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CB Collection

Ealing Church Gentleman in front probably Dr. Nicholas Autobiography
Great Ealing School School and playground Autobiography
Metaphysical Meeting Place (1) Grovenor Hotel, where Metaphysical Society met, (2) Bersborough Room with (3) stained-glass Victory Has a Frog a Soul?
Inventor of Protoplasm "A great Med'cine Man, among the Inqui-ring Redskins"
Vanity Fair 1871
Physical Basis of Life
Retirement Photograph by Elliot and Fry 1885 Paleontology and Evolution
PRS President Royal Society, Portrait by John Collier 1883 CE8 Preface
Tomb T. H. H. Tombstone, St. Marylebone Cemetary. Tombstone epitaph:
   Be not afraid, ye waiting hearts that weep;
   For still He giveth his beloved sleep,
   And if an endless sleep He wills, so best.
Apex Gothic THH apex of tombstone. Photos of tomb and apex by Eric Freeman Autobiography
Rattlesnake Voyage Map of voygage, December 1846-50; October 1850
Family Tree Huxley geneology
Proboscis Proboscis character, may be caricature of
(The original is missing from the Huxley Archives.)
John Tyndall
Figurehead Rattlesnake figurehead, sited at the Admiralty Materials Laboratory,Dorset. Contributed by Richard Hunter On Board
Horse Feathers Groucho Marx starring in film featuring competition between Darwin College and Huxley College Dec. 31, 59

MacGillvray: Narrative of the Voyage of H. M. S. Rattlesnake

Each sketch by T. H. H. in appropriate date - Letters and Diary
Cutting through the Scrub June 1848
"Interview with natives of Redscar Bay" June 1849
Coral Haven Canoe plan June 49
Coral Island canoe With sail hoisted, 4 canoers June 49
New Guinea Artifacts Fish hooks, Jawbone bracelet
Drum, cup, flask
Woolen pillow
Spears, shield, basket, and comb
Panean pipe with bamboo tube
Betal calabash and stopper
Watering Creek, Louisiade Archipelago June 49
Solo Single canoer June 49
Hut on Brierly Island Louisiade Archipelago June 49
Hut on stilts with palms Aug. 49
Darnley Hut Inteior Darnley Island - Sleeping Inhabitant Aug 49
Darnley Hut featuring human head Aug. 49
Quartet of Brumer Island Canoers Aug. 49
"Village of Tassai, New Guinea" Papuan man waving, woman with baby Aug. 49
Catamaran staffed by natives of Brumer Island Aug. 1849
Kennedy Party Sailless canoe
Bower with bird Cape York Oct. 1849
"Natives of Redscar Bay" Two natives chatting Oct. 1849
Funeral Scene Mount Ernest, Torres Strait Oct. 1849
Hair Style Papuan fashion, New Guinea Sept. 1849

J. Huxley, ed. T. H. Huxley's Diary of the Voyage of H. M. S. Rattlesnake

Each picture in appropriate date - Letters and Diary
Assistant Surgeon Portraits of 20-year old THH In tophat and in uniform - assistant surgeon at Haslar Naval Hospital in Gosport 1846
Tailor's Bill Hal's apparel, Haslar April 46
H. M. S. Rattlesnake from a photo in possession of Mrs. L. Huxley Dec. 46
Upcountry Conviviality at upcountry Australia, sketch by Hal on ride to Darling Downs Dec. 1847
Hal being painted Rockingham Bay May 1848
Kennedy's Reconnoitering Party Kennedy's Reconnoitering Party Cutting Its Way through the Bush June 1848
Wookduoo Pencil sketch of Cape York Woman Dec 1848
Louisiade Sailing-Canoe Plan Aug. 1849
Holmwood 1
Holmwood 2
THH sketches of Fanning House outside Sydney 1850
Lynton Huxleys Thomas and Henrietta at Lyton 1880 taken by Mrs. Bailey Science and Culture
Henrietta Huxley c. 1857 Aphorisms

THH drawings in Diary letters

Sewan "The little Asmodeus of a boy, Sewan by name." Chamerelle Falls, Mauritius June 22, 1847
Papuan canoe with pennants June 15, 1849
Je voici June 19, 1849
Gent Fig. of old gentleman Jan. 17, 51
Active Skepticism "An Active Skepticism is that which unceasingly strives to overcome itself and by well directed Research to attain to a kind of Conditional Certainty" Agnosticism
H. M. S. Rattlesnake By W. Brierly, June 6, 1848, Illustrated London News On Board
Log of voyage of H. M. S. Rattlesnake, title page, "Positions at noon," and selections

Foster & Lankester, eds. The Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry Huxley

