Pane-Joyce Genealogy
2840. Mary Partridge. Born ca 1618.
In Jun 1639 Mary married Edward Kibbe, son of Edward Kibbe (ca 1585-) & Deborah, in Enfield, Middlesex. Born on 11 May 1611 in Exeter, Devon. Edward died in Wakefield, MA, on 1 Nov 1694; he was 83. Occupation: sawyer.

Edward resided at Muddy River in Boston.25
Their children include:
Mary Kibbe (16 Apr 1640-10 Nov 1735)
James Kibbe (ca May 1642-ca 1681/2)
Elisha Kibbe (20 Jan 1643/4-3 Apr 1735)
Deborah Kibbe (7 Nov 1647-1699)
John Kibbe (Died young) (1649-1652)
Reuben Kibbe (Died young) (-1653)
Elizabeth Kibbe (27 Jan 1653/4-)
Rebecca Kibbe (1 May 1657-)
Joshua Kibbe (1661-15 Oct 1731/2)
Hannah Kibbe (14 Jun 1663-28 Apr 1695)
Edward Kibbe (ca 1665-)
2841. John Partridge. Born ca 1620. John died in Medfield, MA on 28 May 1706.

From the Partridge Genealogy: descendants of John Partridge of Medfield, Mass. by George Homer Partridge. D. Clapp & Son, 1904:269
“John Partridge came to Medfleld from Dedham in 1653, and was probably accompanied by his brother William and sister Margery. He was in Dedham at least a year earlier than that, for on ‘ye 7 of ye 1 Mo. 1652’ he shared with others in the division of 500 acres of land. (Dedham Town Records, vol. iii., p. 211.) Prior to these dates, nothing concerning them can yet be stated with certainty. It may be well, however, for the benefit of those who may desire to extend their researches to England, to call attention to the fact that in the Visitation of Essex (Harl. Soc. Pub., xiii., part 1, p. 465), which was made in the year 1634, the children of Captain John Partridge, of Navestock, were John, aged about fourteen years, William, Jane and Margerett. From information obtained from the vicar of the parish of Navestock, in 1899, by Mr. Frank Harvey Partridge, of New York, it appears that, of the foregoing children, William was born in 1622, and Margerett in 1628. In his will, made Aug. 14, 1692, William Partridge, of Medfield, states his age as ‘about seventy years’ (Suffolk Co. Prob. Rec,, vol. xiii., p. 75). In the will of Margery Stacy, of Medfield, relict widow of Thomas Mason, made in 1695, the testatrix states her age as ‘about sixty and seven years’ (Suffolk Co. Prob. Rec., vol. xx., p. 281). These coincidences, while they prove nothing, should, it seems to the writer, be given consideration in clearing up the mystery of the English origin of the Medfield Partridges.
    “John and William Partridge took up their house lots in Medfield in ‘The bachelors Roe,’ now North street (Medfield Records). Their places were near together, and one of their neighbors in the same street was Thomas Mason, whom Margery Partridge married, April 23, 1653. This is the first marriage recorded in Medfield (Tilden's Hist, of Medfield, p, 429). John and William both signed the proprietors' agreement drawn, it is supposed, by Ralph Wheelock, the founder of Medfield (Tildeu's Hist, of Medfield, p. 38). They appear to have been useful citizens, each serving the town as selectman, and John being chosen clerk of the market in 1672. In 1676, at the burning of Medfield by the Indians, John’s house and barn were destroyed, together with a quantity of grain and several head of cattle (Tilden's Hist, of Medfield, p. 95). William married twice. Hehad a numerous family, and his descendants will be treated of in a subsequent paper. This article, which the compiler hopes at some time to extend, will be confined to five generations of the descendants of John Partridge.
    “John Partridge married, Dec. 18, 1655, Magdalen, daughter of John and Magdalen Bullard, early of Watertowu and later of Medfield. She died in Medfield, Dec. 27, 1677. He died May 28, 1706, and in his will, proved June 25 following (Suffolk Co. Prob. Rec., vol. xvi., pp. 158-159), mention is made of his sons John, Eleazer, Samuel and Zachariah ; his daughter Rachel, wife of Theophilus Clark; and three of his grandchildren, Eleazer and Obadiah Adams, and Hannah Rockwood.”
On 18 Dec 1655 John married Magdalene Bullard, daughter of John Bullard (-27 Oct 1678) & Magdalene George (29 Jan 1607-29 Nov 1661), in Medfield, MA. Born ca Oct 1635 in Barnham, Suffolk. Magdalene was baptized in Barnham, Suffolk, on 18 Oct 1635. Magdalene died in Medfield, MA on 27 Dec 1676.
Their children include:
Dea. John Partridge (21 Sep 1656-9 Dec 1743)
Hannah Partridge (15 Apr 1658-)
Deborah Partridge (16 Aug 1662-1 Mar 1751)
Eleazer Partridge (20 Feb 1663/4-8 Nov 1736)
Experience Partridge (Died soon) (13 Jun 1667-5 Jul 1667)
Abiel Partridge (Died soon) (13 Jun 1667-2 Jul 1667)
Rachel Partridge (12 Jul 1669-1 Dec 1717)
Dea. Samuel Partridge (22 Feb 1671-12 Dec 1752)
Zechariah Partridge (2 Jul 1674-23 Sep 1716)
Mary Partridge (Died young) (-15 Feb 1677)
2842. William Partridge. Born ca 1622. William died in Medfield, MA in 1691.
On 23 Nov 1654 William first married Sarah Price. Sarah died in Medfield, MA on 16 May 1656.25
Their children include:
Eleazer Partridge (Died soon) (13 May 1656-5 Aug 1658)
On 19 Nov 1656 William second married Sarah Colburn, daughter of Nathaniel Colburn & Priscilla Clarke, in Medfield, MA. Born on 5 Apr 1640. Sarah died in Medfield, MA, on 24 Aug 1716; she was 76.
Their children include:
Nathaniel Partridge (3 Nov 1660-25 mar 1740/1)
John Partridge (13 Feb 1662-3 Jan 1718/9)
Elisha Partridge (27 Feb 1665-)
Joseph Partridge (Died soon) (13 Mar 1667-2 Feb 1668)
William Partridge (22 Feb 1669-18 Jun 1750)
Priscilla Partridge (3 Sep 1672-24 May 1738)
Sarah Partridge (21 Jan 1674-28 Jun 1763)
Hannah Partridge (15 Aug 1677-19 Aug 1761)
Josiah Partridge (22 Jan 1679/80-20 May 1705)
Mary Partridge (22 Feb 1682-22 Jan 1748/9)
2843. Jane Partridge. Born ca 1624.
2844. Elizabeth Partridge. Born ca 1626.
2845. Margaret Partridge. Born ca 1628.
On 23 Apr 1653 Margaret married Thomas Mason in Medfield, MA.270 Born in England. Thomas died in Medfield, MA on 21 Feb 1676.25,270

Thomas, of that part of Dedham which became Medfield, was killed by the Indians 21 Feb. 1676. His house was burned as well.25
Their children include:
John Mason (3 Nov 1655-)
Mary Mason (8 Feb 1658-)
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