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2424. Thomas Hine. Thomas died in 1698 in Milford, CT.61

Thomas arrived in Milford in 1646 and had lot #25 with 3 acres in the northeast end of the village. His will was dated 9 May 1694, inventory taken 15 Mar 1697/8.61

Check out Descendants of Thomas Hine , Milford, Connecticut, by Robert C. Hine, 1899.

Sometimes Thomas’s parents are given as William & Abigail (Ward) Hine, of Nazing, Essex. Sometimes his father is given as Thomas Hine of Carlton, Bedfordshire.

Will: Be it remembered that I
            Thomas Hine Sr. of Milford of ye County of New Haven
            in ye Colony of Connecticut in New England doe this ninth
            day of May in the year of our Lord Christ One thousand
            six hundred ninety & four being weekly in body but of
            perfect understanding & memory do cause to make and by
            these presents doe make & declare my last will &
            testament in manner & for me asfolloweth, first, after my
            decease of my body may be comely &Christian manner
            buryed and then my just debts to be paid by my executor
            hereafter named who is to pay debts and legatees according
            to my will out of my moveable estate or in current pay at
            merchant's price. Item. I give to my eldest son Thomas
            Hine the West end of my lot in the new field the whole
            breadth unto a walnut tree growing into plowing land
            containing about five acres be it more or less as also I give
            my said son Thomas my meadow at the upper meadow as
            also five pounds moveable estate with my land in the
            Indian side the whole lot to be added to what he hath recvd
            already. Item. I give to my sonns namely Stephen Hine and
            Wm Hine my lot division of land layd out to mein the
            woods to be divided equally between them. Item. I give to
            my daughter Elizabeth Simkins ten pounds in moveable
            estate to be added to what she hath already received. Item.
            I give to my daughter Allise Canfield ten pounds in
            moveable estate to be added to what she hath received
            already and my will is that my sister Mary Lane if she stay
            not with my son Sam'l but part from him she should have
            five pounds given to her. Item. I give to my son Saml Hine
            whom I make &appoint whole & sole executor of this my
            last will & testament my dwelling house my home lot &
            orchard with all ye buildings upon it forever, as also all my
            whole estate of land or meadow & moveable goods within
            doors or without and he is or receive what debts are due to
            my estate & pay within three years what is willed in
            moveable estate to all my children. And my will is yet my
            sons all of them after my decease shall have & hold their
            land willed to them forever to them their heirs or assigns,
            further I declare that my son Samll hath my homestead &
            my meadow in Adding Plains as a due debt to him willed to
            him. And for the further ratifying & firm confirmation of ye
            above written I the above Thomas Hine Senr have
            hereunto set my hand &seal the same day above.
            In ye, presence of us witnesses Thomas Hine it was signed
            or sealed his mark.
            Samuell Clark : H (seal)
            Daniel Terrill : sworn and Seale
            before the Govr."

            The executor accepted the executorship in Court and
            Thomas Hine. An inventory of ye estate of Thomas Hine
            Senr late of Milford Dated taken & Appraised by us whose
            names are under written the 15th day of March 1697-8.

            for wearing aparell 1 L 16 s 6 d
            for bed & bedding 6 L 03 s
            07 L19 s 6 d
            Bras pewter & iron 03 16 00
            Trahnles tongs fyre shovill & other iron
            ware 01 00 00
            Plow irons chains cart tackling 04 20 06
            Earthenware wooden ware chests chairs 02 05 00
            Two cows bedsteads & other lumber 9 L 14 s
            6 d House & home lot 85 L 94 14 06
            Out land & meadow 62 L 15 more out
            land 37 L 10 s 100 05 00
            The last division of land 20 00 00
            23402 06

            John Smith )
            Miles Merwin ) These 2 appraisers sworne before ye
            Thomas Baldwin ) Govr.
Ca 1652/3 Thomas married Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was probably not the daughter of John Lane. John Lane d. Sep 1669 at Milford. Although his will mentioned three children, there’s no mention of any daughter named Elizabeth.
Their children include:
Dea. Thomas Hine (Oct 1653-17 Jan 1741/2)
John Hine (17 Mar 1656-1 Apr 1739)
Elizabeth Hine (3 Dec 1657-aft 1699)
Samuel Hine (26 Jan 1659/60-)
George Hine (Died soon) (22 Jun 1662-Jan 1663)
Stephen Hine (26 Oct 1663-ca 1719)
Alice Hine (Died soon) (5 Oct 1666-)
Alice Hine (16 Dec 1667-4 Jan 1739/40)
William Hine (15 Aug 1670-1697)
George Hine (Died soon) (29 Jun 1673-Jan 1673/4)
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