Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Family of Lieut. Jonathan Eaton (10244) & Mary [Eaton]
24757. Mary Eaton. Born on 25 Dec 1691 in Reading, MA.76 Mary died in 1691.109
24758. Samuel Eaton. Born on 26 Apr 1693 in Reading, MA.76 Samuel died in Reading, MA, on 14 Aug 1693.76
24759. Mary Eaton. Born on 17 Oct 1694 in Reading, MA.76

Child of Josiah and Mary (Eaton) Nurse, born at Reading:
    i. Mary Nurse, b. 14 Apr 1718.76
On 20 Dec 1716 when Mary was 22, she married Josiah Nurse, son of Francis Nurse (3 Feb 1660-5 Feb 1715/6) & Sarah Tarbell (-Feb 1745/6), in Reading, MA.76 Born on 9 Sep 1694 in Reading, MA.76 Josiah died in Reading, MA, on 4 Apr 1718; he was 23.76
24760. John Eaton. Born on 31 Jan 1696/7 in Reading, MA.76 John died ca 1758 in Reading, MA.109
On 28 Dec 1721 when John was 25, he married Abigail Roberts, daughter of Abraham Roberts (ca 1654-12 Sep 1731) & Susanna Thompson (4 Jul 1661-27 Feb 1726), in Reading, MA.76 Born ca 1701. Abigail died aft 1758.

Children of John and Abigail (Roberts) Eaton, born at Reading76:
    i. John Eaton, b. 12 May 1723, m. Elizabeth Boutwell, and settled in West Parish;
    ii. Thomas Eaton, b. 17 Feb 1724/5;
    iii. Abigail Eaton, b. 3 Mar 1727, d. 22 Jun 1727;
    iv. Abigail Eaton, b. 29 Jul 1731, d. same day;
    iv. James Eaton, b. 6 Nov 1733.109
Their children include:
James Eaton (6 Nov 1733-)
24761. Samuel Eaton. Born on 1 Nov 1702 in Reading, MA.76
24762. Nathaniel Eaton. Born ca 1700.109
Nathaniel married Lydia [Eaton].

Nathaniel and Lydia lived in the westerly part of Wakefield. Their children, recorded in Reading:76
    i. Nathan, b. 18 Oct 1726;
    ii. Jonathan, b. 18 Jul 1728;
    iii. Lydia, b. 19 Aug 1730;
    iv. Nathaniel, b. 12 Feb 1731/2;
    v. Mary, b. 9 Jul 1734;
    vi. William, b. 16 Mar 1737, m. Rebecca Flint;
    vii. Elizabeth, twin, b. 3 Oct 1740;
    viii. Sarah, twin, b. 3 Oct 1740, m. 1760 Jonathan Poole; and
    ix. Susanna, b. 2 Mar 1746.109
24763. Noah Eaton. Born on 27 Sep 1704 in Reading, MA. Noah died in Worcester, MA, on 18 Dec 1768; he was 64.

Noah “lived a while at the homestead on the hill. Afterwords, in 1732, he purchased of Benjamin Gibson, of Boston, the former homestead of Zachariah Poole, leather-dresser, who had sold to said Gibson and removed to Medford,—the same place formerly owned by Dea. Jacob Eaton, at the corner of Eaton and Cresecnt Strees. On this place, which included the land on both sides of Eaton Street, and extended easterly to the ‘Lot End Road,’ now Vernon STreet, he lived until his death.”109
On 21 Dec 1726 when Noah was 22, he married Phebe Lillie, daughter of John Lillie (5 Dec 1662-1762) & Hannah Bassett (25 Feb 1660-), in Woburn, MA.76 Born on 21 Feb 1705 in Woburn, MA.115 Phebe died in 1786.109

Phebe, of Woburn. Children of Noah and Phebe (Lille) Eaton:
    i. Noah Eaton, b. 1728, settled in Woburn;
    ii. Phebe Eaton, b. 1731, m. 1749, Thomas Hart of Lynnfield;
    iii. Katharine Eaton, b. 1735, d. soon;
    iv. Hannah Eaton, b. 1738, Hannah m. Mr. Boutwell of Amherst, NH;
    v. Lilley Eaton, twin, b. 1738, m. 1762, Sarah Emerson (dau. of Dea. Brown Emerson);
    vi. Katharine Eaton, b. 1744, m. John Emerson;
    vii. Susanna Eaton, b. 1749; and
    viii. Reuben Eaton, b. 1746, m. 1773 Sarah Hart.
Their children include:
Noah Eaton (9 Mar 1727/8-10 Jan 1796)
Phebe Eaton (1 Aug 1730-15 Sep 1817)
24764. Joanna Eaton. Born on 3 Jun 1708 in Reading, MA.76 Joanna died in Reading, MA, on 12 Nov 1708.76
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