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Letters and Diary 1881

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From a Photograph taken by H. Huxley c. 1881
L. Huxley, Life and Letters

March 9, 1881

[To Lord Arthur Penrhyn Stanley]

Anything I can do to help in raising a memorial to Carlyle shall be most willingly done. Few men can have dissented more strongly from his way of looking at things than I; but I should not yield to the most devoted of his followers in gratitude for the bracing wholesome influence of his writings when, as a very young man, I was essaying without rudder or compass to strike out a course for myself.

August 18, 1881

[To Sir John Donnelly]

My dear Donnelly–I am astonished that you don['t known that a letter to a Dean ought to be addressed "The Very Revd." I don't generally stand much upon etiquette, but when my sacred character is touched I draw the line.

We had athletics here yesterday, and as it was a lovely day, all Cumberland and Westmoreland sent contingents to see the fun. . . .

This would be a grand place if it were drier, but the rain it raineth every day–yesterday being the only really fine day since our arrival.

However, we all thrive, so I suppose we are adapting ourselves to the medium, and shall be scaly and finny before long.

Haven't you done with Babylon yet? It is high time you were out of it.–Ever yours very faithfully,

T. H. Huxley.

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