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Preface I

Method and Results

[v] The fourth of the "Collected Essays" in the volume now published gives an account of the indispensable conditions of scientific assent, as they are defined by the author of the famous "Discours de la Methode."

The other eight set forth the results which, in my judgment, are attained by the application of the "Method" of Descartes to the investigation of problems of widely various kinds; in the right solution of which we are all deeply interested, Hence I have given the volume the title of "Method and Results."

Written, for the most part, in the scant leisure of pressing occupations, or in the intervals of ill-health, these essays are free neither from superfluities in the way of repetition, nor from deficiencies which, I doubt not, will be even more conspicuous to other eyes than they are to my own. But so far as their substance goes, I find nothing to alter in them,–though the oldest bears the date of 1866. Whether that is evidence of the soundness of my opinions, or of my having made no progress in wisdom for the last quarter of a century, must be left to the courteous reader to decide.

Hodeslea, Eastbourne.
January 16th, 1893.


Autobiography 1
I On the Advisableness of Improving Natural Knowledge [1866] 18
II The Progress of Science [1887] 42
III On the Physical Basis of Life [1868] 130
IV On Descartes' "Discourse Touching the Method of Using One's Reason Rightly and of Seeking Scientific Truth" [1870] 166
V On the Hypothesis that Animals are Automata, and Its History [1874] 199
VI Administrative Nihilism [1871] 251
VII On the Natural Inequality of Men [1890] 290
VIII Natural Rights and Political Rights [1890] 336
IX Government: Anarchy or Regimentation [1890] 383

Huxley's Collected Essays.

Volume I, Method and Results
Volume II, Darwiniana
Volume III, Science & Education
Volume IV, Science and Hebrew Tradition
Volume V, Science and Christian Tradition
Volume VI, Hume: With Helps to the Study of Berkeley
Volume VII, Man's Place in Nature
Volume VIII, Discourses: Biological & Geological
Volume IX, Evolution & Ethics and Other Essays



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Gratitude and Permissions

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§ 1. THH: His Mark
§ 2. Voyage of the Rattlesnake
§ 3. A Sort of Firm
§ 4. Darwin's Bulldog
§ 5. Hidden Bond: Evolution
§ 6. Frankensteinosaurus
§ 7. Bobbing Angels: Human Evolution
§ 8. Matter of Life: Protoplasm
§ 9. Medusa
§ 10. Liberal Education
§ 11. Scientific Education
§ 12. Unity in Diversity
§ 13. Agnosticism
§ 14. New Reformation
§ 15. Verbal Delusions: The Bible
§ 16. Miltonic Hypothesis: Genesis
§ 17. Extremely Wonderful Events: Resurrection and Demons
§ 18. Emancipation: Gender and Race
§ 19. Aryans et al.: Ethnology
§ 20. The Good of Mankind
§ 21.  Jungle Versus Garden