Pane-Joyce Genealogy
8312. Hugh Calkins. Born in Jun 1659 in Norwich, CT.213 Hugh died in Norwich, CT on 15 Sep 1722.213

From Frances Manwaring’s History of Norwich, Connecticut:
        “Hugh, born in June, 1659, married Sarah, daughter of Thomas Slu- man and step-daughter of Solomon Tracy. She died in 1703, and he married, second, Lois Standish, probably daughter of Capt. Josiah Stand- ish of Preston.
    “He had five children, and left them at his death what was then considered a large estate. After providing for the widow, the oldest son had a double portion, and the others inherited equal shares of £203 10s. (The inventory of his effects, taken a few days after his death, mentions the articles of honey, beeswax, butter, cider, and metheglin, which shows the variety of domestic produce of that day. Metheglin was a favorite beverage of the old inhabitants.)
    SEPTR 15. 1722
    in ye 63d Year
    of his age.”
In May 1689 Hugh first married Sarah Sluman, daughter of Thomas Sluman (-1683) & Sarah Bliss (26 Aug 1647-29 Aug 1730), in Norwich, CT.213 Born 13 Feb 1669/70 in New London, CT. Sarah died in Norwich, CT on 5 Apr 1703.213

From the Vital Records of Norwich:213
    Hugh Calkins married Sarah Slonman in May, 1689.
 Hugh Calkins was born Jan. 29, 1690.
 Ann Calkin was born Oct. 10, 1692.
 Elizabeth Calkin was born March 10, 1694/95.
 Joshua Calkin was born March 2, 1698/99.
 Stephen Calkin was born Sept. 5, 1700.
 Daniell Calkin was born Sept. 5, 1702.
 Sarah Calkin, wife of Hugh Calkin, deceased April 5, 1703.
 Hugh Calkin & Loes Standish Standis were married Nov. 29, 1706.
 Elizabeth Calkin deceased Sept. 11, 1714.
 Hugh Calkin deceased Sept. 15, 1722.
Their children include:
Hugh Calkins (29 Jan 1690-)
Ann Calkins (10 Aug 1692-)
Elizabeth Calkins (Died unmarried) (10 Mar 1694/5-11 Sep 1714)
Joshua Calkins (2 Mar 1698/9-22 Oct 1770)
Stephen Calkins (5 Sep 1700-2 Feb 1753)
Daniel Calkins (5 Sep 1702-10 Sep 1786)
On 29 Nov 1706 Hugh second married Lois Standish, daughter of Capt. Josiah Standish (ca 1633-19 Mar 1689/90) & Sarah Allen (20 Mar 1639-), in Norwich, CT.213 Lois died aft 16 Apr 1731.
8313. John Calkins. Born in Jul 1661 in Norwich, CT.213 John died in New York aft 1745.

From Frances Manwaring’s History of Norwich, Connecticut:
        “John, the second son of the proprietor John, born in July, 1661,— probably the third male child born in Norwich,—married Abigail Birchard, Oct. 23, 1690, and subsequently removed to Lebanon. He was the first constable of that town, chosen at its organization, May 31,1698, and corporal of the first militia company, 1700.
    “His youngest son, James, born April 29, 1702, is on the list of Yale College graduates as Mr. Jacobus Calking, 1725. He was an ordained minister, and officiated as such for several years, but afterwards settled as a farmer in the western district of Norwich, where he died in 1756.”

John and Abigail removed to Lebanon in the mid 1690s, one of the first settlers there. He was of Philips Patent, NY, by 1740 when he was taxed in the Sough Precinct. He probably died soon after 1745 when he sold land to his sons.276
On 23 Oct 1690 John married Abigail Birchard, daughter of John Birchard (ca 1628-17 Nov 1702) & Christian Andrews (ca 1630-Dec 1680), in Norwich, CT.213 Born in Nov 1667 in Norwich, CT. Abigail died aft 1732.

From the Vital Records of Norwich:213
    John Calkins Jun. married Abigail Birchard Oct. 23, 1690.
 Abigall Calkins was born Sept. 8, 1691.
 Sarah Calkin was born Feb. 14, 1694.
Their children include:
Abigail Calkins (8 Sep 1691-aft 1738)
Sarah Calkins (14 Feb 1694-)
Mary Calkins (21 Feb 1697-)
John Calkins (19 Nov 1699-ca 1769)
James Calkins (29 Apr 1702-25 Mar 1756)
Jeremiah Calkins (ca 1705-)
8314. Samuel Calkins. Born in Oct 1663 in Norwich, CT.213 Samuel died on 29 Nov 1766.276 Occupation: farmer, mariner.

From Frances Manwaring’s History of Norwich, Connecticut:
        “Samuel, the third son of John, settled in Lebanon. Stephen, the son of Samuel, born in 1706, was an active, stalwart, enterprising farmer, famous in his time as a cattle-drover or horse-courser. He may be traced by deeds, and town and court records, as a resident at Norwich, New London, Lyme, Lebanon, and finally at Sharon, Ct., where several of his sons settled, and from whence, after the Revolutionary war, his descendants spread into western New York.”

