Sewan, the little Asmodeus of a boy.

Sketch by THH in Mauritius, 1846.

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Text Index

Alphabetical list of essays and letters written by Huxley and published during his lifetime. All the ninety-three essays of the nine-volume Collected Essays are here, fifty from Scientific Memoirs, other papers that were not included in these collections, and selections from all his books. Most of the uncollected essays would be difficult to track down elsewhere, such as "The Structure and Classification of the Mammalia" (Medical Times and Gazette, 1864), "From the Hut to the Pantheon" (Youth’s Companion, 1887), and the three papers he delivered to the Metaphysical Society ("Has a Frog a Soul?," "The Evidence of the Miracle of the Resurrection," and "The Views of Hume, Kant, and Whately upon the Logical Basis of the Doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul").

These three papers are reproduced here for the first time and also reproduced here for the first time is his lengthy survey "The Natural History of Christianity," like several other pieces existing only as a draft.

Published letters are called forth not by their date, but by their title, such as The Brain of Man and Apes and Sea Serpents. Clicking on any item in blue will bring that text, essay, book selection, or letter to the screen.

Letters Index

This index lists private letters of his diary items from 1840 to 1895. Most of these items were culled from T. H. Huxley’s Diary of the Voyage of H. M. S. Rattlesnake and The Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley, some from the Huxley Archives of the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine and from elsewhere. Clicking on any date in teal will bring that diary item or letter to the screen, such as Lieutenant Hal Huxley’s diary entry on conviviality with New Guinea natives– August 26, 1849 or Professor Huxley’s letter to Charles Darwin upon reading the Origin of Species November 23, 1859.

Commentary Index

This index, its items inventoried by author, lists 120 Victorian critiques of his work, some favorable such as Mathematics versus Geology; some hostile, such as Pope Huxley and the book Protoplasm, Powheads, Porwiggles; some humorous, such as Monkeyana. All commentaries are of Victorian vintage, 1856-1900. Clicking on an item colored violet will bring that to your screen.

A second index covers 20th century commentary.

Illustration Index

Illustrations are: (1) those drawn by THH as doodles, cartoons, diary items and epistolary enrichment; sketches, and (2) those not by but on him, relating to his life and work, such as portraits of him. No illustration roams free: all are either from original source or imposed on the piece (imposition indicated by *). Illustrations by THH are in pink, illustrations of him or related to his work are in red. Those illustrations that are incorporated in text can be brought to the screen by clicking on the relevant text item, such as Lieutenant Huxley's sketch of "the little Asmodeus of a boy, Sewan by name" Chamerelle Falls, Mauritius, in diary item of June 22, 1847; and the Vanity Fair cartoon, "A great Med'cine Man, among the Inqui-ring Redskins," accessible by clicking on Inventor of Protoplasm.

Locate an underlined item by clicking on it. To find site of illustration, check title of picture in Illustration Index. There are two categories of illustrations: those that appear in text itself, for example Huxley's doodling in his letters and Huxley as biological illustrator for his papers; and those that have been placed onto appropriate source but did not initially appear there.



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Gratitude and Permissions

C. Blinderman & D. Joyce
Clark University

§ 1. THH: His Mark
§ 2. Voyage of the Rattlesnake
§ 3. A Sort of Firm
§ 4. Darwin's Bulldog
§ 5. Hidden Bond: Evolution
§ 6. Frankensteinosaurus
§ 7. Bobbing Angels: Human Evolution
§ 8. Matter of Life: Protoplasm
§ 9. Medusa
§ 10. Liberal Education
§ 11. Scientific Education
§ 12. Unity in Diversity
§ 13. Agnosticism
§ 14. New Reformation
§ 15. Verbal Delusions: The Bible
§ 16. Miltonic Hypothesis: Genesis
§ 17. Extremely Wonderful Events: Resurrection and Demons
§ 18. Emancipation: Gender and Race
§ 19. Aryans et al.: Ethnology
§ 20. The Good of Mankind
§ 21.  Jungle Versus Garden