Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Polly White (55808) & Ens. Thomas Joyce
63127. Mary Joyce. Born on 2 Feb 1800 in Weymouth, MA.297
63128. Thomas Joyce White. Born on 11 Aug 1801 in Weymouth, MA.297 Thomas died in Woburn, MA, on 4 Apr 1880; he was 78. Buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Thomas Joyce lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with wife Sally Joyce, and minor children Charles White Joyce and Sarah Joyce. They changed their surname to White in about 1845. Thomas became Thomas Joyce White, and his son Charles White Joyce became Charles Joyce White.

1850 Federal Census. Chambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Roll 325, page 148B
    Thomas J. White, 49, shoe dealer[?], b. MA
    Sarah White, 43, b. MA
    Charles J. White, 11, b. MA
    Sarah White, Jr, 7, b. MA
    Mary C. White, 5, b. MA
    Mary Fallong, 13, b. Ireland

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
    Thomas Joyce White, d. 11 Aug 1801, Æ. 78 years, 7 months, 25 days
    Sarah White, d. 5 Dec 1877, Æ. 71 years, 2 months, 5 days
Plot: VERBENA PATH, Lot 1413
On 16 Sep 1834 when Thomas was 33, he married Sarah Russell, daughter of Nathan Russell & Sybil Blood, in Cambridge, MA. Born on 30 Sep 1806 in Lexington, MA. Sarah died in Woburn, MA, on 5 Dec 1877; she was 71. Buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery.
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