Verse by Edward Forbes
Illustrations by T. H. Huxley

Composed by a R[ed] L[ion] who came
down to Andertons, July 15th 1852
Therm 108 degrees in the sun and
suffered a Coup de Soleil or
something very like it on
the top of a bus.

Fyte I

I’ve been boiling, I’ve been boiling
Till my soul is almost fried,
Yet thank God I'm here and smiling
By the true Red Lions's side–
Whilst our Land-lord's meat is spoiling

Up in that street of Jermyn
We've been lecturing every night
Such Mammoniferous Sermons
With the room at 98°:–
Him to get gold they demanded
(As if we poor chaps could tell
By whom that same is wanted)
Yet we told them – very well!

If they find it – if they find it
The Quartz we bade them grind it
Methinks I see them now
With the sweat upon their brow
Grubbing down there in the lodes
Of the distant Antipodes,
And if Diamond – jolly jewel
Should in the diggins shine
Of that palæozoic fuel
I will claim a share as mine
By Gum!

Don't wish that I may get it
Well – I'm very happy here
As long as my Muzzle's wetted
With Mr. Clement's beer.
But if the heat continues
I'll go mad and lowly cry
For Lord Derby & Protection
And with Disraeli die,
And sure that if we do
The devil will have his Jew!

Yet is there consolation
Though boiled like roasted skate
Mild is my situation
To our colleague Ramsay’s fate
Doomed to the marriage halter
When the mercury’s so high
The thought – it makes me falter
Bring me Cobbler or I die
For straws and drink I call
Bring me Cobbler – that is all.

Got any Gold Jim?
Gold I wish I’d
got that ‘ere a
Jermyn Professor
as told me ‘ere
I should find it
I’d stick my pick
into him –



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