josiah was baptized in Windsor, CT, on 10 Oct 1641.229 Josiah died on 7 Sep 1732 in Lebanon, CT.

Their children include:
24701 i. Hepzibah Dewey (9 Oct 1663-)
24702 ii. Mary Dewey (Died soon) (16 Oct 1665-11 Jan 1666)
24703 iii. Josiah Dewey (24 Dec 1666-ca 1750)
24704 iv. John Dewey (9 Feb 1668/9-)
24705 v. Nathaniel Dewey (20 Feb 1673-)
24706 vi. Joseph Dewey (Died soon) (11 Aug 1674-Jun 1675)
24707 vii. Elizabeth Dewey (10 Jul 1677-2 Oct 1757)
24708 viii. Ebenezer Dewey (ca 1679-Dec 1711)
24709 ix. Experience Dewey (Twin) (9 Apr 1682-)
24710 x. Joseph Dewey (Twin, died young) (9 Apr 1682-9 Jul 1682)
24711 xi. Benjamin Dewey (Died soon) (8 Jul 1685-13 Jul 1685)

10297. Richard Lyman. Born on 26 May 1647 in Windsor, CT. Richard died in Lebanon, CT, on 4 Nov 1708; he was 61.

Richard removed to Lebanon, 1696.24

On 26 May 1675 when Richard was 28, he married Elizabeth Cowles, daughter of John Cowles (-15 Sep 1677) & Hannah [Cowles] (-16 Mar 1683/4), in Hartford, CT. Born on 4 Feb 1645 in Farmington, CT. Elizabeth died ca 1696 in Lebanon, CT.

Their children include:
24712 i. Samuel Lyman (Apr 1676-4 Nov 1708)
24713 ii. Richard Lyman (1678-3 Jun 1746)
24714 iii. John Lyman (6 Jul 1680-)
24715 iv. Isaac Lyman (16 Feb 1681-May 1758)
24716 v. Lieut. Jonathan Lyman (1 Jan 1683/4-11 Aug 1753)
24717 vi. Elizabeth Lyman (23 Mar 1685-)
24718 vii. David Lyman (28 Nov 1688-)
24719 viii. Josiah Lyman (6 Feb 1689/90-6 Feb 1760)

10298. Thomas Lyman. Born in 1650 in Windsor, CT. Thomas died on 15 Jul 1725 in Durham, CT.

Thomas was freeman 1690, and removed to Durham.24

On 14 May 1678 Thomas married Ruth Holton, daughter of Dea. William Holton (28 Apr 1610-12 Aug 1691) & Mary Winche (-16 Nov 1691), in Windsor, CT. Born ca 1643 in Hartford, CT. Ruth died on 12 Jul 1725 in Durham, CT.

Their children include:
24720 i. Ens. Thomas Lyman (13 Apr 1679-28 May 1727)
24721 ii. Mindwell Lyman (14 Apr 1681-5 Feb 1758)
24722 iii. Dea. Ebenezer Lyman (7 Jun 1682-15 Feb 1762)
24723 iv. Elizabeth Lyman (23 Mar 1685-)
24724 v. Noah Lyman (Apr 1687-25 May 1723)
24725 vi. Enoch Lyman (18 Jan 1690/1-ca 1746)

10299. Phyllis Lyman. Born ca 1651.

10300. Elizabeth Lyman. Born ca 1652 in Windsor, CT. Elizabeth died on 22 Mar 1676 in Northampton, MA.24

On 20 Aug 1672 Elizabeth married Joshua Pomeroy (7722) , son of Eltweed Pomeroy (2738) (ca 1585-Mar 1673) & Margery Rockett (-5 Jul 1655), in Northampton, MA.24 Born ca 1646 in Windsor, CT. Joshua was baptized in Windsor, CT, on 22 Nov 1646.229 Joshua died on 16 Oct 1689 in Deerfield, MA.24

Joshua, of Northampton, removed to Deerfield, MA, in 168324

From the Pomeroy Family:109
    Joshua was among the early settlers of Northampton; gave four pounds of flax (4s) to Harvard College; he removed to Deerfield, where he settled, and on March 30, 1682, there was made to him a grant of 'seven cow commons,' and a fourt-acre lot on Green River. In 1686, he built thereon the first house in Greenfield. He was on the first board of Selectmen, and prominent in the affairs of the settlement.

Their children include:
20326 i. John Pomeroy (Died soon) (2 May 1674-20 Nov 1674)
20327 ii. Joshua Pomeroy (24 Sep 1675-)

10301. Joanna Lyman. Born in 1654 in Windsor, CT.

10302. John Lyman. Born in 1655 in Windsor, CT. John died on 13 Oct 1727 in Hadley, MA.

In Dec 1694 John married Abigail Holton, daughter of John Holton (ca 1640-14 Apr 1712) & Abigail Fisher (-aft 1718), in Northampton, MA. Born ca 1672 in Dedham, MA. Abigail died on 24 Nov 1714 in Northampton, MA.

