Pane-Joyce Genealogy
3289. Sarah Calkins. Born ca 1627 in Waverton, Cheshire. Sarah was baptized in Waverton, Cheshire, on 6 May 1627. Sarah died in New London, CT on 16 Oct 1683.
On 28 Oct 1645 Sarah married Dea. William Hough, son of Edward Hough & Ann, in Gloucester, MA.25 Born ca 1619 in England. William died in New London, CT on 10 Aug 1683.25 Occupation: housewright.

William was from Cheshire, and probably came to New England in 1640, with Rev. Richard Blinman, and settled in Gloucester, MA. He removed to New London, CT, about 1652.25
Their children include:
Hannah Hough (31 Jul 1646-bet. 1681 and 1684)
Abiah Hough (16 Sep 1648-20 Feb 1715)
Sarah Hough (23 : 1m [Mar] : 1651-20 Feb 1715)
Samuel Hough (9 Mar 1653-14 Mar 1718)
John Hough (17 Oct 1655-26 Aug 1715)
William Hough (13 Oct 1657-22 Apr 1705)
Jonathan Hough (7 Feb 1659/60-Jan 1734/5)
Deborah Hough (21 Oct 1662-)
Abigail Hough (7 Mar 1666-)
Ann Hough (29 Oct 1667-)
3290. Mary Calkins. Born ca 1629 in Waverton, Cheshire. Mary was baptized in Waverton, Cheshire, on 27 Dec 1629. Mary died in Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey on 23 Nov 1717.
On 8 Nov 1649 Mary first married Hugh Roberts in Gloucester, MA.25 Hugh died in Newark, NJ on 17 Nov 1671. Occupation: Tanner.

The last will and testament of Hugh Roberts of Newark, dated 26 Feb 1670/1, mentions wife Mary, eldest son Samuel, youngest son Hugh, and eldest daughter Priscilla, wife of Joseph Osborn. Executors are Robert Treat, Henery Lyon, and John Ward; witness Robert Treat. Inventory of the estate 11 Nov 1671 made by Michell Toomkins and Thomas Johnson.
Their children include:
Priscilla Roberts (Feb 1649/50-1700)
Mary Roberts (9 Dec 1652-)
Samuel Roberts (25 Apr 1656-ca 1710)
Mehitable Roberts (15 Apr 1658-)
Abigail Roberts (ca 1660-)
Hugh Roberts (ca 1667-8 Dec 1738)
Ca 1672 Mary second married Robert Bond in Newark, NJ. Robert died in Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey in Apr 1679.
3291. Rebecca Calkins. Born ca 1631 in Waverton, Cheshire. Rebecca was baptized in Waverton, Cheshire, on 9 Nov 1631. Rebecca died in Gloucester, MA on 14 Jan 1651.25
3292. John Calkins. Born ca 1634 in Waverton, Cheshire. John died in Norwich, CT Jan 1702/3.213 Buried in Old Town Cemetery, Norwich.

From Frances Manwaring’s History of Norwich, Connecticut:
        “John Calkins, the oldest son of Hugh, was probably born about 1634. He was old enough to be summoned to work, with other settlers, on the mill-dam at New London in 1652. He married, at New London, Sarah, daughter of Robert Royce, and his oldest child, Hugh, was bom at that place before the removal to Norwich.
    “John Calkins was one of the selectmen of Norwich in 1671, and on the jury of the county court so late as 1691. He died Jan. 8, 1702-3. Sarah, his relict, died May 1, 1711, aged 77 years. They had three daughters that lived to maturity, Sarah, Mary, and Elizabeth, who married in the same order, Thomas Baldwin, Samuel Gifford, and Samuel Hyde.
    “They had also three sons, older than the daughters.”

John lived in New London and in 1652 helped to build the first mill dam there. He was later in Norwich where he served as selectman in 1671 and as a juror as late as 1691.47
John married Sarah Royce (2920) , daughter of Robert Royce (1238) (ca 1613-1676) & Mary (ca 1617-1696). Born ca 1635 in Martock, Somerset. Sarah died in Norwich, CT in May 1711.213 Buried in Old Town Cemetery, Norwich.