Frontispiece of each volume reproduced in first selection from the volume.
President BAAS Portrait from a photograph by Elliot and Fry:Steel Engraving in Nature, February 5, 1874 Hair
The Great Agnostic Photography by Mayall 1893, the year of publ. of Collected Essays Persistence of Animal Types
Bust of THH in Hodeslea Hall. W. Ward reports that Huxley said of this bust by Boehm: "It is almost Voltairean." Archeopteryx
Medallion By Mr. Frank Boucher for Huxley Memorial Committee, 1898 Amphioxus
Statue THH by Onslow Ford, BMNH, 1898 Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation

National Library of Australia

These drawing by T. H. H. in appropriate places in Letters-Diary
"What on earth shall I need?" Writer Hal at Port Stephens 1846
Village scene New Guinea natives with European visitors March 1848
"Hallow Doctor! Are you off" Equestrian Hal falling off horse at Botany Bay–probably by Hal, May 1848
Bay scene Natives carrying food, swimming, canoing May 1848
Kennedy and Hal
Kennedy Party
observed by Papuans
June 48
Community Natives of Louisiade Archipelago inside a hut. Community of native women Aug. 1849
Fleet of New Guinea canoes By a coast Feb. 1850

Library of New South Wales

These drawings by T.H. H. in appropriate places in Letters-Diary
"At Booral" "At Booral, Port Stephens Ae 27 Prof. Huxley picking a turkey's legbone" Jan. 1847
Lieutenant Serving Lieutenant serving tea to Captain Owen, by THH? Characters accompanied by crucifixtion symbol Aug. 1848
Louisiade and New Guinea Natives Barter Baby, mother, two men New Guinea natives canoeing to H. M. S. Rattlesnake, coconut for bartering. Signed "Huxley" at lower left of original June 1849
Women of the Defaure Island Unsigned, inscription in unknown hand at upper right "sketched by Professor Huxley" Aug. 1849
New Guinea Coast Family emerging onto beach (Tassai?) Father, mother, child Aug. 1849
Three Frolicking Canoers Ye Natives finding ye grapes Aug. 1849
Paddlers Study of men paddling canoe
Women canoers
Cairn on Cliff By T. H. H.? "Cape York Id. Oct. 13th, 184[8?]"
Ladukapuafanoa Brother of Thakubau, a chief of Figi [sic]
Unsigned, undated; date from the time Huxley was returning to England
ca 1849

L. Huxley, ed. The Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley

FRS 1846 Daguerrotype of THH, Fellow of Royal Society Science at Sea
Professor Huxley 1857 photograph by Maull and Polyblank SAME AS HAIR PR
Henry's Father From a photograph taken by Henry Huxley, about 1881 1881
Aryan Huxley Photograph by Downey, 1890 Aryan Question
THH and JH THH with grandson Julian. Photo by Kent and Lacey, 1895 March 24, 1892
Marlborough After a Water-Colour Sketch by R. Huxley
4 Marlborough Place, residence from 1872-1892
Hodeslea Home of the Huxleys Feb. 10, 1895
Hodeslea Study Water-color by Reginald Barrett 1895
THH drawings in LL
Mademoiselle Etta Barry from her most devoted THH
Rattlesnake item
March 14, 48
Loves and Graces and cultivate the Loves and Graces, as well as the Muses – "Comme ca" the bautiful, the good March 51
To Julian Letter to Julian Huxley on Water Babies March 24, 1892
Pithecanthropus erectus Sketch of find by Dubois Feb. 14, 1895
THH-HHH Thomas Henry and Henrietta Heathorn Huxley, 1876 Lectures on Evolution

