T. H. H. 1891

Appleton ed., Vol. III frontispiece

Preface III

Science & Education

The apology offered in the Preface to the first volume of this series for the occurrence of repetitions, is even more needful here I am afraid. But it could hardly be otherwise with speeches and essays, on the same topic, addressed at intervals, during more than thirty years, to widely distant and different hearers and readers. The oldest piece, that "On the Educational Value of the Natural History Sciences," contains some crudities, which I repudiated when the lecture was first reprinted, more than twenty years ago; but it will be seen that much of what I have had to say, later on in life, is merely a development of the propositions enunciated in this early and sadly-imperfect piece of work.

In view of the recent attempt to disturb the compromise about the teaching of dogmatic theology, solemnly agreed to by the first School Board for London, the fifteenth Essay; and, more particularly, the note on p. 388, may be found interesting.

Hodeslea, Eastbourne.
September 4th, 1893.


I Joseph Priestley [1874]
(An Address delivered on the occasion of the presentation of a statue of Priestley to the town of Birmingham)
II On the Educational Value of the Natural History Sciences [1854]
(An Address delivered in S. Martin's Hall)
III Emancipation–Black and White [1865] 66
IV A Liberal Education; and Where to Find It [1868]
(An Address to the South London Working Men's College)
V Scientific Education: Notes of an After-dinner Speech [1869]
(Liverpool Philomathic Society)
VI Science and Culture [1880]
(An Address delivered at the opening of Sir Josiah Mason's Science College, Birmingham)
VII On Science and Art in Relation to Education [1882]
(An Address to the members of the Liverpool Institution)
VIII Universities: Actual and Ideal [1874]
(Rectorial Address, Aberdeen)
IX Address on University Education [1876]
(Delivered at the opening of the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore)
X On the Study of Biology [1876]
(A Lecture in connection with the Loan Collection of Scientific Apparatus, South Kensington Museum)
XI On Elementary Education in Physiology [1877] 294
XII On Medical Education [1870] 303
XIII The State and the Medical Profession [1884] 323
XIV The Connection of the Biological Sciences with Medicine [1881]
(An Address to the International Medical Congress)
XV The School Boards: What They Can Do, and What They May Do [1870] 374
XVI Technical Education [1877] 404
XVII Association for the Promotion of Technical Education [1887] 427

Huxley's Collected Essays.

Volume I, Method and Results
Volume II, Darwiniana
Volume III, Science & Education
Volume IV, Science and Hebrew Tradition
Volume V, Science and Christian Tradition
Volume VI, Hume: With Helps to the Study of Berkeley
Volume VII, Man's Place in Nature
Volume VIII, Discourses: Biological & Geological
Volume IX, Evolution & Ethics and Other Essays



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§ 1. THH: His Mark
§ 2. Voyage of the Rattlesnake
§ 3. A Sort of Firm
§ 4. Darwin's Bulldog
§ 5. Hidden Bond: Evolution
§ 6. Frankensteinosaurus
§ 7. Bobbing Angels: Human Evolution
§ 8. Matter of Life: Protoplasm
§ 9. Medusa
§ 10. Liberal Education
§ 11. Scientific Education
§ 12. Unity in Diversity
§ 13. Agnosticism
§ 14. New Reformation
§ 15. Verbal Delusions: The Bible
§ 16. Miltonic Hypothesis: Genesis
§ 17. Extremely Wonderful Events: Resurrection and Demons
§ 18. Emancipation: Gender and Race
§ 19. Aryans et al.: Ethnology
§ 20. The Good of Mankind
§ 21.  Jungle Versus Garden