Julia and Mandelbrot Set Explorer

David E. Joyce

For background on Julia and Mandelbrot sets, see the introduction. There is detailed help available for using this form. For more information on complex numbers, see Dave's Short Course on Complex Numbers. Also, check out the Applet to explore the Mandelbrot set.

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Mandelbrot Set:
x in [-1.0,2.0];
y in [-1.5,1.5].


Clicks on the Mandelbrot set image will
get a Julia set
magnify the Mandelbrot set by a factor of

Alternate Mandelbrot parameter plane

Width= by Height= in pixels.
Maximum number of iterations=

Note that it may take a while if you set your parameters to ask for a big image or a lot of iterations.

Image rendition

Image colors Wrap through the colors times.
Escape shape: Level pattern:

Index of recently created images. Many interesting images are found by others. Click on html files for the full form; click on gif files for just the image.

September, 1994. This page copyright © 1994. Images produced by this Julia and Mandelbrot Explorer are in the public domain and may be used for any purpose whatsoever.
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