Imperial College of Science Archives

THH drawings
The Smoker Copy of "The Smoker" by Ostade, drawn by Teenage Tom 1839 Thoughts and Doings
"Am I not a man & a brother?" Hal in a prison ship hulk Dec. 46
T. H. Huxley. Aged 20. Sketch by himself. Hal reading. Hair
Waitcha Cape York mother and baby Methods of Ethnology
Trio Of Papuans chatting, New Guinea, 1849 Methods Ethnology
Cataract Huxley drawing of New Zealand Waterfall Dec. 49
Noble Swell Having received Royal Society Medal Oceanic Hydrozoa
"Journal" Hal and Nettie on honeymoon boat, 1855 1855
Portrait–Subject unknown (Supposed to be a notorious Burglar)
–self-portrait, 1857
Aug. 11, 1855
Portrtait of a Gentleman If he only knew what his examiner was doing! Portrait of a gentleman just opposite me. N.B. He can't stand it any more & has just gone out." Scientific Education
Book Fight Huxley throwing book at Pall Mall Gazette; Tyndall observing Tyndall
Soliloquy Edw. Forbes verse, THH drawings, 1852 Soliloquy
Diver Doodle Diving and oceanic figures Medusa
Lighthouse Doodle Lighthouse, equestrian Chalk
Faces Dooodle Faces Sensation and Structure of Sensiferous Organs
Dogbite THH drawing on proof of Spencer's Principles of Biology 1864 Administrative Nihilism
Gibbon hands Educational Value of the Natural History Sciences
Homo Hercules Columarum Huxley at Athenaeum Club, July 1864 Neanderthal
"Eohippus + Eohomo" Doodle of extinct man riding extinct horse, c. 1876 Persistent Types of Animal Life
Who upset the Booth? A Happy New Year Social Diseases
Alma Mater Homage to - Alma Mater
Round my Garden (1) "Charles suddenly fascinated by a new & elegant watering pot." (2) "Spends all his days and nights making love to her." Vivisection Bill, Times May 76
Baby Fig. in letter to J. Tyndall July 1857
Asinine Critic Fig. in letter to Tyndall March 1857
Trio Papuans chatting May 1849
G. O. M. and pig Fig. in letter to Knowles
Gladstone riding a Gadarene pig
Nov. 18, 1890
Butler's Mum Defamation of Samuel Butler, SOB, for his having defamed Darwin 80
FRS w Noble Swell Fellow of the Royal Society Oceanic Hydrozoa
Eminent Huxley From Ernest Edwards, Portraits of Men of Eminence 1863 Natl His
Clark Medal Photograph by Lock and Whitfield of THH honored by Clark Medal of Royal Society of New South Wales, c. 1876 Tribune
Minister Alphonse Legros oil sketch 1879, year of publication of The Crayfish and Hume. In a talk at Sion College a decade earlier, Huxley had dubbed himself "Minister." Zadig
Governor A. Bassano photograph 1880
THH Governor of Eton College 1879
Unwritten History
Dean Huxley THH at desk–pencil drawing by T.B. Wirgman 1882. THH Dean of Normal School of Science, 1881-95 May 9, 1882
Rachel's Father 2 Pencil sketch by daughter, c. 1880 73
Romanes THH By W & D Downey, 1893 Evolution and Ethics
HHH-1880 Henrietta Huxley Aphorisms
Daughters Jessie (painted by Marian); Marian, Nettie, and Rachel, Ethel (painted by John Collier) LET
Right Honorable Privy Councillor with hand in pocket, 1890 Natural Rights and Political Rights
THH-HHH Thomas Henry and Henrietta Heathorn Huxley, 1876 Lectures on Evolution
Victorian cartoons of THH
Inventor of Protoplasm Vanity Fair Jan 28, 1871 (see CB)
President of BAAS Cartoon THH as President of B.A.
The Period November 26, 1870
Based on Ill. London News portrait
Biogenesis and Abiogenesis
The Battlefield of Science and the Church THH placard reads: Genesis and Biogenesis
c. 1870 and close-up The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet
Biogenesis and Abiogenesis
Huxley on Mountin' Kids Hornet 1871
"Having anatomically gauged the capabilities of the knowledge-box to spell 'pap' fluently, and at the age of seven embark in surgery, music, and the study of natural phenomena, including, of course, itself."
School Board Address, The Times (November 1870)
Bones and Stones and Such-like Things Cartoon of THH by Frederick Waddy, (1873) Cartoon Portraits and Biographical Sketches
Our National Church By "Geefeëf" (Gordon E. Flaws), 1873
Darwin, Huxley, and Tyndall captioned by Genesis 27:2
Huxley Eikonoklastes Daily Graphic, 1876
Professor Huxley is a Great Favourite Days with Celebrities–The Fish
Fish says "Tip us your fin–Huxley Old Boy"
Inaugural Address, Fisheries Exhibition
Professor Foxley from Jenkins Lord Bantam, 1872 Physical Basis of Life
Cartoons from Punch
P. 61-65
Monkeyana Fig. "Am I a Man and a Brother?, " 1861
"The Lion of the Season" Alarmed Flunkey. 'Mr. G-G-G-O-O-O-RILLA!' 1861 Origin of Species
The Missing Link October 18, 1862.
"The Gorilla's Dilemma" October 1862
The Cambridge Duet October 1865 with pix: "The British association,"
Sept. 1865 – Huxley & Owen, with fossil audience
P. 74-83
Wanted: The Philosopher Fig. "Wanted, The Philosopher" May 1874
British Automata; Or, Hopelessly Unconscious September 12, 1874
Dogmatists on Dogma November 1874
Monkey Flute Fig. The Fine Old Atom-Molecule
December 1874
Piscequestrian THH riding fish
Punch (1883)
Inaugural Address, Fisheries Exhibition
THH Chatting with Mermaid Inaugural Address, Fisheries Exhibition
X "Merry Meeting" "A Merry Meeting at the Royal Institution."
July 11, 1885

