Pane-Joyce Genealogy
35239. John Cushing. Born on 6 Sep 1688 in Boston, MA.25
35240. Elizabeth Cushing. Born on 4 Nov 1691 in Boston, MA.2 Elizabeth died in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire, on 30 Dec 1730; she was 39.2

Jonathan and Elizabeth were simultaneously first cousins once removed and second cousins. His mother and her paternal grandmother were sisters. Also, their paternal grandfathers were brothers.

Married at the church in Brattle Square:
    Mr. Jonathan Cushing & Mrs. Elizabeth Cushing. 24 Oct 1717
The Manifesto church. Records of the church in brattle square, Boston, Boston: 1902

Children of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Cushing) Cushing, born at Dover:
    i. Peter Cushing, b. 9 Oct 1718, d. 24 Jun 1780 at Dover, m. Mary Bampton (d. 31 Jul 1798 at Dover);
    ii. Jonathan Cushing, b. 24 Mar 1720, d. unmarried on his return from the French War;
    iii. Deborah Cushing, b. 6 Jan 1722;
    iv. William Cushing, b. 26 Dec 1723, m. Mary Watson (dau. of David & Mary (Dudley) Watson);
    v. Elizabeth Cushing, b. 5 Jan 1725, d. Dec 1811, m. John Wingate (b. 5 May 1719 at Dover, d. 15 Mar 1776 at Madbury, NH, son of John & Dorothy (Tibbetts) Wingate); and
    vi. Hannah Cushing, b. 11 Sep 1726, d. next day.
On 24 Oct 1717 when Elizabeth was 25, she married Rev. Jonathan Cushing (16845) , son of Peter Cushing (10024) (29 Mar 1646-14 Apr 1719) & Hannah Hawke (6195) (ca 1655-4 Apr 1737), in Brattle Square Church, Boston. Born on 20 Dec 1689 in Hingham, MA.45 Jonathan died in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire, on 25 Mar 1769; he was 79.2 Buried in Cushing Tomb, Pine Tree Hill, Dover. Education: Harvard 1712.2

From The Genealogy of the Cushing Family, page 34:2
    Peter died 25 March, 1769, and was buried in the Cushing Tomb on Pine Tree Hill, Dover, which was built by his own direction immediately after the death of his wife in 1730, and where a tablet is erected to his memory. He graduated from Harvard College in 171 2, and taught school in Hingham, for a time. He was settled as minister, in Dover, N. H., 18 Sept., 1717, on a salary of £90 a year, and continued his pastorate there until his death in 1769, although for two years previous to that event he had Rev. Jeremy Belknap as a colleague. He was “a grave and sound preacher, a kind, peaceable, prudent and judicious pastor, a wdse and faithful friend.” In personal appearance he is said to have been “a large, stout man, of dignified appearance.” The meeting house in which he preached for the first 41 years stood upon Pine Tree Hill, a little distance northwest of the Cushing tomb. The parson's dwelling-house was not far from the church.
Their children include:
Peter Cushing (9 Oct 1718-24 Jun 1780)
Jonathan Cushing (Died unmarried) (24 Mar 1720-)
Deborah Cushing (5 or 6 Jan 1722-3 Feb 1800)
William Cushing (26 Dec 1723-)
Mary Cushing (5 Jan 1725-Dec 1811)
Hannah Cushing (11 Sep 1729-12 Sep 1729)
35241. Thomas Cushing. Born on 30 Jan 1694 in Boston, MA.2 Thomas was baptized on 4 Feb 1694.25 Thomas died in Boston, MA, on 11 Apr 1746; he was 52.2 Education: Harvard 1711.