Samuel and Hannah removed to Lebanon in the mid 1690s.25 Samuel lived in Norwich, Lebanon, Hebron, and Sharon, CT.276
In Nov 1691 Samuel married Hannah Gifford (6151) , daughter of Stephen Gifford (2462) (ca 1641-27 Nov 1724) & Hannah Gore (3704) (15 May 1646-24 Jan 1670), in Norwich, CT.213 Born on 14 Jan 1670 in Norwich, CT.213 Hannah died in Sharon, CT, on 29 Dec 1775; she was 105.

From the Vital Records of Norwich:213
    Samuell Calkin & Hannah Gifferd were married in Nov., 1691.
 John Calkin was born March 30, 1693.
 Hannah Calkin was born July 4, 1694.
 Ruth Calkin was born Sept. 29, 1695.
Their children include:
John Calkins (30 Mar 1693-15 Apr 1776)
Hannah Calkins (4 Jul 1694-)
Ruth Calkins (29 Sep 1695-)
Samuel Calkins (17 Oct 1699-29 Dec 1755)
Nathaniel Calkins (Died soon) (Aug 1701-bef 1702)
Nathaniel Calkins (Died young) (17 Aug 1703-1706)
Stephen Calkins (4 Apr 1706-Jun 1781)
Jemima Calkins (ca 1708-15 Nov 1778)
Nathaniel Calkins (Aug 1710-)
Aquilla Calkins (4 Jun 1711-31 Jan 1806)
8315. Sarah Calkins. Born in Jun 1666 in Norwich, CT.213 Sarah died in Norwich, CT in Jun 1685.
On 3 Nov 1684 Sarah married Thomas Baldwin, son of John Baldwin (-19 Aug 1683) & Hannah Birchard (ca 1633-), in Norwich, CT.213 Born ca 1662 in Norwich, CT.58 Thomas died in Norwich, CT on 18 Sep 1741.58 Occupation: Farmer.

Thomas Baldwin, known as Husbandman, had a farm three miles form the town plot, later part of Bozrah called Fitchville.
8316. David Calkins. Born in Mar 1667 in Norwich, CT.213 David died in Norwich, CT in Mar 1667.213
8317. Mary Calkins. Born in May 1669 in Norwich, CT.213 Mary died in Norwich, CT on 30 Jul 1748.213

From the Vital Records of Norwich:213
    The names & ages of the children of Samuell Gifford beside those recorded in Windham.
 Hannah Gifford was born Dec. 27, 1696.
 Jeremiah Gifford deceased May, 1702.
 Mary Gifford was born Dec. 23, 1701.
 Lydea Gifford was born April 16, 1704.
 Ruth Gifford was born Sept. 1, 1706.
 Jeremiah Gifford was born Aug. 23, 1708.
 Sarah Gifford was born Oct. 21, 1712.
 Samuell Giffered deceased Aug. 26, 1714.
 Mrs. Mary Gifford died July 30, 1748.
On 1 Nov 1693 Mary married Samuel Gifford (6150) , son of Stephen Gifford (2462) (ca 1641-27 Nov 1724) & Hannah Gore (3704) (15 May 1646-24 Jan 1670), in Windham, CT. Born in Sep 1668 in Norwich, CT.213 Samuel died in Lebanon, CT on 26 Aug 1714.

Administration of Samuel's estate was granted 9 Nov 1714.
Their children include:
Samuel Gifford (23 Sep 1694-30 Sep 1753)
Hannah Gifford (27 Dec 1696-7 Oct 1742)
Jeremiah Gifford (Died soon) (4 Sep 1699-May 1702)
Mary Gifford (23 Dec 1701-22 Oct 1760)
Lydia Gifford (16 Apr 1704-15 Aug 1786)
Ruth Gifford (1 Sep 1706-aft 29 Apr 1763)
Jeremiah Gifford (23 Aug 1708-12 Jun 1800)
Sarah Gifford (21 Oct 1712-21 Jan 1795)
8318. Elizabeth Calkins. Born in Apr 1673 in Norwich, CT.213 Elizabeth died in 1752.
On 10 Dec 1690 Elizabeth married Ens. Samuel Hyde, son of Samuel Hyde (ca 1637-Jul 1677) & Jane Lee (12 Sep 1640-21 Jan 1722/3), in Norwich, CT.213 Born in May 1665 in Norwich, CT. Samuel died in Lebanon, CT on 6 Nov 1742.
Their children include:
Samuel Hyde (10 Sep 1691-14 Feb 1776)
Daniel Hyde (16 Aug 1694-26 Dec 1770)
Sarah Hyde (20 Dec 1696-1 Mar 1797)
Capt. Caleb Hyde (9 Apr 1699-Mar 1765)
Elizabeth Hyde (ca 1703-aft 1780)
Elijah Hyde (ca 1705-10 Aug 1783)
Ebenezer Hyde (ca 1708-21 Aug 1742)
Lydia Hyde (ca 1710-7 Oct 1793)
Anne Hyde (ca 1713-)
David Hyde (22 Mar 1718/9-26 Dec 1770)
8319. Ann Calkins. Born in Aug 1678 in Norwich, CT.213
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