Appleton - Windermeer edition

Reproduced as frontispieces to CE volumes
Bust of T. H. H. Hodeslea CE I
PPS President, Paleontology Dept BAAS CE II
T. H. H. 1891 J. A. Hill, publ. Man's Place in Nature CE III
Three generations THH, Leonard and Julian CE IV
Privy Huxley H 1892 CE V
Philosophical THH CE VI
T. H. H.'s Place in Nature
1874 Same as Pres of BAAS (Hair) CE VII
PRS By John Collier 1883 CE VIII
Hodeslea Appletron ed CE IX

Down House

Pope Darwin Huxley's caricature of The Pope of Science blessing a German supplicant naturalist of the "Church Scientific," from letter to Darwin, 1868 Criticisms on "The Origin of Species"

Oxford University Museum

Restoration of Cetiosaurus on the Principle of Balancement –Homo sapiens of the period Classification of Dinosauria

Elgin Museum

Elgin Huxley This portrait of THH at about 60 accompanies study of his contribution to Elgin paleontology 1878 Address to Anthropology


BMNH Memorial THH speaking at unveiling of B. M. N. H. Darwin statue 1885; 9 June 85 Darwin Memorial

Wellcome Museum

With friend Bearded THH and his blackboard sketch of a bearded gorilla Liberal Education
Linnean Medal A. Bassano, THH at 66, recipient of Linnean Society Medal, 1891 Gentians

London Stereoscopic

Darwin Medal THH recipient of Darwin Medal of the Royal Society, 1893 Darwin Obituary

B.B.C. Hulton Picture Library

Peers THH and scientific peers Peers
THH opening Fisheries Exhibition 1883 Inaugural Address, Fisheries Exhibition

Illustrations from T. H. H. Texts

On a Hitherto Undescribed Structure in the Human Hair Sheath (1845)

Zoological Notes and Observations Made on Board H.M.S. Rattlesnake during the Years 1846-50 (1851)
Plates 14 and 16

The Oceanic Hydrozoa (1858)
Agalma Plate 2
Velella Plate 11
Medusa Plate 12

The Cell Theory (1853)
Fig. 1. Collenchyma cells of Beta vulgaris
Fig. 2. Portions of the leaf of Spagnum
Fig. 3. Junction of tendo-Achillis and cartilage
Fig. 4. Stellate "cells" of young connective tissue
Fig. 5. Submucous tissue and epithelium of the tongue
Fig. 6. Continuity of muscle with connective tissue from the tongue
Fig. 7. Branched muscle

On The Theory of the Vertebrate Skull (1859)
Fig. 1. Longitudinal section of the skull of a sheep
Fig. 2. Longitudinal section of the skull of a young ostrich
Fig. 3. Longitudinal section of the skull of a young chicken
Fig. 4. Dissection of the cranium and face of a Fœtal lamb
Fig. 5. Longitudinal section of the skull of a turtle
Fig. 6. Longitudinal section of the skull of a carp
Fig. 7. Palatosuspensorial arch of Gasterosteus
Fig. 8. Cranium and face of young Gasterostei
Fig. 9. Longitudinal section of the head of a tadpole
Fig. 10. Vertebræ of an embryonic mouse

On the Anatomy and Development of Pyrosoma (1859)

On the Persistent Types of Animal Life (1859)
sel. illustrations

On the Brain of Ateles Paniscus (1861)
Fig. 1. Transverse sections of cerebral hemispheres of Man and Ateles
Fig. 2. Left cerebral hemisphere of Ateles
Plate XXIX. The brain of Ateles paniscus

Six Lectures to Working Men "On Our Knowledge of the Causes of the Phenomena of Organic Nature" (1863)
Fig. 1-5

On the and Development of Pyrosoma - in On the Persistent Types of Animal Life SM II

On the Structure of the Mouth and Pharynx of the Scorpion (1860)

On Some Fossil Remains of Man (1863)
Engis skull, right side
Engis skull, above and front
Neanderthal skull
Neanderthal cranium
Calmuck skull
Negro skull
Beaver, Lemur, and Baboon skulls
Orthognathous and Prognathous
Australian skull
Danish skull