From the Genealogy of the Cushing Family, pages 51–52:2
    Thomas was representative from Boston to the General Court in 1731, and Speaker 1742 to 1747. He was a merchant of Boston, distinguished for his wealth, ability, zeal in his country’s service, integrity, and in a peculiar manner for his piety. He was frequently chosen moderator of their famous town meetings, and was moderator of the thown meeting 3 Sep 1742 when Boston voted thanks to Peter Faneuil Esq. for the gift of the Market House and Town Hall. He was a member of the Old South Church, then under the pastorate of the immortal Paul Prince, who in his funeral discourse says of him: ‘I found that in a small, relaxed and feeble body, dwelt a great, alively, strong and well composed soul.’ James S. Loring read a paper before the New Eng. Hist. & Gen. Soc. 1 Oct 1856 on Thomas Cushing; published in The American Historical Magazine, 1st Series, Vol. VI, page 212.
On 4 Jun 1724 when Thomas was 30, he married Mary Bromfield (30164) , daughter of Hon. Edward Bromfield (10 Jan 1648-2 Jun 1734) & Mary Danforth (13006) (13 Mar 1662/3-7 Oct 1734).2 Born on 9 Jun 1689 in Boston, MA.2 Mary died in Boston, MA, on 30 Oct 1746; she was 57.2
Their children include:
Thomas Cushing (24 Mar 1725-28 Feb 1788)
Edward Cushing (Died unmarried) (2 Nov 1727-1752)
Mary Cushing (18 Oct 1728-)
35242. Margaret Cushing. Born on 19 Jul 1696 in Boston, MA.2

Married at the church in Brattle Square:
    Mr. William Fletcher & Mrs. Margaret Cushing, 29 May 1717
The Manifesto church. Records of the church in brattle square, Boston, Boston: 1902
On 29 May 1717 when Margaret was 20, she married William Fletcher in Brattle Square Church, Boston. Born in England.

There were apparently two or more different families, William and Margaret Fletcher, living in Boston at the same time. One family could not account for the births of all the children of William and Margaret that appear in the Boston records. Some of them were baptized at the Brattle Street church by their mother Margaret Fletcher and were, no doubt, the children of William and Margaret (Cushing) Fletcher who were married at that church in 1717.
    Amie Fletcher, 4 Dec 1718
    Margaret Fletcher, 6 Jan 1720
    John Fletcher, 18 Aug 1720 (bp. Brattle)
    Margaret Fletcher, 20 Jan 1722
    Daniel Fletcher, 15 May 1722
    Thomas Fletcher, 4 Feb 1723
    Thomas Fletcher, 23 Apr 1725
    Thomas Fletcher, 9 Oct 1725 (bp. Brattle)
    William Fletcher, 23 Apr 1725
    John Fletcher, 15 Nov 1726
    Thomas Fletcher, 15 Nov 1726
    Deborah Fletcher, 29 Jan 1727 (bp. Brattle)
    Ammi Fletcher, 30 Oct 1728
    Thomas Fletcher, 30 Jan 1728
    Mary Fletcher, 20 Jun 1730 (bp. Brattle)
    Samuel Fletcher, 7 Mar 1733 (bp. Brattle)
Their children include:
William Fletcher (Jun 1717-)
John Fletcher (18 Aug 1720-)
Thomas Fletcher (9 Oct 1725-)
Deborah Fletcher (29 Jan 1727[/8]-)
Mary Fletcher (20 Jun 1730-7 Oct 1797)
Samuel Fletcher (7 Mar 1733[/4]-)
35243. Deborah Cushing. Born on 17 Jun 1699 in Boston, MA.2 Deborah was baptized on 18 Jun 1699.25
35244. Jonathan Cushing. Born on 13 Mar 1701 in Boston, MA.2 Jonathan was baptized on 16 Mar 1701.25
35245. Hannah Cushing. Born on 17 Jan 1703 in Boston, MA.25

Married at the church in Brattle Square:
    Mr. Thomas Hill & Mrs. Hannah Cushing, 13 Jul 1737
The Manifesto church. Records of the church in brattle square, Boston, Boston: 1902
On 13 Jul 1727 when Hannah was 24, she married Thomas Hill, son of Henry Hill (-8 Jul 1726) & Mary Blomfield (ca 1670-aft Jul 1726), in Brattle Square Church, Boston. Born on 11 Jun 1704 in Boston, MA. Thomas died in Boston, MA, on 15 May 1779; he was 74.
35246. Samuel Cushing. Born on 14 Jan 1705 in Boston, MA.2 Samuel died in Boston, MA, on 4 Jun 1706; he was 1.2 Buried in Granary Burial Ground, Boston.
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