From the Vital Records of Norwich:213
    The names & ages of the children of John Calkins as follows:
 Hue Calkins was born in June, 1659.
 John Calkins was born in July, 1661.
 Samuell Calkins was born in Oct., 1663.
 Sarah Calkins was born in June, 1666.
 David Calkins was born in March, 1667 & dyed in the same month & year.
 Mary Calkins was born in May, 1669.
 Elisabeth Calkins was born April, 1673.
 Ann Calkins was born August 1678.
 The first named John Calkin deceased in Jan., 1702/03.
 Sarah Calkin the wife of said John Calkin decased in May, 1711.
Their children include:
Hugh Calkins (Jun 1659-15 Sep 1722)
John Calkins (Jul 1661-aft 1745)
Samuel Calkins (Oct 1663-29 Nov 1766)
Sarah Calkins (Jun 1666-Jun 1685)
David Calkins (Mar 1667-Mar 1667)
Mary Calkins (May 1669-30 Jul 1748)
Elizabeth Calkins (Apr 1673-1752)
Ann Calkins (Aug 1678-)
3293. Deborah Calkins. Born ca 1639 in Waverton, Cheshire. Deborah was baptized in St. Peter’s Church, Waverton, on 17 Apr 1639. Deborah died in Waverton, Cheshire in Oct 1639. Buried on 4 Oct 1639 in St. Peter’s Church, Waverton.
3294. David Calkins. Born on 3 Nov 1639 in Gloucester, MA. David died in New London, CT, on 25 Nov 1717; he was 78.25

David’s will, dated 20 Jun 1717, probated 10 Jan 1718, mentioned his wife Hannah; sond Joseph and John; grandson David son of John; daughters Ann Burchard, Mary Bushnell, and Lydia Kille; son David deceased and son Jonathan who had already received legacies; executor son Joseph; witnesses John Plumbe, Daniel Apply, & Thomas Bartlett; inventory 1 Jan 1818.
Ca 1672/3 David first married Mary Bliss, daughter of Thomas Bliss (say 1618-15 Apr 1688) & Elizabeth Birchard (ca 1621-28 Feb 1699/1700).143 Born on 7 Feb 1649 in Saybrook, CT.163

Mary, of Norwich.
Their children include:
David Calkins (5 Jul 1674-2 Dec 1711)
Ann Calkins (8 Nov 1676-)
Jonathan Calkins (9 Jan 1679-15 Jul 1750)
Peter Calkins (Died young) (9 Oct 1681-)
John Calkins (11 Mar 1684-15 Apr 1776)
Mary Calkins (27 Mar 1690-ca 1730)
Joseph Calkins (3 Sep 1694-ca 1764)
Lydia Calkins (9 Aug 1696-aft Nov 1758)
David second married Hannah Baldwin, daughter of John Baldwin (-19 Aug 1683) & Hannah Birchard (ca 1633-). Born on 6 Oct 1656 in Guilford, CT.58 Hannah died in New London, CT, on 15 Aug 1718; she was 61.

Hannnah married first Benjamin Abell, second David Caulkins.
3295. Deborah Calkins. Born on 18 Mar 1645 in Gloucester, MA.55 Deborah died in New London, CT, on 25 Nov 1717; she was 72.

From the Vital Records of Norwich:213
    The marriage of Jonathan Royce with Deborah Calkins was in June, 1660.
 Elisabeth Royce was born in Jan., 1661.
 John Royce was born in Nov., 1663.
 Sarah Royce was born in Oct., 1665.
 Abigael Royce was born in Sept., 1667 & died in Aug., 1668.
 Ruth Royce was born in April, 1669.
 Hannah Royce was born in April, 1671.
 Abyjah Royce was born in April, 1673.
 Jonathan Royce was born in Aug., 1678.
 Deborah Royce was born Aug .10, 1680.
 David was born Aug. 19, 1682.
On 4 Jun 1660 when Deborah was 15, she first married Jonathan Royce (2922) , son of Robert Royce (1238) (ca 1613-1676) & Mary (ca 1617-1696), in Norwich, CT.213 Born ca 1637. Jonathan died in Norwich, CT in Jul 1690.

Johnathan was made freeman Oct 1663.
Their children include:
Elizabeth Royce (Jan 1661-28 Mar 1687/8)
John Royce (Nov 1663-29 Mar 1724)
Sarah Royce (Oct 1665-3 Nov 1688)
Abigail Royce (Died soon) (Sep 1667-Aug 1668)
Ruth Royce (Apr 1669-Dec 1768)
Hannah Royce (Apr 1671-)
Abigail Royce (Apr 1673-11 Mar 1691/2)
Jonathan Royce (Aug 1678-28 Apr 1725)
Deborah Royce (10 Aug 1680-)
David Royce (Died unmarried) (19 Aug 1682-bef 13 Nov 1711)
Deborah second married John Woodward, son of Henry Woodward (22 May 1607-7 Apr 1683) & Elizabeth Mather (ca 1618-13 Aug 1690). Born on 18 Jul 1647 in Dorchester, MA. At the age of 101, John was baptized in Dorchester, MA, on 28 Mar 1749. John died in Lebanon, CT, on 5 Oct 1724; he was 77.

John first married Anne Dewey, second Deborah (Calkins) Royce, widow of Jonathan Royce.
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