On the Natural History of the Man-Like Apes (1683)
Simiæ magnatum, 1598
Orang, 1641
Pygmie 1, 1699
Pygmie 2, 1699
Mandrill, 1744
Pongo skull
Gorilla walking
Butcher's shop

On the Relations of Man to the Lower Animals (1862)
Skeletons of gibbon, orang, chimpanzee, gorilla, and man
Egg of the dog
Earliest rudiment of the dog
Human ovum
Pelvisof ofan, gorilla, and gibbon
Skulls of man and various apes
Lateral views of upper jaws of various Primates
Skeleton of hand and foot of man
Skeleton of feet of man, gorilla, and orang
Internal casts of man's and chimpanzee's skulls
Cerebral hemispheres of man and chimpanzee

Further Remarks upon the Human Remains from the Neanderthal (1864)
Fig. 1-3

On Two Widely Contrasted Forms of the Human Cranium (1867)
Fig. 1-10

On Animals Which Are Most Intermediate between Birds and Reptiles (1868)
Fig. Compsognathus

Further Evidence of the Affinity between the Dinosaurian Reptiles and Birds (1870)
Fig. 1. The right tibia of Megalosaurus
Fig. 2. Corresponding views of the tibia of a young Fowl
Fig. 3. The pelvis and hind limb of an Emu and a Crocodile
Fig. 4-5. The distal end of the tibia with the astragalus of a young Ostrich

On the Relations of Pencillium, Torula, and Bacterium (1870)
Fig. 1-7

Preliminary Notes upon the Brain and Skull of Amphioxus Laceolatus (1875)

Lectures on Evolution (1876)
Fig. 1 Ideal Section of the Crust of the Earth
Fig. 2 Tracks of Brontozoum
Fig. 3 Hesperornis regalis (Marsh)
Fig. 4 Hesperornis regalis (Marsh)
Fig. 5 Ichthyornis dispar (Marsh)
Fig. 6 Birds, Ornithoscelidan, Crocodile
Fig. 7 Restoration of Compognathus longpipes
Fig. 8 Pterodactylus spectabilis (Von Meyer)
Fig. 9 Evolution of horse

Physiography (1878)
Fig. 50-58

The Crayfish: An Introduction to the Study of Zoology (1879)
Fig. 1. Astacus fluviatilis–Side view of a male specimen
Fig. 2. Astacus fluviatilis.–Dorsal or tergal views

On the Characters of the Pelvis in the Mammalia (1879)
Plate 8

A Manual of the Anatomy of Vertebrated Animals (1881)
Fig. 1. Diagrammatic section of the pregnant uterus of a deciduate placental mammal
Fig. 2. The early stages of the development of the body of a fowl
Fig. 3. Later stages of the development of the body of a fowl
Fig. 4. Successive stages of the development of the head of a chick
Fig. 61. The Alligator Terrapene
Fig. 62. Transverse section of the skeleton of Chelone midas
Fig. 63. Dorsal view of the carapace of Chelone midas:
Fig. 64. The plastron of the Green Turtle
Fig. 65. External view of a section of the auditory region of the skull in a turtle
Fig. 66. Longitudinal sections of the skull of the Turtle
Fig. 67. The left half of the underside of the skull of a turtle
Fig. 68. The skeleton of Plesiosaurus
Fig. 75. A restoration of Ichthyosaurus
Fig. 76. Parts of the skeleton of Ichthyosaurus intermedius

Lessons in Elementary Physiology (1881)
Fig. 17. Red and white corpuscles of the blood
Fig. 18. Successive forms assumed by colourless corpuscles
Fig. 61. The mouth widely opened to show the tongue and palate
Fig. 62. Vertical longitudinal sections of the nasal cavity
Fig. 63. Sections of the osseous walls of the nasal cavity
Fig. 64. The termination of the auditory nerve in an ampulla
Fig. 65. The membranous labyrinth
Fig. 66. A section through the axis of the cochlea
Fig. 67. A section through a wall of the "scala media" of the cochlea
Fig. 68. Transverse section through the side walls of the skull
Fig. 69. Membrane of the drum of the ear
Fig. 70. The relative positions of the parts of the ear

From the Hut to the Pantheon (1887)
Fig. 1. Hut
Fig. 2. Pantheon

The Gentians: Notes and Queries (1888)
Plate 26



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§ 12. Unity in Diversity
§ 13. Agnosticism
§ 14. New Reformation
§ 15. Verbal Delusions: The Bible
§ 16. Miltonic Hypothesis: Genesis
§ 17. Extremely Wonderful Events: Resurrection and Demons
§ 18. Emancipation: Gender and Race
§ 19. Aryans et al.: Ethnology
§ 20. The Good of Mankind
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