Their children include:
24726 i. Abigail Lyman (Died soon) (12 Mar 1695/6-15 Apr 1696)
24727 ii. Abigail Lyman (1 Feb 1696/7-24 Mar 1755)
24728 iii. Nathan Lyman (Died soon) (1 Jan 1698/9-11 Apr 1700)
24729 iv. James Lyman (ca 1700-25 Sep 1769)
24730 v. Abner Lyman (1 Feb 1700/1-)
24731 vi. Job Lyman (Died soon) (1 Dec 1702-May 1703)
24732 vii. Lieut. Joshua Lyman (27 Feb 1703/4-11 Sep 1777)
24733 viii. Nathan Lyman (5 May 1706-16 Oct 1784)

10303. Hannah Lyman. Born on 20 Jul 1660 in Windsor, CT.109 Hannah died in Colchester, CT, on 11 Oct 1736; she was 76.109

On 20 Jun 1677 when Hannah was 16, she married Joseph Pomeroy (7723) , son of Eltweed Pomeroy (2738) (ca 1585-Mar 1673) & Margery Rockett (-5 Jul 1655), in Westfield?16 Born ca Jun 1652 in Windsor, CT. Joseph was baptized in Windsor, CT, on 20 Jun 1652.229 Joseph died on 22 Sep 1734 in Colchester, CT.

Joseph, of Westfield, was freeman 1680, and removed to Colchester, CT.24

From the Pomeroy Family:109
    Joseph was one of the early settlers of Northampton, and is credited to that town as a soldier in King William’s war, having served at intervals between 1688 and 1698. It is said that he lived in Westfield, MA, and Lebanon, CT, and in 1703 removed to Colchester, CT, and about 1715 he removed to Boston, locating near Corn-hill.
    Joseph Pomeroy removed to Colchester very early in the settlement of that town, and was one of the original proprietors. He had a division or a home lot, as it is sometimes spoken of, in the first allotment in 1701, on the hill ‘Chemantups’ (a hill in the north part of the town, so called by the Indians from its resemblance in shape to a human skull), and probably lived there.
    In 1703 he was appointed, together with Ebenezer Coleman, a committee to eject at their sole expense, certain trespassers ‘by force if necessary,’ who were taking up land in a place called Pangwonk, (south and west of Gardner’s Lake), under the authority of one Major Palmer, who claimed to have derived a title to certain lands there from an Indian, one Captain Sanape. There were finally successful in doing this, and for their services the proprietors granted them each one hundred acres of the land in dispute. Joseph Pomeroy was a man of prominence in town affairs. We find him an officer during the whole time covered by his residence here. In 1703 he was appointed to run the town lines between this and other towns. In 1708 he was chosen constable, collector and lister. We find his name among a list of fifty-two who were proprietors of the town in 1713; also, in this year we find that he sold two farms in Colchester; and also, the following entry in the records: ‘Dec. 14, 1713. To ball all town ’Counts, £00 13 3.’
    Probably this was in settlement of his accounts with the town as a Collector, etc., which closes his connection with the town of Colchester, as far a we can ascertain, as his name after that disappears from the records.
    The Colchester records has the following: “The General Court. Oct. 17, 1703, having been petitioned, granted to the inhabitants of Colchester liberty to imbody themselves into church estate and to call and settle an orthodox minister of ye Gospel among them with the advice and consent of neighboring churches.” He was one of the earliest members of this church.
    In connection witli his church history, we find in Stiles’ History of Windsor, a letter dated 2 April 1711, written by him to Nathaniel Loomis of Colchester, in which he says: “I being heare at Windsor to see whether Mr. Thomas Elsworth would come and compleate the Bargain which he and you made concerning ye finishing of our meeting-house, and he says yt he is no ways concerned, having agreed with you to finish the work, which I know to be so, and your not coming to do it makes some trouble amongst us,” and urges him to come and attend to the matter, threatening if he does not that “we shall speedily put you to trouble about it;” etc.
    In 1728 we find in the Boston town records that Joseph Pomeroy was chosen clerk of the markets. * * * In 1730, that he was chosen and sworn as Constable of Boston. * * * In 1733, that he paid a tax of 8s for repairs to pump in the Towns Ground, Corn-Hill, Boston.

Their children include:
20334 i. Joseph Pomeroy (Died soon) (1 Sep 1678-26 Nov 1678)
20335 ii. Hannah Pomeroy (Died soon) (13 Dec 1679-7 Jan 1680)
20336 iii. Hannah Pomeroy (Died young) (Jan 1681-bef 1694)
20337 iv. Elizabeth Pomeroy (Died soon) (7 Sep 1682-4 Aug 1683)
20338 v. Abigail Pomeroy (25 Jan 1683-3 Jun 1709)
20339 vi. Joseph Pomeroy (Died soon) (Sep 1685-Sep 1685)
20340 vii. Medad Pomeroy (4 Nov 1686-4 Oct 1740)
20341 viii. John Pomeroy (Died soon) (11 Jul 1688-2 Aug 1688)
20342 ix. Sarah Pomeroy (3 Feb 1690-1751)
20343 x. Hannah Pomeroy (Died soon) (22 Apr 1694-bef 1698)
20344 xi. Dea. Joseph Pomeroy (20 Dec 1695-)
20345 xii. Hannah Pomeroy (22 Apr 1698-)
20346 xiii. Noah Pomeroy (19 May 1700-16 Feb 1779)

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